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EUROPE AND THE MEDITERRANEAN. IRELAND.-18 principal Stations ; 22 Missionaries ; 6 Scripture Readers ; 31 daily Schools, conducted by salaried Teachers, in which, and in the Sunday-schools connected with the Missions, there are upwards of 4,800 children. Some of the Missionaries, Readers, and Teachers, afford instruction to the native Irish in their own language.

STOCKHOLM, in Sweden.—1 Station; 1 Missionary, who preaches in Swedish and in English: there are a number of native Swedes and others under his pastoral care.

WINNENDEN, in Germany.-1 principal Station ; i Missionary Agent, who is assisted by upwards of 40 coadjutors: he visits more than 30 different towns and villages. There are upwards of 500 members in Society.

FRANCE.—7 principal Stations, having connected with them many large towns and extensive districts; 17 Missionaries : 3 of the Missionaries minister chiefly in the English language; the remainder, almost exclusively in French. Number in Society, 731; in the Schools, 1,091.

Spaix.—2 principal Stations; 3 Missionaries, 2 for the Spanish, and the other for the British population ; 3 other salaried Teachers; 77 members of Society; in the English and Spanish Schools, 214.

Malta.—1 Missionary; 80 members of Society. In the School, 120 children.

ASIA. CONTINENTAL INDIA.—8 principal Stations, each embracing an extensive district; 15 Missionaries, and 4 Assistant Missionaries. The Gospel is preached in English, Tamul, Canarese, and Portuguese ; and religious instruction has occasionally been given in Teloogoo. In Society, 368 mernbers. In the Schools, 2,059 children, chiefly native Hindoos.

CEYLON.-13 principal Stations : 9 in the south, and 4 in the north of the Island. 8 Missionaries; 14 Assistant Missionaries; and 135 salaried Catechists and Teachers. À printing-press is established at Colombo. The word of God is ministered in English, Singhalese, Tamul, and Portuguese. The Pali and Dutch languages have also been used to convey instruction. In Society, 803 members; in the Schools, 5,580.

SOUTH-SEAS AND AUSTRALASIA. AUSTRALIA.—9 principal Stations; 11 Missionaries; in Society, 341; in the Schools, 589.

VAN-DIEMEN'S LAND.—5 principal Stations ; 8 Missionaries; in Society, 537; in the Schools, 936.

New-ZEALAND.-10 principal Stations; 16 Missionaries. A printingpress is in full and useful operation. 1,000 members of Society; 500 under school-instruction. The Gospel is preached in English, and in the language of New Zealand.

FRIENDLY ISLES AND NEIGHBOURING GROUPS.—10 Missionaries. The Gospel is preached in the native languages: the Scriptures are in the course of translation ; and are printed at the Society's printing-press on the Islands. In Society, 8,749; in the Schools, 9,709.

FEEJEE ISLANDS.—4 principal Stations; 8 Missionaries ; 353 in Society; 604 in the Schools. Various portions of the Scriptures have been translated, and are to be printed at the press which has recently arrived at Lakemba.


SOUTHERN AFRICA. CAPE OF GOOD HOPE AND NAMACQUALAND.—4 principal Stations; 7 Missionaries, who preach in English, Dutch, and Namacqua; in Society, 976; in the Schools, 1,002.

ALBANY AND KAFFRARIA, &c.—15 principal Stations; 17 Missionaries ; one printing-press: the Gospel is preached in English, Dutch, and Kaffer; translations of the Scriptures, Catechisms, &c., into the Kaffer language have been effected. In Society, 936; in the Schools, 2,229.

BECHUANA.—10 Stations ; 8 Missionaries. In Society, 359; in the Schools, 491. The Missionaries use the Sichuana and Dutch languages : several translations have been effected in the Sichuana, and many elementary books have been printed at the Mission-press.

WESTERN AFRICA. SIERRA-LEONE. — 4 Missionaries; 1,940 members in Society; in the Schools, 1,035.

The RIVER GAMBIA.-4 principal Stations ; 4 Missionaries, and 5 Assistant Missionaries. The languages used are the English, Jolloof, and Mandingo. In Society, 594 ; in the Schools, 235.

Gold Coast.—3 Missionaries; 600 members of Society; in the Schools 175.


WEST INDIES. ANTIGUA.—5 Missionaries ; in Society, 2,856; in the Schools, 2,418 children and adults.

DOMINICA.—3 Missionaries ; in Society, 1,000; in the Schools, 624 children and adults.

MONTSERRAT.—2 Missionaries; in Society, 396; in the Schools, 336 children and adults.

Nevis.—3 Missionaries; in Society, 1,494 ; in the Schools, 1,076 children and adults.

Sr. Christopher’s.—4 Missionaries ; in Society, 2,716 ; in the Schools, 1,898 children and adults.

St. EUSTATIUS. — (Dutch.) i Missionary ; in Society, 374 ; in the Schools, 146.

ST. BARTHOLOMEW's. — (Swedish.) 1 Missionary; in Society, 141; in the Schools, 103.

Sr. MARTIN's.—(French and Dutch.) i Missionary ; in Society, 438; in the Schools, 150. ANGUILLA.--In Society, 270.

TORTOLA AND THE VIRGIN ISLANDS.—3 Missionaries; in Society, 1,854; in the Schools, 627 children.

BERMUDA.--2 Missionaries; in Society, 465; in the Schools, 497.

ST. VINCENT's.-2 principal Stations; 5 Missionaries; 4,157 meinbers of Society ; in the Schools, 1,072.

GRENADA.—2 Missionaries ; 362 in Society; in the Schools, 495.
TRINIDAD.—3 Missionaries; 489 in Society ; in the Schools, 155.
TOBAGO.--2 Missionaries ; 328 in Society ; in the Schools, 121.

DEMERARA.—3 principal Stations; 4 Missionaries ; 1,798 in Society; in the Schools, 837.

BARBADOES.—3 Missionaries ; 1,131 in Society; in the Schools, 2,170.

JAMAICA.-18 principal Stations ; 29 Missionaries, and i General Superintendent of Schools; 20,152 members in Society; in the Schools, 3,855.

HONDURAS-BAY.-2 Missionaries ; 177 in Society; in the Schools, 90 children.

New-PROVIDENCE.- 2 Missionaries; 563 in Society ; in the Schools, 518.
ELEUTHERA.-1 Missionary ; 407 in Society ; in the Schools, 447.
HARBOUR-ISLAND.—1 Missionary ; 560 in Society ; in the Schools, 531.
ABACO.--1 Missionary ; 230 in Society, in the Schools, 310.
ExUMA.—10 in Society.

Hayti, formerly called Sr. DOMINGO.—4 principal Stations ; 4 Missionaries, and i Assistant Missionary. The languages used are English, French, and Spanish. In Society, 185; in the Schools, 74.

Turk's Islands.—1 Missionary ; 175 in Society ; in the Schools, 134.

BRITISH DOMINIONS IN NORTH AMERICA. UPPER CANADA.-13 principal Stations among the Chippewa and other Indians, to whom the Gospel is preached in their own language ; 17 Missionaries; 1,517 in Society ; in the Schools, 2,000.

LOWER CANADA.-14 principal Stations; 13 Missionaries, and 4 Assistant Missionaries ; 2,644 members of Society; in the Schools, 1,080.

NovA-SCOTIA.-10 principal Stations; 10 Missionaries, and 2 Assistant Missionaries; 2,029 in Society; in the Schools, 590.

ISLAND OF CAPE-BRETON.—2 principal Stations; 2 Missionaries; 156 in Society ; in the Schools, 78 children.“

PRINCE EDWARD'S ISLAND.—3 principal Stations ; 3 Missionaries; 628 in Society ; in the Schools, 291.

New-BRUNSWICK.-17 principal Stations ; 21 Missionaries; in Society, 2,638 ; in the Schools, 1,531.

NEWFOUNDLAND.-12 principal Stations ; 12 Missionaries; 1,987 in Society; in the Schools, 1,389.

RECAPITULATION. THE Society occupies about 241 principal Stations; its Missionaries are about 360; its Catechists and salaried Schoolmasters, &c., are about 300 ; the Assistants and Teachers, not salaried, are upwards of 4,000. 7 printing establishments are supported on the Foreign Stations.

The members of the Society, or communicants under the spiritual care of the Missionaries, are 72,727. The total number attending their ministry may be reckoned at more than 200,000. In the Schools there are upwards of 56,512 adults and children.

Upwards of 20 different languages are used by the Missionaries; and into several of them the translation of the Scriptures, and of other useful and instructive books, is in progress.

Contributions to the Wesleyan Missionary Society, received by the

General Treasurers since our last Number was sent to the Press,
up to the 13th of December, 1839.
Moneys received at the Mission-House.

£ s. d. Legacy of Mrs. Elizabeth Barnes, of Hun

tingdon ; Thomas E. Fisher, Esq., Executor 1000 0 0 Less deductions, by disposal of property after the Will had been made.........

415 0 0

- 585 0 0
Donation on Annuity, by a Lady (additional)..... 400 0 0
Legacy of Mr. John Davy, of Chumleigh; Mrs. Terrell,

100 0 0
A Friend; by the Rev. John Scott .................... 50 0 0
Legacy of Francis Sowerby, Esq., of Grimsby........... 50 00
Wednesbury Juvenile Bazaar, under the superintendence
of Miss Eastwood ......

30 0 0 John Morant, Esq. ; for Jamaica Missions at Vere, Clarendon, and Manchester, .....

20 0 0 John Lidgett, Esq. (Donation) ..... Rev. John Crofts; towards the erection of a School-room

in connexion with the Chapel at St. George's, Bermuda 100 D. B. Garling, Esq., Antigua ....... Mrs. Thackwell, Highbury-Terrace ....,

100 Mr. John Bacon, Habblesthorpe, Notts.; by Rev. W. Fidler 10 0 Miss Gurney, North-Repps Cottage.....

5 0 0 Ambrose Perkins, Esq., Islington ; towards the Society's Debt ..........

5 0 0 A Friend ; for the late Rev. Dr. Clarke's six Irish Schools, by Rev. J. Roper ...........

2 10 0



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The General Secretaries respectfully call the attention of the Wesleyan Ministers, and of the Officers of the District and Branch Societies, to the following Resolution of the Missionary Committee.

Resolved,—“That in order to secure the early and correct publication of the Report of the Society, the District and Branch Treasurers and Secretaries be earnestly requested to send to the Mission-House their respective Balances, and Lists of Contributions, for the year ending the 31st of December, 1839, either on that day, or as soon as possible after that date : and that they be at the same time respectfully informed, that no moneys received after the 31st of January, 1810, can be acknowledged in the next Report; and that the publication of Lists received after that date must be necessarily deferred to the year ensuing.”


AUXILIARY MISSIONARY SOCIETIES. Aberdeen, Mr. John Smith ; Bath, John Michael Shum, Esq.; Bedford and Northampton, Mr. William Biggs and Mr. John Bliss ; Birmingham and Shrewsbury, Mr. Francis Heeley ; Bristol, James Wood, Esq. ; Carlisle, Mr. William Wilson and Mr. E. James ; Cornmall, Joseph Carne, Esq.; Devonport, Thomas Gardner, Esq. and Mr. William Vosper ; Edinburgh, Mr. John Thomson ; Exeter, Mr. J. C. Sercombe ; Guernsey, James Macculloch and John Rougier, Esqrs.; Halifax and Bradford, Thomas Swale and Watson Cryer, Esqs. ; Hull, James Henwood, Esq.; Isle of Man, Mr. John Wilson ; Kent, Mr. John Fisher ; Leeds, John Burton, Esq.; Lincoln, Thomas Bainbridge and Henry Holland, Esqrs.; Liverpool, Thomas Sands, Esq. ; London, John Josiah Buttress, Esq. ; Macclesfield, Thomas Allen, Esq. ; Manchester and Bolton, John Marsden and Peter Rothwell, Esqrs. ; Norwich and Lynn, Mr. Thomas Broadbent and Mr. Jeremiah Cousens; Nottingham and Derby, Mr. John Shelton and Mr. William Turner; Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Christopher Wawn, Esq.; Oxford, John Pike, Esq.; Portsmouth, Mr. John Cowdrey and Mr. Joseph Keet; Sheffield, Thomas B. Holy, Esq. ; Shetland, Rev. William Wears ; First South Wales, George Bagnall, Esq.; North Wales, R. M. Preece, Esq.; Whitby and Darlington, Robert Campion and T. Walker, Esqrs.; York, Mr. Joseph Agar.

LONDON :- Printed by James Nichols, 46, Hoxton-square.

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