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"worldly condition is best for me: my "blindness forbids me to ask for any "thing, but salvation. Blessed God! "whatever tends most to this great end, "be that my portion! Be it poverty, "or riches, honour or dishonour, health "or disease, life or death, the choice "be thine; and mine the wisdom to "improve under thy dispensations!"

Faith teaches us to pray and act in such a spirit. It tends, therefore, when properly understood, to make us the most useful citizens of this world, while it aims at a heavenly inheritance. God give us all grace so to pass through things temporal, that ive finally lose not the things eternal!

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Os Christian Industry.



John, vi. 27.

Labour Not For The Meat, Which Perisheth, But For That Meat Which Endureth Unto EverLasting Life, Which The Son Of Man Shall Give Unto You,

CHRISTIANITY gives us the truest notion of independence. It allows such a proportion of worldly care, as the necessities of our present being require ', but fixes our principal attention, where it ought to be, upon the durable interests of our future being.

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