A Glossary of the West Saxon Gospels: Latin-West Saxon and West Saxon-Latin

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Lamson, Wolffe, 1899 - Anglo-Saxon language - 111 pages

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Page 1 - Dutripon's, the student who uses this book will have entire command of the material, and will be able to determine in all cases the rendering of each Latin word included in the Glossary in every passage where t ocenrs in the Gospels. By the aid of the Old English-Latin Index h« book can be made to serve the usual purposes of an Old English Glossary.
Page 105 - ... turtle: turtur. tu(w)a: bis. twëgen (twëgyn), twä: bini, duo, par. twä and twä = bini. twä hundred = ducenti. twëgen dagas = biduum twelf: undecim, duodecim. twentig: viginti. twig (twï): palmes, ramus. twïn: byssus. twycene: bivium. twyfealdlicor: duplum. twynian: dubitare, hœsitare.
Page 8 - Mk. 11,21. Lk.8,6. ädruwian, Mt. 13, 6. arescere: forscrincan, Mk. 9, 17. fordruwian, J. 15, 6. , Lk. 21, 26. argenteus: scylling, Mt. 26, 15; 27, 3.5.9.
Page 62 - Mk. 15, 17. J. 19, 5. spiritus: gast (100). —, Lk. 9, 55. spirare : oreÖian, J. 3, 8. splendere: glitinian, Mk. 9, 2. splendide: rïclice, Lk. 16, 19. splendor: beorhtness, Mk. 13, 24. spolium: hererëaf, Lk.
Page 1 - English, if reasonably accurate and methodical, is likely, when published, to be serviceable to the cause of English scholarship. lt is with this thought that the present Glossary was undertaken as part of a thesis for the degree of Ph. D., at Yale University, at the suggestion of Professor Albert S. Cook. As to the particular form into which it is...
Page 92 - ... cœdere. hefig: gravis. hefig byrÖen = pressura. hefiglice (hefe-): graviter. hefinyss: pressura. hege: sepes. helfling: dipondius. hell: gehenna, infernus, inferus.
Page 86 - ... fratres. gebycgan (-bicgan) : appretiare, emere, ponere. gebyrddseg: dies natalis. gebyrdtïd: natalis. gebyrgan (gebyrged = in monumento habens). gebyrian: accidere, caper e , contingere, oportere, pertinere.
Page 11 - Lk. 12. 24. cenaculum see cœnaculum. census: gafol (gaful), Mt. 22, 17. 19. toll, Mt. 17, 24. centenus: hundred, Mk. 6, 40. centesimus: hundfeald, Mt. 13,8.23. centies: hundfeald, Mk. 10, 30. centum: hund, Mt. 18, 12. 28. Lk. 15,4; 16,6.7.

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