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EVERAL catalogues being required for special purposes, it was thought desirable to print a limited number, the most

of which will be given to public and private libraries and bibliophile friends.

The present collection was accumulated during years which were devoted mainly to the duties of an extensive business. With scant time for needful studies, limited means for buying, and few opportunities in Cincinnati, until recently, for obtaining bibliographical information, its deficiencies are apparent. Without any pretensions, therefore, to consideration as a Library, which it is not, it may claim the attention of bibliophiles as possessing that peculiar interest which attaches to any valuable collection of books as reflecting in some degree the individuality and personal tastes of its owner.

With a desire to add interest to the collection, important additions were made to it during an eighteen months' tour in 1866–67. These were Biblical Codices, Psalteriums, Breviaries, Missals, Histories; volumes printed on vellum ; specimens of early printing ; rare editions of the Bible, the Fathers, Shakespeare, Dante, the Aldine and Elzevir classics ; illustrated works of permanent value, particularly the Natural Sciences and Travel ; also volumes supposed to be unique ; those formerly owned by distinguished personages; specimens of bindings of early Italian and French workmanship, in leather-mosaic, niello, bronze, and ivory; artistic productions, commencing with Grolier, and embra


cing the best obtainable specimens of almost all the art-binders since that period.

There will be found appended a catalogue of the Paintings and other important objects of interest. These have been added for the gratification of the friends who have expressed a desire to recur to them as reminiscences of helpful, exalted hours spent in the presence of artists who have achieved distinction at home, and whose names are honored in both hemispheres.


Oakwood, CLIFTON, ist May, 1873.



BBOTT, JACOB. The Corner Stone, or a Familiar Illustration
of the Principles of Christian Truth ; with a Preface by J. P.
Smith. BOSTON, 1835.

I vol. 12mo, half calf.
A Summer in Scotland. NEW YORK, 1848.

I vol. 12mo, half calf.
ACOLUTHIA lectoris, sive Sylliturgica (græce). VENETIIS, apud Fede-
ricum Turrisanum, 1549.
I vol. 8vo, printed in red and black, with one woodcut, blue

morocco. (Niedrée.) From the library of M. YEMENIZ, No. 51. ADAMS, H. G. Cyclopædia of Sacred Poetical Quotations. LONDON, 1854.

I vol. 16mo, cloth. ADAMS, John. Letters addressed to his Wife. Edited by C. F. Adams. BOSTON, 1841.

2 vols. 12mo, cloth. ADAMS, JOHN QUINCY. Lectures on Rhetoric and Oratory. CAMBRIDGE, 1810.

2 vols. 8vo, half calf. ADAMS, NEHEMIAH. The Communion Sabbath. BOSTON, 1856.

I vol. 12mo, calf. ADAMS, WILLIAM. The three Gardens, Eden, Gethsemane, and Para

dise; or, Man's Ruin, Redemption, and Restoration. New York, 1856.

I vol. 12mo, cloth.

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