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j Account of James's remonjirance for the rights

of kings. Praise of the French protestants.

Lord Shastfbury'j description of our prince

'writer. Page 132—135*.

James -writes a counterblajle to tobacco. Lays.
a great imposition on it. Ill policy hereof.


Of JamesV translation of the Psalms, and his

other poems. 137, 138.

James averse to ivar. Reflections on the

'meekness and magnanimity of princes.

James concludes a peace with Spain greatly in
her favour. Ill state of Spain. The peace
bought by Spanish gold, with James\f consent.

. Reflections on ministers taking bribes from

foreign princes. 140—146.

The peace ill observed by the Spaniards. Cru-

elties exercised by them on the English.

Merchants complain of their ill-treatment.

Remarks on their several treaties with

Spain. '146—150.

The elector Palatine marries the princess Eliza-
beth j is made king of Bohemia; defeated
at the battle of Prague, and loses his domi-
nions. His conducJ jus if ed. JamesV be-
haviour towards him, The meanness of it.
The scorn and dishonour with which he was
treated by the house of Austria. Palatine

family restored. 150—158.


James suffers the British flag to be insulted.

Brave act of an. English commander. Eng-

lish ships taken by the Dutch. The nation

brought to a contemptible pass by the pusilla-

nimity of James. Page 158—162.

Account of the delivering up the cautionary

towns to the Dutch. Ill policy hereof. Mis-

take of Coke and Burnet. Falfenef of the

relation of Burnet and Rapin with regard

to Barnevelt demonstrated by M. S.slate-pa-

per s. 162—167.

Account of the cruelties exercised by the
Dutch op. the English at Amboyna. James
q false prophet. Cromwell characterized.


James permits his onlv son to go into Spain.
Consequences hereof. Fortune favours
prince Charles, treaty of marriage with
Spain broke off. Remarks hereon^


James ridiculed by Henry IV. of France,

and Maurice prince of Orange, Exposed

by foreigners and his own subjects. Princes

should dread falling into contempt.

j 74—180.

/" James values himself on his hereditary right,
and lineal descent. Complaisance of his first
parliament. Absurdity of hereditary right.



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