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For Johnnie o' the Buskie Glen

I dinna care a single flee;
He lo’es sae weel his craps and kye,

He has nae love to spare for me:
But blythe's the blink o' Robie's e'e,

And weel I wat he lo'es me dear; Ae blink o' him I wadna gie

For Buskie Glen and a' bis gear.

O thoughtless lassie, life's a faught,

The canniest gate the strife is sair ; But aye fu' han't is fechting best,

A hungry care's an unco care : But some will spend and some will spare,

And wilfu' fouk maun hae their will ; Syne as ye brew, my maiden fair,

Keep mind that ye maun drink the yilt.

O gear will buy me rigs o' land,

And gear will buy me sheep and kye, But the tender heart o' leesome love,

The gowd and siller canna buy. We may be poor, Robie and I;

Light is the burden love lays on: Content and love brings peace and joy;

What mair hae queens upon a throne ?



AIR-Miss Molly.

I saw from the beach, when the morning was shining,

A bark o'er the waters move gloriously on;
I came, when the sun o'er that beach was declining-

The bark was still there, but the waters were gone !

Oh! such is the fate of our life's early promise,

So passing the spring-tide of joy we have known; Each wave that we danc'd on at morning ebbs from us,

And leaves us, at eve, on the bleak shore alone!

Ne'er tell me of glories, serenely adorning

The close of our day, the calm of our night ;Give me back, give me back the mild freshness of morning,

Her clouds and her tears are worth evening's best light.

Owho would not welcome that moment's returning,

When passion first wak'd a new life through his frame, And his soul, like the wood that grows precious in burning, Gave out all its sweets to love's exquisite flame!



AIR--Bonny lassie, O.

O we aft hae met at e'en, bonny Peggy, O,
On the banks of Cart sae green, bonny Peggy, O,

Where the waters smoothly rin,

Far aneath the roaring lin,
Far frae busy strife and din, bonny Peggy, 0.

When the lately crimson west, bonny Peggy, O, In her darker robe was drest, bonny Peggy, 0,

And a sky of azure blue,

Deck'd with stars of golden hue,
Rose majestic to the view, bonny Peggy, 0,

When the sound of flute or horn, bonny Peggy, 0, On the gale of evening borne, bonny Peggy, 0,

We have heard in echoes die,

While the wave that rippl'd by,
Sung a soft and sweet reply, bonny Peggy, 0.

Then how happy would we rove, bonny Peggy, 0, Whilst thou blushing own’d thy love, bonny Peggy, O,

Whilst thy quickly throbbing breast

To my beating heart I press’d,
Ne'er was mortal half so blest, bonny Peggy, O.

Now, alas ! these scenes are o'er, bonny Peggy, 0;
Now, alas! we meet no more, bonny Peggy, 0,

No-oh! ne'er again, I ween,

Will we meet at summer e'en,
On the banks of Cart sae green, bonny Peggy, 0.

Yet hadst thou been true to me, bonny Peggy, 0,
As I still hae been to thee, bonny Peggy, 0,

Then with bosom, O how light,

Had I hail'd the coming night,
And yon evening-star so bright, bonny Peggy, 0.



Here's to thy health, my bonnie lass,

Gude night and joy be wi' thee;
I'll come nae mair to thy bower-door

To tell thee that I lo'e thee.
O dinna think, my pretty pink,

But I can live without thee ;
I vow and swear I dinna care

How lang ye look about ye.

Thou’rt aye sae free informing,

Thou hast nae mind to marry,
I'll be as free informing thee,

Nae time hae I to tarry.
I kend thy friends try ilka means,

Frae wedlock to delay thee,
Depending on some higher chance,

But fortune may betray thee.

I kend they scorn my low estate,

But that does never grieve me;
For I'm as free as ony he,

Sma’ siller will relieve me,

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