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N,B. No texts are inserted in the following list but such as are expounded, or com-
mented on. Those merely quoted or referred to are too numerous to be included.

*** When the page is followed by an asterisk, the comment is contained in the note
at foot of that page,

xxvu. 6, p 376
xxx. 4—9, p 237
Xliv. 14, 27, &c. p 234
Li. Chap, p 415

i. 13, p 362*
iv. 4—6, p 432
Xxi. Chap, p 185
xxx. Chap, p 128

3, 26, p 376

Xxxii. 7, 8, p 411
xxxvn. 11—14, p 58
Xxxviii. Chap, p 127
Xlvii. &c. p385, 388


ii. 31—45, p 30*, 393
Vii. Chap, p 393, 396, 431

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— 16—20, p 66

— 24—27, p 432
x. 4—7, p 343
Xii. 2, p 134, 297, 373

5,p 420

12, 13,p 135, 197

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In presenting the first number of our work before the Public we conceive it to be due to those respected individuals, whose names appear in print, as recommending the principle of the Investigator; as also to many others who have promised to contribute to the work, though from various reasons they have declined the publication of their names ; explicitly to declare—that they have none of them any immediate connexion with the Investigator itself, and can in no way be considered responsible for the sentiments published in it. The onus of receiving or rejecting entirely rests with the Editor; and although literary etiquette may occasionally invest an article with so much of authority as attaches to the use of plural pronouns; yet is there no committee or select coterie, from whence such articles emanate, as the product of combined research and united sentiment: let the curtain be drawn aside, and an obscure individual would be revealed, whose humble opinions, like those of every other WTiter in

No. I. B

this work, must be tried by the unerring standard of scriptural truth, and stand or fall by that, without reference to any other authority. The Editor would even plead in his own behalf, that (although some little discretion will necessarily be exercised by him, in regard to the insertion or rejection of articles) his own opinions must not be interpreted by the sentiments of the various writers whose communications will appear; since the principle upon which the Investigator is to be conducted requires, that a ready admission shall be granted to the contributions of every individual, provided they be written with tolerable ability, and in a spirit of gravity, sincerity, and forbearance. Beyond the interest therefore, which the Editor avows himself to entertain in the subjects proposed for discussion; and the occasional developement of his own views, sometimes in an independent, sometimes in an official character; he disclaims any further identification with the sentiments which the Investigator may exhibit.

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