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been confined to this station. It com- the majority of the natives' houses are menced on Saturday evening, December blowa down, and all more or less injured. 28th, 1839. After the evening had closed Fortunately Mr. Thomas's and my house in, the wind rapidly and fearfully in- weathered the gale. The fences are all creased, and continued to blow with great level with the ground. The banana and violence through the night and following bread-fruit trees are destroyed; and the morning. About mid-day the wind yams, which are nearly ripe, will doubtabated, and soon after ceased. Mrs. Brooks less suffer much. These things are tryand the babe had retired to rest, but were ing to the faith and patience of our peosoon obliged to rise, as we expected our ple; but, hitherto, I have not heard a house would come down, it having been murmuring expression. About three strained very much by the last afa, or thousand of the New Catechism, which I hurricane, which we had. Surrounded by had just finished printing, and hung up our domestics and several of the natives, to dry, are completely spoiled, as the sides who fly to us in every case of emergency, of the office were blown to pieces, and we took refuge in my study, a small the books scattered by the wind, and building which I have erected at the end spoiled by the rain and dirt. I am thank. of our house, from which a door opens ful to say that, amidst all, our minds into the bed-room. Here we staid all have been kept in peace ; we know that night in a most uncomfortable situation, He who permits and overrules these as the top of the roof was blown off, and things, is our Father and our Friend ; it rained very hard all the time. We, and we can bear the rocking of the veshowever, managed to keep our little girl sel, and sit unagitated through the storm ; dry; who, covered with my boat-cloak for, “My Father's at the helm." It was that I received in my outfit from the impossible under such circumstances to Committee, reclined her head on her hold any public service, though it was nurse's shoulder, and soundly slept the Lord's day. The people were glad, amidst the war of nature's conflicting when the storm ceased, to get into some elements. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas had temporary place of shelter for the night. been obliged to leave their dwelling, and Though wet, cold, hungry, and tired, yet had got into a small out-house which had we could hear them raising their accusbeen lately and strongly built. · About tomed evening song of praise to Him who day-break, (for which we wished, and had ruleth in the heavens, and governs upon been anxiously waiting,) they sent over a earth. As the brethren of Haabai will messenger to inquire how we were get- not have an opportunity of sending by ting on; and requesting Mrs. B., if this vessel, I would take the liberty of possible, to come over, as the house informing the Committee of the welfare in which they were seemed likely of the brethren at that station, and their to stand. This we accomplished, two families. They are suffering through the of our Teachers carrying my wife ; and want of provisions ; and they with us are though our houses are only about a anxiously expecting the vessel from Sydstone's throw from each other, yet we ney with stores, which we hope will soon found some difficulty in doing so. The arrive, and bring us communications from morning presented a scene of desolation : the Committee and our friends at home,

Vavou.--Extract from the Journal of the Rev. John Thomas, Haafuluhao,

Friendly Islands. PROMULGATION OF THE CODE OF ther new, the spirit of most of them LAWS.

having been acted upon for some time WEDNESDAY, March 10th, 1839,- past; but a few hundred copies have just The King assembled all his Chiefs and now been struck off; and che King has heads of the people, at the large house, given them the royal sanction. There is for the purpose of giving them to under. much reason to believe that what has stand the new laws he has instituted. At been done to-day at Vavou will tend to an early hour the King took his seat in the glory of God in the highest, and to the house ; on either side were his princi peace and good-will amongst men. Several pal Chiefs ; he then read and commented thousands of the people were assembled, upon the new regulations one by one, in chiefly the adults, and all appeared satisorder to make them understood ; he then fied. He has appointed four of his Chiefs gave a copy to each of the governing as Judges or Magistrates : they are to sit Chiefs, to guide him and his people. once a month, to hear and decide any It was a highly interesting day to this cases of complaint which may arise ; and people. The code of laws is not altoge- no Chief or private person is to take the law into his own hand as formerly, but from the former place. It was about a every matter of any importance must be mile from a small village called Haatau, brought before the Judges. It is true where his friend, and afterwards fellow. that there will be many cases occurring sufferer, named Halaevalu, lived. Both which the present small code of laws will these young Chiefs began to meet in class not meet : yet the principle will be estab the same day, which was November 6th, lished, and thus a great end will be 1832; a memorable day, as I formed a answered; even-handed justice will be class at each place, namely, Haatau and dealt out to the poor as well as to the Majilmaea, after preaching ; and on the rich, to the servant as well as the master. 26th of March, 1833, they both received And the day of small and feeble things the ordinance of baptism together at must not be despised.

Majilamea, together with their wives and

a few others, all of whom have stood DEATH AND CHARACTER OF SHA

firm ; and I am not aware that there was DRACH VEEHALA, A CHRISTIAN

ever any occasion either to suspend, or NATIVE CHIEF.

even to reprove, our dear departed friend, 30th.-To-day a canoe arrived from except in the most gentle way, and on the Haabai Islands, bringing a letter from some trivial matter. Mr. Lyth, by which I learn that my dear He was appointed to the important friend and son in the Gospel, Seteleki, or office of Class-Leader, and then that of Shadrach Veehala, is now po more an Local Preacher; both of which offices he inhabitant of this world. He died at filled with credit to himself, and profit to Lifuka, Haabai, March 26th, 1839. Mr. the people of his charge. As his mind Lyth informs me respecting him, that he became more enlightened, and his faith has left a blessed testimony that he has strengthened, his natural timidity left him, gone to Jesus. Glory be to God, another and he became bold as a lion in the cause soul safe landed, saved for ever, through of his God. He had much to endure faith in the Lord Jesus Christ !

• from his own friends, who were Heathen, At an early period of the Tonga Mis- and from the half-hearted professors of sion, Veehala, as he was called, began to religion at Tonga ; so that he literally inquire about the lotu, or religion, and endured a great fight of afflictions. He was led to love and respect those whose was, in his last bodily affliction, removed province it was to teach it. He got light, from Tonga to Haabai, in order to be and his attachment was strengthened; under the care of Mr. Lyth; but his comand though he continued to conceal his plaint baffled human skill. Much praise religion from his heathen relatives and is due to our excellent brother Lyth, for friends longer than some others, (such his affectionate and constant attention to was his great unwillingness to grieve or him. But his work was done, and he had offend any one,) yet when the time came nothing to do but to die ; in doing which for the little flock which then lived at he has glorified God; and in the absence Hihifo to be persecuted for righteous of his own friends to attend his funeral, ness' sake, Veehala threw off the mask, the Lord gave him those who loved bim, and, like Moses, chose “ rather to and who performed these duties for him ; suffer affliction with the people of God, as King George, and the Chiefs of Haathan to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a bai, as well as some from Tonga, attended season: esteeming the reproach of Christ his funeral. greater riches than the treasures of Egypt; April 16th.--I rose early, and at four for he had respect to the recompence of o'clock set off for Kei; reached it in the reward." Early in the year 1832, two hours ; preached on Rom. viii. 13, the late Ata, who was called the father “For if ye live," &c. I baptized five of Seteleki, (but who was the younger infants, and after the service met the brother of his father,) at the instigation Leaders. I then went on, and preached of Vahai and several others of the devil's at Tuanekivale, on 1 Tim. i. 15. The Priests, sent the lotu, or praying people, Lord made his word a blessing. From away from his dominions. They were this place Joshua the Chief furnished me then few in number and very feeble; with a canoe and two men, who took me but the Lord was their strength. King across the bay, and thus saved me about Josiah, who also claims Seteleki as his three miles of walking ; so that I reached son, at that time gave him and the perse- home by three o'clock. News having cuted Christians a fine spot of land, called been brought of the King and Queen Majilamea, upon which to form a village being on board a canoe just now come to and rear their produce : it was by the this place from Haabai, we hastened to sea-side, on the way from Hihifo to Nu. the beach, and with much pleasure bid kualofa, and about two miles and a half their Majesties welcome again to Vavou. The principal object of their visit is Mr. Brooks preached in English at to be present at the Anniversary of our eleven o'clock, on 1 Cor. xv. 25, “He Branch Missionary Meeting. We are must reign," &c. In the afternoon I sorry to learn that Mr. and Mrs. Lyth preached in native, on Acts xxvi. 16–18, have lost their little boy: he died a few But rise, and stand upon thy feet," &c, days ago, at Haabai.

We had a good time. At night I gave

an exhortation at our prayer-meeting. ROYAL DONATION. MISSIONARY

29th.--I have been busily engaged ANNIVERSARY.

preparing for the Meeting : our natives After our English prayer-meeting this require much attention from the Missionevening, a woman, sent from the King, ary; and even those who have to speak put a small parcel into my hand, which, need to be guided and instructed. In the on opening, I found to contain ten sove afternoon we held our usual prayerreigns. A short note which accompanied meeting; and the Lord was with us in it informed me, the enclosed was a dona- very deed. tion from the Queen and His Majesty to May 1st. I rose early, and at daylight the Missionary Society. We were very preached at the large chapel, to not fewer thankful. And we are sure they have than two thousand persons, previous to given liberally; as I judge they have the Meeting. My subject was, “ Arise, given not only of their abundance, but shine ; for thy light is come," &c. (Isaiah every sovereign they have in the world. Ix. 1.) The Lord helped me to speak, It is quite in keeping with the character of and I hope many felt it good to be there. King George ; and he will leave it to God At ten o'clock we assembled again in whether he has any more or not. He the Ebenezer chapel, which was filled, says, he does not wish to lay up money, and surrounded outside by more than

Sunday, 21st...I preached at the usual could possibly get within ; and after singtime, to a large assembly, there being ing and prayer, the King was called to many present, besides their Majesties, the chair. He then rose, and, in a most from Haabai, who have come over to lively and affectionate madner, addressed attend our Anniversary. My text was the Meeting for about fifteen or twenty Gen. xvii. 1. At half past eleven I minutes. He declared his most hearty preached in English on Luke vii. 22, concurrence in the object of the Meeting, “ To the poor the Gospel," &c. Several and his earnest desire to support it with were present from the ship in the all his power. He called upon all that barbour.

were present to follow his example. He In the afternoon the King preached: said, he only wished to live to serve the his subject was Matt. v. 17-20, cause of Christ. His thrilling appeal “ Think not that,” &c. I found it went to the hearts of thousands, and was quite a treat to hear a native sermon, responded to by the joy which was lighted much more the sermon of a King.

up in every countenance. We have no 27th.--I have been much engaged the cheering here: our people think too deeply last week in receiving the contributions, on the great subject of our salvation, to preaching, making arrangements for the allow them to cheer a fellow-creature. Meeting, &c. ; together with exam. But I am sure our hearts danced for joy, ining two proofs of two parts of the book and every heart said in silence, “Master, of Genesis, now in the press. I had it is good to be here." His Majesty hoped to have had these done before this then sat down : after which, I gave a short time.

account of the Parent Society, what it Sunday, 28th.-I rose early, and attend once was, what it now is, and what it is ed the prayer-meeting. At the time for doing ; and of the need it has of its funds service, the King took the pulpit, and being augmented. I then read the Report preached a good Missionary sermon, to a of what the Vavou Branch-Society had very large congregation, on Isaiah xlix. done in the past year. John Thomas's 1-6, “Listen, o isles, unto me,” &c. Missionary-box was now opened on the At the close he appealed in a most urgent platform, which was rather a novel thing and powerful manner to his audience to here : it was found to contain £4. 88. in give, and to give liberally, to the cause of cash. Small sums collected from the God. The King could do so with a good people amounted to £16. 178. 4d. ; these grace: he had given ten sovereigns, and I sums put together, to which were added believe he would have given more if he the subscriptions and donations, altogehad possessed them. Blessed be God for ther made the handsome sum of £39. such a Preacher, and such a friend to the 16s. 24d. in cash. Besides which, we cause of Missions; and who is himself had articles of native produce, worth the fruit of Missionary labours ! . from ten to twenty pounds; consisting

of pigs, fowls, arrow-root, native fish- our brethren and sisters was on shore, hooks, cloth, curiosities, tortoise-shell, and we had time to converse together. mats, baskets, &c. But what I think This evening we had our English most of is, that we had the hearts of the class-meeting. Captain Morgan, his chief people. Blessed be God, he had touched Mate, and two others from the “ Camtheir hearts, and they gave themselves to den,” were present. Our friends Messrs. the Lord; and many of them are willing Pritchard and Wilson rather unexpectto go any where in order to serve his edly came in. The Lord was with us, cause.

and we hope we shall have cause to bless The Resolutions were moved and God for ever for our meeting. Our seconded by Mr. Brooks, and Mr. G. friends were very much gratified. Miller, Surgeon, and by the native Sunday, 9th. I preached in the native Chiefs of this place and Haabai ; and language this morning ; and the Rev. Mr. the speeches were listened to with much Pritchard preached a good, useful, spiritinterest and satisfaction. The whole of stirring sermon. I hope we all felt it good the Meeting occupied four hours ; and a to be together. In the evening I preached time long to be remembered it was ; and in English, and the Lord was with us. hundreds, I believe, left determining to This has been one of our best Sabbaths. do more for the Lord, if they are spared 12th.We took leave of our friends another year.

the Captain, Mate, and crew of the After the Meeting the King took din- “ Camden,” as well as of the Rev. Mr. ner with us, intending to embark for Pritchard and young Messrs. W’ilson and Haabai in a few hours, but was prevailed Barff. She got under weigh, and we reupon to remain until to-morrow morning. turned on shore, thankful to God for

* 4th.- The King and many others left having given us this opportunity of be. this place on Thursday, about six canoes coming acquainted with these our dear in company ; but as the weather was not friends and fellow-labourers in the Lord's fine, they have had to remain at the outer vineyard. islands, where they still are. I have embraced the opportunity to write by these NATIVE TEACHERS FOR FEEJEE. canoes to the brethren at Haabai, Tonga,

July 23d.-To-day sailed Job Loakai's and Feejee, as one canoe is expecting to

canoe for Feejee. He takes ten Local sail shortly for the Feejees.

Preachers, with their wives and families, VISIT TO THE “CAMDEN.” to join our dear brethren, and labour with June 7th.-To-day arrived the “Cam.

them at that group of islands. Some of den,"

them are the best Local Preachers we Captain Morgan : they are last from Samoa or Navigators, having on

have ; and nearly all of them, with their board the Wesleyan Missionaries, the

wives, are Class-Leaders. Two Local Rev. P. Turner and Matthew Wilson,

Preachers went in the “ Letitia,” which and their wives; together with the native

makes up the number twelve; which Mr.

Cargill requested. We should have sent Teachers we had sent from Vavou to help forward the work of the Lord at

two more, but they were both ill with the

influenza. By this opportunity I have Samoa. We hastened on board the “ Camden,” while she was beating up the

written to the brethren at Feejee, and the

Local Preachers we sent some time ago. river, and gave our dear brethren and

O may God bless and prosper the Feejee sisters a hearty welcome. We were

Mission ! happy also to find on board, the Rev. Mr. Pritchard, now British Consul: he

DEATH OF WILLIAM ULAKAI, A gave us a hearty reception; also another

CHRISTIAN NATIVE CHIEF. of the London Society's Missionaries, young Mr. Wilson, and the son also of 7th. In the afternoon a canoe touched the Rev. Mr. Barff: these gentlemen from Lifuka, with a message to Joel to were all proceeding in the “ Camden." go to Tonga as soon as possible. The After the vessel came to an anchor, which King had been sent for to Tonga, to his she did about mid-day, near the town, father, William Ulakai, who was then our wives soon came on board to see very ill. The King reached Tonga safe their friends. In the afternoon our last Saturday, after a most awful voyage; friends were landed from the “Camden," the weather being so very rough. On The natives were very prompt in renders reaching, he bad the pain to find that his ing us all the assistance we required in father had that day been buried. landing the goods in their large canoes, William Ulakai was one of our oldest, and in carrying them up.

our first, and best friends in the Friendly 8th.-To-day every thing belonging to Islands í being a true lover of his coun. try, and a zealous supporter of the work Tonga. That face he had looked upon so of God, and a most warm and devoted many times, and loved, he will not see friend to the Missionaries; who have lost again, until the heavens are no more. in him one like a father. O may this King Josiah, and his brother Abraham, painful event be sanctified to the good of and others, have begged King George not all ! His death is a public loss, and no to forsake them in Tonga, though his one is likely to suffer more from it than father, whom he used to visit so freKing Josiah. At five o'clock I had the quently, is taken away. On leaving people assembled, and preached to them Tonga for Haabai, he went by way of from, “There remaineth therefore a rest Eua, where his father was taken ill, and to the people of God.” (Heb. iv. 9.) where many of the people lately, instead The poor people, who are suffering much of killing one another, have laid down from a scarcity of food, appeared to their weapons, and have turned to the drink in the word like the thirsty ground Lord. Several more were induced to make the rain. I baptized three children. The a profession of Christianity by the visit and Lord was with us.

advice of the King. The Lord has laid his Sunday, 25th.-We had a profitable hand upon many of the heathen Chiefs at prayer.meeting at day-light; and at nine Tonga, and the influenza continues to o'clock I endeavoured to improve the rage; but, from the King's account, there death of the highly-respected Chief, Wil. is but little ground to hope that some who liam Ulakai, from, “The righteous pe- now govern will ever turn to God. As to risheth," &c. (Isaiah lvii. 1. Many the Chief Fatu, whom Mr. Lawry lived were present, and all were deeply atten- with in the years 1821-2, he and his tive. The death of William is a public people continue as they were. loss. Some of his friends and relatives A fter much persuasion, I prevailed wept before the Lord.

upon the King to take one of my appointSeptember 6th.–To-day three canoes ments on Sunday, at the Ebenezer chapel. arrived at Neiafu from the Haabais; one He replied, he did not come to preach, of which is from Tonga; another is the ca- but to hear preaching. However, as I noe of the King of Kebel's Island, who is informed him I would take one or two of now on his way home; the other is King the other chapels at a little distance, he George's, who has accompanied his friend consented to take the morning service. the King of Kebel's Island to this island, Sunday, 8th.— I rose early, and before in order to see that he obtains such things daylight I set off for Taoa, accompanied as he requires for his voyage home. Af. by the Steward, who is one of our old ter the English class, we walked down Local Preachers, and one of our best to see King George, whom we found and holiest men. On reaching the place, quite well, sitting in his own house ; but, I preached on Matt. xi. 28, “Come as his stay is likely to be very short at unto me,” &c. The Lord made the this time, he has not brought the Queen word a great blessing. From this place, with him. The King gave me an inter we went by sea to Viamato, and walked esting account of his last visit to Tonga, to Gaakau, where I preached on Rom. on the occasion of the illness of his re- v. 8, “ But God commendeth his love, ** puted father Ulakai. On arriving there, &c. The Lord was with us, and all he found he had that day been commit. appeared to feel it good. I faithfully ted to the silent tomb; and the heavy, warned those who were neglecting the massy stone laid upon the vault. Wil love of God towards them. O may God liam appears to have been sensible that himself save this people! his affliction would be unto death ; as, Ilth. The King called upon us this while he was yet alive, but very ill at morning. At three o'clock I preached Eua, there was a Haabai canoe there, on Gen. xlv. 24, “ See that ye fall not waiting for a fair wind to return. Wile out by the way." We had a good time. liam wished them to proceed, that they The two Kings were present again, with might inform his son of his illness; and many others, all ready to take their de. on finding some time afterwards that the parture; some to Tonga, some with the canoe was still at the island, he said, “Go King to Haabai, and the King of Kebel's and inform him. Why do you delay? Island for his people. I have written to Do you wish him to come to look at the the Teachers at Kebel's Island, and sent sand ?" namely, the grave, which is some books. generally sand from the beach, and which 12th. Early this morning the cances is beaped up very high at all the Chiefs' set off, taking many of our friends, and burying-grounds. And true it was, the the friends of Christ. The “ Eleanor » King only saw the sand when he reached is also nearly ready for sea,

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