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— — 8th


— December 15th

1800, continued Rear-admiral or The Bed.

— July 13th Struck his Flag.

— — 17th Left Leghorn, on his way to England, with

Sir William and Lady Hamilton.

— — 19th Arrival at Florence.

— — 24th At Ancona, embarked on board a Russian

Frigate for Trieste.

— August 9th At Trieste.

to J. ...At Vienna.

— September 25th J

— — 26th Left Vienna.

— — 29th At Prague, and thence proceeded to Magde

burg and Hamburgh.

— November 6th Landed at Yarmouth.

In London. On the 10th, (Lord Mayor'sDay,)

he dined with the Lord Mayor, and received the Sword voted to him by the City of London. On the 20th, he took his Seat in the House of Lords. — 20th Visited Salisbury, Fonthill, &c.

— — 29th Returned to London.

1801- January 1st Promoted to be Vice- Admiral or Tub Blue,

and was soon after ordered to hoist his Flag in the San Josef at Plymouth, in the Channel Fleet, under Earl St. Vincent.

— — 13th Finally separated from Lady Nelson, and left

London for Plymouth.

— — 17th Hoisted his Flag in the San Josef at Ply


— — 21st At Exeter, when he received the Freedom

of that City.

I At Plymouth, and was admitted a Freeman of 30th I that Borough on the 24th.

In Torbay. On the 12th of February, he shifted his Flag to the Saint George; and

— February 2nd I on the 17th of that month, was ordered to \ to place himself under the command of

19tn | Admiral Sir Hyde Parker, in the Fleet

destined for the Baltic; on the following day was directed to proceed to Spithead.

— — 21st Arrived in the Saint George at Spithead, and

on the 23rd, proceeded, on leave for three days, to London.

— March 2nd Sailed from Spithead for Yarmouth


1801, continued Vice-Admiral or The Blue, Seoondin Command in the Baltic.

(At Yarmouth, where he joined Admiral Sir

— - 11th J Hyde Parker.

— — 12th Sailed with the Fleet, under Admiral Sir

Hyde Parker for the Baltic.

— — 18th Reached the Naze.

— — 19th OfftheScaw.

— — 24th OffElsineur.

— — 26th Sailed for the Great Belt; hut returned in

the evening to the anchorage off Elsineur.

— — 29th Shifted his Flag from the Saint George to the


— — 30th Proceeded with the Fleet through the Sound,

and about noon, anchored between the Island of Huen and Copenhagen.

— April 1st The Fleet removed to an anchorage within

two miles of Copenhagen; and at one P.m. the Division of Ships placed under his command weighed, and in the evening anchored off Draco.

— — 2nd Battle Of Copenhagen.

— — 3rd Rehoisted his Flagon board the Saint Oeorge.

— — 9th Signed an Armistice with Denmark.

— — 19th Went in a Boat from the Saint George in

Copenhagen Roads to the Fleet under Sir Hyde Parker, which had sailed in pursuit of the Swedish Squadron; was soon after followed by his own Ship, the Saint George, and proceeded in her, with the Fleet, to Carlscrona.

— — 27th i In Kioge Bay. On the 5th of May, he received

to V his appointment as Commander-in-chief

— May 6th ) in the Baltic, dated on the 21st of April.

— — 7th Sailed from Kioge Bay.

— — 11th At the entrance of the Gulf of Finland.

— — 12th i

to V....In Revel Boads.

— — 16th J

— — 17th Sailed from Revel, and applied to be super

seded in the command, in consequence of ill health.

— — 19th Off Gothland.

— — 22nd Created Viscount Nelson Of The Nile And

Of Iti'itMiAM Thobpe in the County of Norfolk.

1801, continued ....

May 24th


— Jane 1st

— — 4th


— — 18th

— — 19th

.vice-admtral Op The Blue.

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..Off Rostock.

In Kioge Bay. On the 14th of June he Invested Rear-Admiral Graves with the Ensigns of the Order of the Bath, on board the St. George. ..Resigned the command of the Baltic Fleet,

and sailed in the Kite Brig for England. ..Arrived at Yarmouth. In London. On the 24th of July he was appointed Commander-in-chief of a Squadron employed between Orfordness and Beachy Head, to prevent an Invasion.

..Hoisted his Flag on board LUnite at Sheerness.

..Hoisted his Flag on board the Let/den in the

Downs. At divers places on his Station, with his Flag in the Medusa, Captain John Gore. On the 16th of August, he made an attack on the Enemy's Flotilla at Boulogne, without success. On the 18th of August was created Baron Nelson Of The Nile And Of Hllborough In The County Of Norfolk, with special remainders. About the 27th of August he shifted his Flag to the Amazon, Captain Samuel Sutton. On the 22nd of October he proceeded to Merton on leave of absence, and on the 29th of that month, took his Seat in the House of Lords as a Viscount.


1799—.et. 40.
To Captain Cockburn, H.m. Ship La Minerve.


The Samuel and Jane Transport, at Palermo, 3rd September,i 1799. You are hereby required and directed to proceed in His Majesty's Ship, under your command, to Gibraltar, and put yourself under the command of Rear-Admiral Duckworth, or the senior Officer at that place, following his orders for your further proceedings. But should it so happen that you are the senior Officer at that place, you will use your endeavours to succour the Garrison, and yield them every assistance in your power to procure supplies and keep the Ports on the coast of Barbary open, and protect the trade in the Gut from the Enemy's gun-boats, &c.


To The Commanding Officer Of His Majesty's Ships At Gibraltar And Off Cadiz.


Palermo, 4th September, 1799.

The Minerve I consider as such an active Ship, and most particularly her Captain, that I must desire that on no account you will send her off the limits of the Mediterranean station: no one is more equal to watch Cadiz, until an equal force may get there, than Captain Cockburn. I am, &c.


i On tbis day, being tbe anniversary of that on which the news of the Battle of the Nile reached Naples, a magnificent entertainment was given at Palermo, in honour of Nelson and his companions, in the name of the young Prince Leopold. VOL. IV. B


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