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r He is the only God. al

Compared witb\There is none like him. ibid.

ether Beings^Hc is greater than all things.

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*V. God Dispos. and Govern, p. \6c,irc * V. God,

Great, p. 1t. Pres. p. 1j. Lord and Govern, p. 1j, &c.

« v. Stare of Man by Red. p. 109, &c. << v. Un-

changeable, p. aj« • Y. GodC1cat. p. 12 c, d, e, f, g.

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5z b. p6. e. 100 b. ma. 133 a. « f. Univ. O'ed.

/. 282. * V. Trust, p. 138. * V. Duty :o God

in general, p. 129 b, c. 131 e, ire f, B, h, ', b K. Pub-

lick Assembl. p. 176,&c - e y. p. 104 d. 237 d. V.

Confess, p. 2s%. * F. ;. 103 b.

: J C H A p.

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