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pressed on our arrival was constantly a Missionary to the Heathen, now that I manifested during our stay.

can see his work with my own eyes, from The three of us intended for the what they were when that work could be Canarese work had the advantage of Mr. known only from conceptions formed at a Crowther's company on the journey to distance ! And I feel my own want of Bangalore. And neither in justice to these qualifications, both of one class and my own feelings, nor in gratitude to the other, with a bitterness which somehim, can I refrain from saying, that, times almost forces me to wish I had both in his own house and on the jour. never engaged in a work for which I am ney, his kindness was so uniform and so unfit. May my blessed Master pour affectionate as to be more truly described on his unworthiest servant the Holy by the term “ fatherly," than by any Ghost, so as to sanctify me from all sin other I can apply. Towards him I of my own, and endue me with divine must ever entertain feelings of sincere power to point out its malignity to gratitude and attachment.

others ! Since leaving home, my state of Shortly after we reached Bangalore, a soul has sometimes been, comparatively, Moonshee was engaged for me, with very barren; little faith, little love, little whom I studied daily during our stay. of joy or the peace of God. But, through

On the 9th inst., Mr. Jenkins left for the abundance of divine mercy, from time Goobee, bringing me with him. We to time, seasons of refreshing from the prearrived on the morning of the 11th. So sence of the Lord have been vouchsafed ; that nearly six months from the day of and, hitherto, grace enables me to retain embarkation, preserved by sea and land, my sense of sins forgiven ; to look on my in perfect health, with the glad assurance Saviour, and cleave to Him as my all in that in the God of heaven I have a all; to determine to know nothing among Friend and Father, and that to the work men but Jesus Christ and him crucified; for which I am come hither he has and to feel that in his love I have far called me, I find myself at the appointed more than ample compensation for the destination. And so far as the country home and the dear connexions from which and people are concerned, no place (at I have been separated by its constraining least in India) can be more delightful as power. But yet I come far, deplorably a residence, or better calculated to call far, short of the Gospel standard in faith, forth the real and effort necessary to a in love, in practice. successful Mission. The site of the You will doubtless be anxious to know Mission-house commands a very exten. something concerning my progress in Casive prospect; and the country around, narese. I fear that the usual standard of with its rich vegetation, its tanks, vil. slowness-a snail's pace is much too lages, and trees, presents a scene uncom. rapid to describe my rate of travelling. monly peaceful, verdant, and lovely. Hitherto, by advice, my attention has been

The house itself is neat and comfortable principally turned to reading and proin the extreme. Of the character of the nunciation; and, consequently, I have people, and prospects of the work, of translated very little. In the study of it, course, I can know nothing as yet by per- I feel nothing but pleasure. The labour sonal observation. I have been a few is in no way irksome ; and the difficulties times with Mr. Jenkins and Mr. Frank- are relieved by keeping in view the object lin when they preached in Goobee; and for which I work. It makes one's twice to neighbouring villages. The heart sore to see such multitudes crowdpeople, in general, have listened with ing the broad road, rushing to its attention, some apparently with deep end, and yet not be able so much as interest ; and the whole face of things, to cry, “Turn ye, turn ye! Why will so far as I can see, is eminently calcu- ye die ?” I often think, that, were I lated to excite to ardent zeal and diligent again among my Christian friends, I labour. The population is very numer- should urge them, with feelings vastly ous, wholly given to idolatry, sunken in more intense, to make prayer and suppliall sin ; yet willing, if not anxious, to cations for those who seek to save the hear words whereby they may be saved. Heathen. There is a vast difference The work is great; the way to it open; between the feelings produced by the and it only wants, that men “ filled with most affecting description of the work, faith and with the Holy Ghost ” should its importance, its necessity, and its difproclaim to the people that salvation ficulties, and those excited by standing which their souls need, but which their on the very field, personally witnessing system has not to present. 0 how the thousands upon thousands of the Headifferent are my feelings as to the quali- then, beholding the darkness and the fications of mind and heart necessary for cruelties (I have witnessed the Swinging Feast) of their system, finding out one by that he may here utter his omnipotent one the different features of their degra- “ Be," and cause the gloom that sits so dation and sin, and seeing them worship- sadly on the multitudes of India, to give ping the work of their own hands. This way to the light and glory of that Gospel goes more directly and more deeply into day, which shall ultimately shine on the heart. It forces one to earnest prayer every heart, house, and hamlet. to Him who creates light out of darkness,

CAXARESE Mission:- Extract of a Letter from the Rev. John Jenkins, dated

Goobee, November 9th and 14th, 1839. I AGAIN, with much pleasure, address them on the most important subjects conyou on the subject of your Canarese nected with our work. The benefits Mission. Through the mercy of God, which I have derived are very great. I my health has been uninterruptedly good seem to have obtained enlarged views of since my last communication; and few the work, a clearer sense of my own duty things have occurred to hinder the regu in that work, and a more fervent zeal for lar progress of my work.

the salvation of the souls of the Heathen. In the beginning of August, our hearts I took many opportunities of declaring were cheered by the intelligence that our the name of Jesus in the different towns new brethren had safely arrived in and villages through which we passed. My. Madras. On the 6th of September, the sore is rising in importance as a station. It three appointed to help us in the Cana is certainly a fine field for Mission labour. rese work reached Bangalore, accom. Mr. Hodson receives far more encoupanied by Mr. Crowther; and each is ragement than was to be expected, where now settled down to work on his parti. idolatry and vice have so strong a hold. cular station. You will receive intelli- All Mr. Hodson's plans appear to be gence respecting the brethren Square admirably adapted to the promotion of bridge and Garrett, from their respective God's work; and his prospects of usefulSuperintendents. Concerning Mr. Arthur, ness are very cheering. I preached once my colleague, I have every thing to say in Canarese to a very large congregation, that is good. He has begun to work in in a preaching-room situated in one of right good earnest, and with a zeal for the most populous parts of the city. God and for souls worthy of imitation. In my last letter I informed you of the He devotes the whole of his time to the opening of a place for public worship in study of the language, and to visiting the Pettah of Goobee. During Mr. the town and villages, either with Mr. Crowther's stay here, we opened another Franklin or myself. His progress in such place, only larger, in our own vil. Canarese is satisfactory and gratifying to lage." Mr. Cryer preached in Tamul, me; for already he is able to give short and I in Canarese. Since the opening, extemporaneous addresses to the people our congregations have been good. Last after our sermons. It will, I am sure, Sunday, we had about ten or twelve be equally gratifying for you to receive, Tamul people, many of whom understand as it is for me to communicate, this in- Canarese; and twenty Canarese people. telligence.

Some of the latter came from the Pettah, In the month of September, I was a distance of nearly half a mile. There desired by Mr. Crowther to accompany are some encouraging circumstances conhimself and Mr. Cryer, in making a tour nected with this congregation, one of of the Canarese stations. I very will. which I will mention. An old man, who ingly acceded to his wish ; and, about came to live in our village a few months the middle of the month, we left Banga. ago, has been a regular hearer ever since lore for Mysore, whence (after spending the chapel was opened. He has brought a few days there) we journeyed across his family also, containing three or four the country to Coonghull and Goobee, grown-up persons, and generally two or and from this we returned again to Ban three friends from a distance. Since he galore. I was glad of the opportunity, heard us, he has given up idolatry, and thus afforded, of seeing a part of the declares that he will no longer put the country which I had not previously heathen mark on his forehead. I had a visited; and, especially, of being an conversation with him yesterday. There eye-witness to Mr. Hodson's operations was no mark to be seen. In answer to a at the important station of Mysore. I question which I put to him, he said that much enjoyed the privilege of being the he prays every morning and evening to companion of brethren so experienced, the great God. He is still very ignorant : and of joining in conversation with I have great hopes, nevertheless, both of him and his family. He is nearly seventy above, has not been made elsewhere, yet years old, I should think, and is one of we perceive that the Lord is with us. the lowest caste. Even for this measure Our congregations are particularly attenof success, we would thank God, and tive; and, lately especially, while talking take courage; though I trust we shall of the nature of God, his hatred of sin, never be fully satisfied, until persons are and the only way of salvation, I have savingly converted to God.

observed a sacred awe pervade our conAt Singona Hully, a village about one gregations, which has been very encoumile distant from the Mission-house, we raging. Our prospects of success are have a more cheering prospect of success, brighter than they have ever been, and than that to which I have just referred. we have good ground to expect prosIn that place, the people generally pro perity. I have never once doubted that fess to have given up idol-worship. success will attend our labours. When The temple and altar, which were visited appearances have been least encouraging, twice every day by the Priest, and by I have been enabled to rely on the proseveral worshippers, for the purpose of mises of God. But now that I witness presenting offerings to Ranga-swami, are such signs as these, like the traveller who now forsaken. Two months ago, they beholds the first dawnings of the mornneglected to celebrate the annual feast to ing, my heart is cheered, and I have their tutelar deity. If you ask them increased confidence that even I shall see why they have forsaken all this, they the bursting forth of day, “ the Sun reply, “ Because we believe the Padres' of righteousness” shining forth in all his words, that all such service is vain and brightness on the moral darkness that useless.” On Monday morning last, I envelopes us, “ with healing in his paid them a visit, in company with Mr. wings." Arthur and Mr. Batchelor, who has come Last week we held our regular monthly from Bangalore to spend a few days with school-examination. Through the bad us. At the close of my address, while conduct of a Schoolmaster, one of the exhorting them to receive the truth into schools has been given up. The four their minds, they replied, “ Have we not remaining ones still continue to be carried done so ? Have we not given up idol. on; and, in some instances, we have worship ? Have we not given up our ground for satisfaction. But I am perfeast? Have we not in these things done suaded that our school-system, generally, as you have told us?” I then directed cannot prosper, until we have in all them again to Jesus Christ as the only our schools thoroughly-converted ChrisSaviour from sin, and Mediator between tian Masters to take charge of them. them and an offended God. We pray Such, as you are already aware, we can. for an abundant outpouring of the Spirit not procure. The school at Biddiri, of God upon these people, so that they seven miles north of Goobee, is the best shall be constrained to cry out, “ What on the station. The progress of the shall we do to be saved ? " The time, I boys, principally Brahmins, has sur. think, is not far distant, when you will prised me. The two little girls who receive intelligence of some of these hav. come to us from Singona Hully, the vil. ing placed themselves under regular reli. lage above-mentioned, continue to be gious instruction, as candidates for bap instructed. They have lately com. tism. I shall direct my attention to this menced reading the New Testament, and immediately.

can repeat from memory our Lord's Ser. Since writing the above, I have again mon on the Mount, and our First Catevisited this people. While declaring chism. to them the plain truths of the Gospel, November 14th.--I finish this letter in and praying in their midst for God's Bangalore, whither I came a day or two blessing upon them, and upon their ago, to take back Mrs. Jenkins, who has families, it appeared as if the Lord were, been staying here during her confinement. then and there, working in their hearts Through the mercy of our heavenly by his Spirit. They continually declare Father, she has nearly recovered, and their hatred to Heathenism, saying, “ It our infant daughter is healthy and thriv, has never brought us any fruit, nor any ing. The temporal blessings, and espeprofit." “ Not unto us, o Lord, not cially those of health, with which we unto us, but unto thy name, give glory, have been so highly favoured, we are for thy mercy and for thy truth's sake!" endeavouring to look at in their proper

In others of the villages, the minds of light, as reasons for a more complete the people are as indifferently disposed consecration of ourselves to our Master's towards Heathenism. Although so pub- work. lic a demonstration, as that referred to I shall conclude this letter with

extracts from another received last even. livelihood. He asked repeatedly if we ing from Mr. Arthur, now at Goobee. could not give him rice and cloth. He The circumstance referred to occurred came again this morning about sunrise, the day after I left. The lad, who is a when our conversation was renewed. Brahmin, is about eighteen years of age, He asserts, that, on account of sin, he has and well known to me. At one time he much sorrow; that he has a great desire came to Mrs. Jenkins daily to study to obtain forgiveness; that he has quite English. Mr. Arthur says: “ Yester- given up idol-worship, and makes prayer day afternoon a nice-looking young man through Christ to the eternal God; that came into the verandah. Your Moonshee he is willing to leave father, mother, told me, that he was an acquaintance of brothers, and sisters, if he can only get Fours, and that you had once lent him a food and clothes. I dwelt much on the book to help him in learning English. necessity of not fearing persecution, and His name is Rama-swami. He remain- the certainty that God will provide food ed for some time after the Moonshees and raiment. This morning he had no had gone. I was then in the verandah, heathen mark on; and said, he would not and he looked very timidly, till they wear it any more, because I had told him had got some distance down the hill. last night it must be given up, as being He then at once began to talk on the sign of idolatry. I, in spite of all religious subjects, and, seeming very his urgency, refused any answer on the earnest, asked me to tell him the way to food, &c., question ; but directed him to obtain forgiveness of sin. He readily trust in God.” acknowledged that the Hindoo gods were I hope to see this young man myself no gods; and, after looking round with a next week. His friends are very respectvery timid glance, as if to make sure that able, and some of them rich. I am no one heard, he said, he had a great not at all surprised at his asking for food, wish to leave the bad way, and do as we nor am I prejudiced against him on that taught him. He then very seriously account. I think he may be sincere, asked, if he became of our caste, must he and yet press that question. eat flesh? I showed him the beginning I must now conclude. I have no room of Romans xiv. Having tried to make to comment on the circumstances menhim understand what some of the princi- tioned in my letter. That they will be pal requirements of Christianity are, he mostly gratifying to you, I am well asagain expressed a strong desire to serve sured. I believe that we shall see prosGod in the Christian way; but said his perity in the Canarese Mission ere long. friends would beat him, and cast him “ Pray for us." out, and he should have no means of

MELNATTAM :-Extract of a Letter from the Rev. Robert Carver, dated

Melnatlam, October 7th, 1839. In the months of May and June last, teaching, alarmed many of the Heathen our religious services on this station around us, who had hitherto viewed our were greatly owned of God, and many labours with complacency or indifference; persons seemed to hear the word with but now that the strong man was spoiled deep interest. Several candidates for of a part of his goods, they arose to prepublic baptism gave us sufficient proof serve Heathenism, and oppose, by every of their sincerity ; and about twelve of hinderance they could devise, the pro. that number, including children, were gress of the word of God. admitted to the sacrament of baptism. One day,man interesting day to us,

About this season we had to celebrate nine couples were married. The chapel twelve or thirteen marriages, many of the was crowded, and many filled the doors young people being of our Melnattam and windows. Great decorum was precongregation. Mrs. Carver had, for served, although some of the people were many months, taken great care to instruct from the wildest parts of the jungle. the females, reading with them daily in Much pains were taken to explain differthe holy Scriptures, and catechising ent parts of the excellent Service read them. With many portions of the Old from the Liturgy. On this day, the and New Testament they became very Heathen could no longer restrain themfamiliar, and also with the substance of selves. Stirred up by the apparent inroad our First and Second Catechisms.

into their customs, they assembled outThe circumstance of several adult side the village, to take counsel against persons being brought out of darkness this new way that now threatened the into the light and influence of Christian very existence of the superstitions of their fathers, who had gods many and lords be able to leave on the station a steady many. Some of that heathen assembly native Assistant, whom I engaged this had heard the Missionaries proclaim with year. As he has been brought up in holy confidence the redemption which is our own Mission, and has considerable in Jesus, and that there is but one Lord, talents, joined to an excellent spirit, I one faith, one baptism, one God and have the more satisfaction during necesSaviour of all and for all.

sary absence. By a letter received toIn the month of June we were sur day, (Oct. 7th,) I find Mr. Best and rounded by much affliction in this small his family are going to Negapatam this village and neighbourhood. The wea. evening, as Mrs. Best needs medical atther was unusually wet, and the rains tention, which cannot be had where we heavy, at a time when the hot winds ge- are stationed. He, no doubt, will have nerally prevail. Of forty children in a communicated his sentiments to you on school, twelve or fourteen would be the necessity for that visit. afflicted with dreadful sore eyes. Little Perhaps I ought to observe, that, on thinking that we should become subjects my second visit to Negapatam, I was of the disease, it first appeared in the enabled to attend the quarterly examinamost painfully inflamed eyes of our tion of the head native-school; and as dear child, which became so alarming, Mr. Best was not able to leave his stathat we were glad that the examination tion, that circumstance was the more of the head native-school at Negapatam timely, that the brethren connected more gave us an opportunity for a change of immediately on the station with the air. The few days' stay greatly bene. school might receive advice and encou. fited our little boy, and we returned in ragement in their arduous and very rehope that all would be well in future. sponsible duties. At the examination On reaching Manaargoody, to our great in September, the Rev. Mr. Thompson, surprise, we found Mr. Best afflicted Church Missionary, with others, was with great inflammation of the eye. At present, and expressed much satisfaction Melnattam, on our return, every thing with the progress of the students. I felt indicated that the disease still extensively gratified especially with the three boys prevailed ; and I regret to say, that our whom we last sent from Melnattam dear child caught it again with ten-fold school, whose progress since they joined virulence. His eyes, we thought, were this institution was very pleasing. We utterly destroyed : a second removal suffer loss for a time when our best boys seemed the only hope.

are taken away from the head of our counGoing over to preach at Melnattam, try schools ; but it becomes gain to the before we left Manaargoody, I unhappily students, and to the church at large. May caught the same infection, and was led the Lord bless the lads thus brought into Negapatam on horseback, quite blind. under special instruction; and crown the My horse-keeper was nearly blind, and labours of our brethren, in forming them twenty of our people and children were for future usefulness, with great success! . all subjects of the same malady at the Great as is the distance between these same time. Leeches and medical aid humble institutions and that princely one being at hand, in about three weeks I which you are, under God's blessing, was able to bear the light again. My fixing on so permanent a basis in Lon. eyes are now much recovered; but they don, we rejoice in all! Each has its will require care and some time to recover place, and all these blessed endeavours their wonted strength. Mrs. Carver and have one design; to furnish armour for the child have been obliged to remain in the spiritual warfare, sharp weapons to a small house taken in Negapatam, as pierce the hearts of the adversaries of our little doubt was expressed, by our medical heavenly King. advisers, of the most imminent danger of You will hear from me again soon ; total injury to sight by a present return. and, in my future correspondence, I may

I returned, however, at all hazards, be able to give you some account of our preached, and gave tickets, September visit to Trichinopoly, a place where loud 29th ; and having put all things in order, calls are made for our effectual and reguduring the past week, and preached and lar labours. I need only say, that, if met the classes yesterday, I am now Madras and Bangalore have our attenabout setting out for Trichinopoly, where tion, surely the third division of the Preupwards of thirty members of our society sidency, the emporium of Heathenism, are looking for the usual Quarterly Visit- demands your prayers, your Missionation of the Minister. I am happy to aries, your most effectual aid !

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