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obtained for John, when seventeen nary pathways by which God in years of age, a clerkship in the ord- his providence leads by far the nance department, which situation greater number of his children to he held till he resigned it for the the glory wbich he has prepared for purpose of taking a Circuit.

them, Mr. Valton's piety was deep Mr. Valton kept a journal, in and active, combining great hunni. which he gives the account of his lity with much zeal. Indeed, the conversion to God, and somewhat chief lesson of the memoir seems copiously describes his various men to be this, that it is the happy prital exercises. Mr. Sutcliffe has, for vilege, not less than it is the boundthe most part, allowed Mr. Valton en duty, of every spiritual believer to be his own biographer ; but, in Christ, in the midst of the usual where necessary, very judicious ob occurrences and circumstances of servations are interspersed among life, to seek to enjoy the richest the extracts wbich constitute the influences of divine grace. Carebody of the work.

fully and humbly walking with In the life and religious expe. God, Mr. Valton experienced that rience of Mr. Valton there is no support, at the close of life, the thing peculiar and extraordinary in anticipation of which may animate kind. And this, perhaps, is that both in labour and in suffering. One which renders the volume most of his friends, we are told by Mr. valuable. It can scarcely fail of Sutcliffe, “ went over to see him, coming home to the heart and con- and saw a glorious sight,-a dying science of every Christian reader. worm as happy as grace could make It is a beautiful picture of religion him on earth. 'Brother,' he said, in every-day life; and furnishes, not my soul for the last four days has only instruction, but also encou- been in a state of inward glory." » ragement, and that in a very high “ It was," his biographer adds, degree, to all who are engaged in “ the river of life which watered seeking to make their calling and his spirit with a constant stream of election sure on those more ordi- glory, peace, and joy !"



Tue Annual Conference of the Wes- by the Rev. Thomas Jackson, the Exleyan Methodists in Ireland assembled President, whose services, connected with this year in Dublin, on Friday, June the Centenary Meetings and Presidency 19th, after the usual preparatory Com- in the Belfast Conference of the last mittees, when one hundred Preachers year, had introduced him to the know. were present ; all of whom received the ledge of the Irish Methodist Ministers. kind hospitality of their friends, who have Six young Preachers, who had acceptlong been in the habit of showing their ably fulfilled their course of probarion, affection to the Wesleyan ministry, and were received into full connexion, and of estimating the public services of the separated to the sacred office * by the Conference as a high privilege.

laying on of the hands of the Presby. The presence of the Rev. Theophilus tery." Nine others, having undergone Lessey, the President, was hailed with the preparatory examinations, were adgratitude and joy, as fears had been en- mitted on trial. Four retired from actertained of his inability to attend, in tive service, as Supernumeraries; and consequence of the delicate state of his four, who had been Supernumeraries, health. His services were, notwithstand. were found to have died during the ing his indisposition, constant and effec. year. tive; and the impression made upon Methodism has been encompassed both the Ministers and congregations with difficulties in Ireland from the begenerally by his ministrations will not ginning of its history, owing to the presoon be forgotten. He was accompanied valence of ignorance, superstition, bi. gotry, and political agitations. Nor are the past year ; yet, an increase is anthese diminishing ; yet, we rejoice to nounced to the amount of six hundred know, that it is at present in circum- and sixty-four, a pleasing proof that the stances better fitted than formerly to hand of the Lord is with his servants ; grapple with opposing evils, and to ac- so that they neither labour in vain, nor complish its own holy and benevolent spend their strength for nought, The designs. Peace, unanimity, and zealous Wesleyan Ministers in Ireland, who enattachment to its principles and constitu- dure many privations, and whose lation, prevail among its Ministers and bours are, in many instances, very severe members, who are determined, with one and wasting, are earnestly recommended mind and one mouth, to glorify God; to the sympathy and prayers of every and, trusting in the great Head of the sincere lover of God and man. The church, to strive for the extension of opposition which they have to encounter the Redeemer's kingdom through the is formidable and appalling; but their land.

judgment is with the Lord, and his Upwards of six hundred members of especial blessing undeniably rests upon the Irish societies have emigrated during them, and upon their labours.

METHODIST CONFERENCE OF 1840. ACCORDING to the appointment of The various preparatory Committees the Wesleyan Conference, held last year began to assemble, according to the di. at Liverpool, the succeeding one, being rections of the last Conference, on Tuesthe ninety-seventh, was to be held “ in day, July 21st. The reports which they Brunswick chapel, Newcastle-upon. ' had, for the most part, to draw up, were Tyne, commencing on Wednesday, of such a pleasing kind, indicating July 29th, 1840.". Most of the readers so much usefully-directed energy in the of this Magazine will be aware that this different branches of Connexional labour, was the first Conference held at Newcas- that, at an early period, anticipations tle. The valuable and esteemed friends were confidently indulged that the sesof Wesleyan Methodism in that town, sions of the Conference would possess as well as in some others in its neighé a very gratifying character. We are glad bourhood, believing that the time was that it is our duty to state, that these come when the Annual Meeting of the anticipations were abundantly realized. Ministers of the Connexion might be The business of the Conference comaccommodated there, made known their menced on Wednesday morning, July opinion and wish to a former Confer. 29th. Owing to indisposition, the Preence, which promptly agreed to this sident, the Rev. Theophilus Lessey, was gratifying expression of affectionate re- unable to attend ; and the Ex-President, spect; and, to the list of places at the Rev. Thomas Jackson, was, immea which, in rotation, the regular annual diately on the announcement being made, assemblies of the Wesleyan Ministers unanimously called to take his place, in are held, added Newcastle-upon-Tyne, conducting the opening services of the one of Mr. Wesley's early and favourite occasion, and attending to the important fields of labour, and where his apostolic preliminaries for holding the Conference, ministry had been eminently owned of according to Mr. Wesley's “ Deed of God. Indeed, the importance which he Declaration," Subsequently, the Rev. attached to the place may be gathered Robert Newton was elected to the Prefrom the circumstance, that, when he sidency, and the Rev. Dr. Hannah was published, for the first time, “ The chosen to be Secretary; the Rev. Isaac Rules of the United Societies," he de. Keeling and the Rev. John Bowers scribed them as existing “in London, were appointed the Sub-Secretaries. The Bristol, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and else- Rev. Messrs. William Stewart, Thomas where." It was here that he erected his Waugh, and James B. Gillman were the Orphan-house;" which, though not now Representatives of the Irish Conference, used according to the purpose of its origi. The Canadian department of service was nal erection, still remains, a monument of represented by the Rev. Joseph Stinson, the benevolent and practical character of General Superintendent of the Missions his piety. From Newcastle, as from a cen- in Canada, the Rev. M. Richey, Supera tre of operations, he proceeded to extend intendent of the Wesleyan Academy in his untiring labours, and surround his Upper Canada, and the Rev. Messrs. “northern home" with societies and Cir William and Egerton Ryerson. About cuits,

three hundred and eighty Preachers,

from all parts of the kingdom, were pre- the Ministers of the Connexion had died sent this year in Newcastle.

in the course of the year. The usual For the results of the various deliber- notices of them will be given in the ations of the Conference, our readers extracts from the Minutes in the Obiare referred to the usual “ Annual Mi tuary department. To supply the places nutes," published at the same time with of those who thus “rest from their the present Number of the Magazine. labours," or who are unable to labour As far as our limits will allow, we shall any longer, or to enter upon those new subjoin a few extracts; but still, recom- or enlarged fields of labour which divine mending a reference to the “ Minutes” Providence may present, one hundred themselves, as best calculated to afford a and twenty candidates were, in the usual correct view of the present state, pros way, recommended to the Conference, pects, and plans of the Wesleyan-Me including three or four on the Misthodist Connexion

sion stations, who are recommended as A novel but very pleasing incident Assistant-Missionaries. Fifty-four junior occurred during the sittings of the Con Ministers, having completed the regular ference; which, we think, deserves re. term of probation, and undergone the cord, and from which, we are persuaded, usual examinations, were received into by the divine blessing, valuable conse “full connexion” with the Conference, quences will result. The two Ashantee and publicly ordained by the President, Princes, who are at present in England, assisted by several of the senior Preach(and receiving a thorough English edu ers. The “Charge” to the newlycation,) happening to be at Newcastle, ordained Ministers, usually delivered by on their tour through the more northern the Ex-President, was this year, on portions of the country, on Saturday, account of the lamented indisposition of (August 1st,) Dr. Bunting moved for Mr. Lessey, addressed to them by the permission to introduce them, together Secretary and Theological Tutor, the with their travelling Tutor, the Rev. Rev. Dr. Hannah. As, by the unani. Thomas Pyne. This was readily granted; mous request of the Conference, this and the young Princes, with Mr. Pyne, admirable address is to be published in a having taken their seats on the platform, permanent form, it is not necessary that were addressed by the President. Mr. we should say more on the subject than Pyne made a very appropriate reply. that Dr. Hannah's “Charge” was worthy We cannot but regard this, though a of the author and of the occasion. slight, yet a favourable, occurrence in re. We are sure that our readers will ference to the Ashantee Mission. Un. rejoice to learn, that it has pleased God der God, it may assist in throwing open to crown the labours of his servants in more widely a door for those who will, their various stations, during the past we hope, soon be sent to Ashantee by the year, with very gratifying success. The Missionary Committee, as encouraged net increase to the Wesleyan societies, and enabled by the “Special Effort" for at home and abroad, was reported to be that purpose.

as follows ; namely,-in Great Britain, We feel it right, likewise, to notice 16,110; in Ireland, 664; on the Miss another occurrence of a very pleasing sion stations, 5,777 ; making a total character. In a former Number we of 22,551. directed the attention of our readers to We are glad to say, that the congregathe « Centenary Picture,” representing tions attending on the numerous services the deliverance of young John Wesley held in Newcastle, and the neighbouring from the burning parsonage-house at towns and villages, were very large, and Epworth. Mr. Parker, the artist, belong. characterized by deep devotional feeling. ing himself to Newcastle, embraced the Knowing, as we do, both the zeal and opportunity of presenting the original the prudence of the men who, in that painting to the Conference ; expressing, particular neighbourhood, are, in various at the same time, his wish, that it might ways, connected with those plans of use. be deposited in the Centenary-Hall, ful labour which exist in the WesleyanLondon. In the reply to Mr. Parker's Methodist societies, we not only hope, communication, the Conference say, that but believe also, that the effects will be “they accept, with the same pleasure permanent. which Mr. Parker felt in presenting, Although this was the first time of this splendid fruit of his genius and holding a Conference at Newcastle, and industry.For this highly-valuable although the number of Preachers who donation” the unanimous thanks of the attended was very large, yet sufficient Conference were presented to Mr. Parker. accommodations were most kindly pro

It was reported that twenty-eight of vided by the various friends in the two Newcastle Circuits, Gateshead, Sunder- mentioned, or in the vicinity of each of land, and North and South Shields; the them respectively. When, therefore, the Preachers whose lodgings were in these Conference terminated its sittings, the more distant places being conveyed to Preachers left Newcastle with feelings of them by the rail-road carriages, the trains respect and gratitude towards the Methodaccommodating them with respect to time. ist societies in the north, and with a deep It is our very pleasing duty to add, that impression of the importance of the Cirnever were the Wesleyan Ministers, cuits in that part of the kingdom, arising assembling for their annual Conference, from the number, intelligence, and piety received with greater affection and respect, of the persons who statedly attend the and never were they treated with more Wesleyan ministry. cordial and generous hospitality, than by The Conference closed its sittings on their kind friends at the places already the evening of Friday, August 14th.



GREAT BRITAIN. N. B. Each of the places mentioned in these Stations, and numbered consecutively from 1 to 411, is the head of a Circuit. The Minister or Ministers stationed in, or appointed to, the several Circuits under-mentioned, is and are appointed by the Conference to preach and to perform all acts of religious worship and Methodist discipline in each and every of the Wesleyan-Methodist chapels already erected, or to be erected, within each Circuit respectively, within the space of twelve calendar months, at such time or times, and in such manner, as to him or them shall seem proper; subject nevertheless to the direction of the Superintendent Ministers.] I. LONDON DISTRICT.Jabez Bunting, D. D., Chairman of the District.

John Farrar, Financial Secretary. I First London, (City-road, &c.,) Richard Reece, Robert Newstead, Wil.

liam Kelk, Henry Davies, William Barton, George Osborn;

Henry Moore, Supernumerary.
Thomas Jackson is our Editor; George Cubitt is Assistant

Editor ; John Mason, jun., is our Book Steward ; Jabez Bunting, D.D., John Beecham, Robert Alder, D.D., and Elijah Hoole, are the Resident Secretaries for our Missions ; Walter 0. Croggon is the Superintendent, under the direction of the Missionary Committee, of the Irish Missions and Schools. Dr. Bunting is appointed the President of the Wesleyan

Theological Institution ; Richard Treffry, Governor of the Institution House at Hoxton ; John Hannah, D.D., the Theological Tutor ; Samuel Jones, A.M., the Classical and Mathematical Tutor ; John Farrar is the Tutor and Governor of the Abney-house Branch of the Theological Institution ; Samuel Wilkinson, John Hartley, Richard Chapman, Robert Nightingale, are Students in the Institution, and

regarded as having travelled one year. 2 Second London, (Queen-street, &c.,) Isaac Keeling, Abraham Stead, Robert

Young; William Jenkins, John Kershaw, Supernumeraries. 3 Third London, (Spitalfields, &c.,) Thomas Martin, William P. Burgess,

Frederick J. Jobson.
Romford, Francis Ward, who shall change once in four weeks, on

the Lord's day, with the Preachers of the Third London


(Welsh,) Edward Jones. 4 Fourth London, (Southwark, &c.,) William Atherton, William Clegg, John

H. James. 5 Fifth London, (Lambeth, fc.,) Edmund Grindrod, Henry Fish, Henry

Castle, John Stephens, Supernumerary. 6 Sixth London, (Hinde-street, &c.,) John Scott, Theophilus Lessey, John P.

Haswell, William Peterson; Joseph Sutcliffe, Supernume. гаrу.

y Deptford, William Naylor, Stephen Kay. 8 Hammersmith, Joseph Walker, Peter Cooper. 9 Croydon and Horsham, James' Aldis, Richard Petch; Edward Chapmad,

Supernumerary. 10 Leyton, Richard Eland, who shall change once in six weeks on the

Lord's day with the Preachers of the First London Circuit 11 Bishop-Stortford, William Culcheth, John Vanes. 12 Windsor, James Brownell, William Hudson. 13 Chelmsford, John Morgan, John M. Kirk, John Watson, 3d. 14 Colchester, John Crofts, John F. England. 15 Manningtree, John Bell, William Burnett. 16 Ipswich, John Hannah, jun., Jabez Palmer, Anthony Simpson. 17 Hastings, William Bytheway, Joseph K. Tucker. 18 Sevenoaks, Joseph T. Milner, Samuel R. Hall, William Way. 19 Lewes and Eastbourne, George Oyston, Robert S. Ellis. 20 Brighton, Samuel Young, William B. Dennis ; Joseph Brooklrouse,

Supernumerary. 21 St. Alban's, Joseph Floyd, John Gay. 22 Guildford, Isaac Harding.

N. B. Authority is given by the Conference to the London

Financial District-Meeting to make and conclude a new arrangement of the Croydon and Horsham, Lewes and East

bourne, Brighton, and Guildford Circuits. II. BEDFORD AND NORTHAMPTON DISTRICT.-Marimilian Wilson,

Thomas Staton, Financial Secretary.

on 23 Bedford and Ampthill, Maximilian Wilson, Thomas P. Clarke, John Gostick. 24 Leighton-Buzzard, Joseph Wilson, John Piggott, Joseph Gostick, jun. 25 Luton, George Taylor, Robert Maxwell, Samuel Wesley.

N. B. Brother Wesley resides at Dunstable. 26 St. Neot's, Everett Vigis, John Maysey. 27 Biggleswade and Hitchin, Thomas Staton, William Sanders, Dixon Naylor ;

Francis B. Potts, Supernumerary.

N.B. Brother Sanders shall reside at Hitchin. 28 Huntingdon, Robert Bryant, William J. Bullivant, William H. Bam

bridge. 29 Northamplon, George H. Rowe, William Hales, John D. Julian ; William

Hinson, Supernumerary. 30 Towcester, Samuel Brown, sen., Edward Bramford. 31 Daventry, Thomas Hickson, Thomas J. Walker, Edwin Blake. 32 Newport-Pagnell, Jonathan Williams, Charles Carter. 33 Higham-Ferrers, Moses Dunn, James Lees ; Thomas Hewitt, Supernume

rary. 34 Wellingborough, William Piggott, Robert Lewis. 35 Kettering, Thomas Newton, Henry Young ; John Rossell, Ist, Supernu.

merary. 36 Market-Harborough, John Haigh, Thomas H. Beswick; John Wood, Super

numerary. 37 Cambridge,

James Ray, Thomas Rowe. 38 Chatteris, John Ingham, Edward Crofts. 39 Stamford, Benjamin Gartside, Samuel Walker. 40 Oundle, John Brown, jun., John W. Dawson. 41 Peterborough, George Birley, Aaron Langley, Philip Fowler; Isaac Aldom,

Thomas Harrison, Supernumeraries.
III. KENT DISTRICT.-Benjamin Andrews, LL.D., Chairman. ,

John II. Adams, Financial Secretary. 42 Canterbury, Benjamin Andrews, Thomas Baker, Charles Howe; Wil.

liam Welborne, Supernumerary, 43 Rochester, John Bicknell, Henry Turner, William Williams. 44 Gravesend, John Bustard, James Osborn.

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