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they become due ; pays five per cent to a collector ; furnishes the Charity-wards with a constant supply of coals, wood, salt, candles, &c. besides paying a weekly allowance to a basket-woman to collect broken victuals at the taverns, and for other messages, on account of the said wards; also contributes towards the support of such common-side debtors as may, by the surgeon's order, be placed in the sick-ward ; pays also a weekly allowance to the scavenger, and his assistant, called the Twelver ; and is of real use to the prison at large. This plan of the application of the donations was first adopted by Mr. Kirby, when keeper of Woodstreet-Compter, and appears to be the most beneficial to the unfortunate, as every comfort to be procured by the donations is thereby equally and impartially afforded ; ao disputes can arise from the quarterly division of money, nor can the prison be defrauded, as the steward is obliged to submit his accounts to be audited by four of the senior prisoners; and, though elected by the general suffrages of the Charitywards, cannot be dispossessed, so long as he shall act soberly, honestly, and for the general advantage, and shall not be guilty of breach of the trust reposed in him by the keeper,

The Steward's Account with the Charity-wards,

for four weeks, ending Jan. 25, 1802, is as under.

By Prison debt brought forwards, ..... 13 97 Jan. 4, Paper and Wax for Receipts, . o 26

Paid signing Book, ......016
Paid sending Letter of Thanks, , .0 10
Coals, Men's Wards, six bushels, · 0 10
Coals, Wood, and Candles (Women) o 2 3
Wood and Candles, Men's Wards, · 0 2 8
Salt and News-paper, .....o 1 8
Scavenger and Twelver, ...O 2

Basket Woman, . ...... 0 2 4 . One extra Basket, . . . . . . 0 0 4

Jan. 11, Coals, Men's Wards, six bushels, ó 10 0
Wood and Candles, ditto, . :..O8
Coals, Wood, and Candles (Women) o 2:3
Salt and News-paper, .....o 1 8
Scavenger and Twelver, ....O 2 1
Basket Woman, ..2 2
Two extra Baskets, . .....008
Coals extra for Williams (since deceased) o 1 8

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Jan. 18, Porterage of Lord Mayor's Gift

Coals, . . . . . . . . . 0 1 0
Wood and Candles, Men's Wards, . Q 8
Coals, Wood, and Candles (Women) o 2
Salt and News-paper, ..... 01
Scavenger and Twelver, . . . . o 2
Basket Woman, . . . . . . . 0 2 4
Two extra Baskets, ... ... 008

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Jan. 25, Porterage of Soup from Soupe .

house, and paid a Messenger,. ..016
Wood and Candles, Men's Wards, . O 2
Coals, Wood, and Candles (Women) o 2
Salt and News-paper, ..... O I
Scavenger and Twelver, .,.02 I
Basket Woman, . . . . . . . 0 2 2
One extra Basket, . . . . . . 0 0 4

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17 4
By four weeks room-rent, paid by Steward
. to general stock, ... . . . . . . O 12
Signed by four Auditors. Balance, 16 12

O 5

Which last balance was then due to the Steward on account of the said Charity-wards. He also keeps separate accounts of the money paid by subscription (the above donations being inadequate to his expences); out of which subscription he pays one shilling and six-pence per week to keep the saucepans, &c. clean. A specimen of which accounts are here subjoined ; viz.

Dr. Right-hand Ward. Per Contra.

- s. d.
Paid mending saucepans, 1 0 By Subscription of J. H.
Pair of New Snuffers, .o 6 Ditto, J. W.....
Coals, Scullion, and Sand, 3 2 Ditto, D. F."..
Ditto, ...... 3 4 &c. &c. &c.'
One Bushel Coals extra 1 81


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Dr. Left-hand Ward. Per Contra.

s. d. Paid mending Tin Wares, I o By Subscription of R. B. 5 0 Pair of New Snuffers, .0 6 | Ditto, W. D. . . . 5 o Coals, Scullion, and Sand, 3 2 Ditto of M. Court of ConDitto,'. . . . . . 3 41 science Debtor, : . i 6 One Bushel Coals extra, 18 ! &c. &c. &c,

There is no expence attending the commitment of prisoners to this Compter, either upon civil or criminal process; nor does any expence attend any person's confinement (unless, at their own request, they are admitted on the master's side); and upon Civil Actions the fees are as follows : for entrance, three shillings to the Keeper, and two shillings to the Turnkeys ; for rent, two shillings and six-pence per week ; but if there are two in a bed, then each pays one shilling and three pence : for the discharge of a master's side debtor, eight shillings and ten pence, and for the șischarge of a common-side debtor, eight shillings. Debtors discharged by the Lords' Act pay no fees.

An expence is incurred by prisoners of all descriptions, upon their discharge, exclusive of prisonfees above mentioned; and first of debtors, each of whom, being entitled to be discharged, must pay as follows (if upon one action only): To the Secondaries six shillings, to the Clerk-sitter ofthe Poultry Compter one shilling, to the Clerk-sitter of this Compter four shillings and eight pence, and to the messenger one shilling. If more actions than one, the expence yaries, according to the number and nature of the

writs; writs ; which, if in execution, entitle the Secondaries to one shilling for every pound, under the sum of one hundred pounds; and six-pencé for every pound above that sum; and this is called Sheriff's Poundage *.

The Rules and Orders for the government of this prison were signed the 27th of November, 1792, by Lords Kenyon and Loughborough, and by Aldermen Crosby, Anderson, and Combe; they relate principally to debtors; the execution thereof is vested in the Keeper and his Turnkeys; and they are as follows, that is to say, Directions concerning the payment of six-pence to the Scavenger, or to assist him six days, and eight pence to the steward ; directions for dividing provisions ; for persons under judgment of fine and imprisonment to partake, in certain cases, with the debtors; to promote cleanliness; for due attendance on divine service ; for cleanliness of prisoners' persons; against opprobrious language ; against profaneness and drunkenness; against molesting visitors, and to prevent visitors from molesting prisoners; to prevent women from lodging in men's apartinents, and vice versa ; against keeping dogs; to determine who shall not partake of donations; to prevent tippling ; time of retiring to rest, and rising in the morning; against striking the steward, or defacing orders ; more concerning performance of divine service ; against disposal of

* Ao instance of 95l. sos. being paid for poundage has lately occurred.

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