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Sebald de Weert's voyage through the straits of Magellan. Noort round the world. Vol. III. Two voyages of Americus Vesputius. Hamor's account of the state of Virginia. Captain Smith's description of New-England. Schouten and Le Maire's discovery of a new passage into the South-Sea, called Strait le Maire. Spilbergen's voyage through the straits of Magellan. Herrera's description of the West-Indies. These are the contents of the six volumes, the whole illustrated and adorned with such a vast number of maps and cuts, representing all such things as require it, that the like is not in any other collection, nor is it likely that any will be at so excessive an expense. To be short, this collection is a small library, including all the voyages and discoveries of any note till the time it was published, when most of the remote parts began to be well known, and therefore is of excellent use and great value.

ITALIAN. Delle navigatione e viaggi, raccolse da M. Gio Battista Ramusio, Venice, 3 vols. fol. 1613. Ramusio's collection of voyages and travels, the most perfect work of that nature extant in any language whatsoever: containing all the discoveries to the east, west, north, and south ; with full descriptions of all the countries discovered ; judiciously compiled, and free from that great mass of useless matter, which swells our English Hackluyt and Purchas; much more complete and full than the Latin de Brye, and, in fine, the noblest work of this nature. The contents of it, as briefly as may be set down, are as follow. In the first volume, John Leo's description of Afric. Alvise de ca da Mosto's voyage, and that of Peter de Santra to the coast of Afric. Hanno the Carthaginian's navigation on the coast of Afric. Voyage from Lisbon to the island of St. Thomas. Gama's voyage to Calicut. Peter Alvarez to India. Two voyages of Americus Vesputius. Voyages to India by Tho. Lopez and Gio. da Empoli. Barthema's travels to, and account of India. Corsali to India. Alvarez to Ethiopia. Discourse of the overflowing of the Nile. Nearchus admiral to Alexander the Great, his navigation. Voyage down the Red Sea to Diu. Barbosa of the EastIndies. Voyages of Conti, and S. Stephano. First voyage round the world performed by the Spaniards. Gaeton of the discovery of the Molucco Islands. Account of Japan. Extracts of Barros's history of India. The second volume; Marcus Paulus Venetus's travels. Hayton the Armenian of the great chams or emperors of Tartary. Angiolello of the wars betwixt Ussuncassan, king of Persia, and Mahomet, emperor of the Turks ; of Ismael Sophy and the sultan of Babylon, and of Selim the Turk’s subduing the Mamalucks. Barbaro's travels to Tartary and Persia. Contarino's embassy from the republic of Venice to Ussuncassan, king of Persia. Campense of Muscovy. Jovius of Muscovy. Arianus of the Euxine, or Black Sea. Geor. Interiano of the Circassians. Quini's shipwreck and adventures in 60 degrees of north latitude. The same by Christ. Fioravante and J. de Michele, who were with him. Baron Herberstain of Muscovy and Russia. Zeno's voyage to Persia. Nich. and Ant. Zeni's discovery of Frizeland, Iceland, and to the North Pole. Two voyages to Tartary by Dominicans sent by pope Innocent IV. Odoricus's two voyages into the East. Cabot's voyage into the north-west. Guagnino's description of Po. land, Muscovy, and part of Tartary. The same by Micheorus. In the third volume; an abridgment of Peter Martyr of Angleria, his decads of the discovery of the West-Indies. An abridgment of Oviedo's history of the West-Indies. Cortes's account of his discovery and conquest of Mexico. Alvarado of his conquest and discovery of other provinces above Mexico. Godoy of several discoveries and conquests in New-Spain. Account of Mexico and New-Spain, by a gentleman belonging to Cortes. Alvar Nunez of the success of the fleet set out by Pamphilo de Narvaez, and his strange adventures for ten years. Nunno de Guzman of several cities and provinces of New-Spain. Francis de Ulloa's voyage to California. Vasquez Coronado and Marco de Nizza of the provinces north of New-Spain. Alarcon's voyage by sea to discover the seven cities north of Mexico. Discovery and conquest of Peru, writ by a Spanish captain. Xeres's conquest of Peru. The same by Pizarro's secretary. Oviedo's account of a voyage up the great river of Maranon. Verazzano's discovery of North America. Jaques Cortier's first and second voyages to Canada or New-France. Federici's voyage to India, with a large account of the spice, drugs, jewels, and pearls in those parts. Three voyages of the Dutch to discover the north-east passage to China and Japan, in which they found the straits of Weygats and Nova Zembla, and the coast of Greenland running to 80 degrees of north latitude. These, with many learned discourses and observations of the author, are the contents of the three volumes.

Prima speditione all' Indie orientali del P. F. Gioseppe di Santa Maria, 4o. Roma, 1668. This author was sent by pope Alexander VII. to the Malabar christians of St. Thomas, being himself a barefoot Carmelite, and has in this left a most excellent piece of curiosity. He gives a very particular account of the places and people he saw, of birds, beasts, and other animals, and of the philosophy of the Brachmans, their secrets, and of all the other Malabars, as also of the infinite number of their gods. Hence be proceeds further, to treat of the vast empire of the Mogul, of the pearl fishery, of the Sabeans about Bassora, who pretend they received their religion from St. John Baptist; and

concludes with the errors of the Jacobites, Nestorians, Greeks, Armenians, and other eastern sects.

Historia delle Guerre Civili di Polonia, progressi dell arme Mocovite contro a Polacchi, relationi della Moscovia e Suetia, e loro governi, di D. Alberto Vinira Belluneso, to. Venetia, 1672. Though the wars of Poland may not seem relating to travels, this work is inserted, as giving a good account of the Poles, Tartars, and Cossacks, their government, manners, &c. : then follows that of Muscovy and Sweden, where the author travelled, and made his excellent observations.

Il viaggio all' Indie orientali del P. F. Vincenzo Maria di S. Caterina da Siena, fol. Roma, 1673. A voyage to the East-Indies, performed by F. Vincent Maria of St. Catherine of Siena, procurator general of the barefoot Carmelites, and sent to India by the way of Turkey and Persia by the pope, together with F. Joseph of St. Mary, who writ also an account of his travels, which is mentioned above. This author divides his work into five books: in the first and last is a journal of all things remarkable in his travels thither and back again. The second treats of the affairs of the Malabar christians. The third and fourth of all the nations of India, their manners, customs, wealth, government, religion, plants, animals, &c. The whole is so faithful, exact, and learned an account of all things remarkable in those parts, that scarce any other can equal it.

Istorica descrittione de tre regni Congo, Matamba, ed Angola, e delle missione apostoliche essercitaevi da religiosi Capuccini, compilata dal P. Gio. Antonio Cavazzi, e nel presente stile ridot. ta dal P. Fortunato Alamandini, fol. Bologna, 1687. An historical description of the kingdoms of Congo, Matamba, and Angola ; the authors were capuchin missioners, who compiled it by order of the congregation de Propaganda Fide, and have given a most accurate description of those countries, and all things of note in them; as also of the missions thither, which was the principal end of their painful travels.

Relatione della citta d'Attene, colle provincie dell Attica, Focia, Beotia, e Negroponte, ne tempi che furono queste passegiate da Cor. nelio Magni l'anno 1647,4'. Parma, 1688. An account of Athens, and the provinces of Attica, Focia, Beotia, and Negropont, which the author viewed, and took a particular account of, and for further satisfaction conferred with Mr. Spon, who had travelled the same parts, for his approbation of what he delivers. He treats very briefly of Syria, Chaldea, and Mesopotamia, and principally enlarges himself upon the city of Athens, the condition whereof he describes more fully than any other has done.

Relatione e viaggio della Moscovia del signor cavaliere D. Ercole Zani, Bologns, 12o. Bolognia, 1690. This voyage to Muscovy is writ by a most judicious person, and who had spent a great part of his life in travelling, and deserves to be highly

valued, as coming from such a band : and the more, because we have but very imperfect accounts of that country. · Viaggio del monte Libano del R. R. Jeronimo Dandino, 12. He performed this voyage to Mount Libanus by order of pope Clement VIII. to inquire into the faith of the Maronite christians: he describes the country, gives an account of the people's doctrines, their manner of living, their books, learning, bishops, priests, and religious men. A work very curious and useful. It is translated into French, and the translator has added many useful remarks of his own.

Relazione del viaggio fatto a Constantinopoli, &c. da Gio. Benaglia, 120. Bologna, 1664. This is an account of count Caprara's embassy to the great Turk, the author being his secretary, and has many good remarks of that court, and of the Turkish army, taken by him upon the spot, and therefore well worth the observation of the curious. Biblioth. Univ. vol. XV. p. 75.

FRENCH. Relations de divers voyages curieur par M. Melchisedec Thevenot. There is no need to give a character of this author, any further than that he has received the general-approbation of the learned, for compiling a collection of curious travels in two volumes in folio. The first contains Greaves's description of the pyramids of Egypt, and Buratini's account of the mummies. An account of the Cossacks, another of the Tartars, another of Mingrelia, and another of Georgia. Jenkinson's voyage to Cathay. An extract of the Dutch embassy to the Tartar. A relation of the conquest of the island Formosa by the Chinese ; another of the court of the Mogul. Sir Thomas Roe's and Terry's voyage to the Mogul. A Greek description of the EastIndies. The Arabic geography of Abulfeda. The antiqui: ties of Persepolis. The beginning of a book of the Chaldeans of Bassora. Relations of the kingdoms of Golconda, Tanassari, and Aracan, of the gulph of Bengala, and of Siam. Bontekoue's voyages to India. The discovery of Terra Australis. The sailing course to India. Instructions upon the trade of India and Japan. Beaulieu's voyage to the West-Indies. Accounts of the Philippine islands, of Japan, of the discovery of the land of Yedso. A description of the plants and flowers of China. Ancient monuments of christian religion in China. The second volume; the Dutch embassy to China; the Chinese atlas. The state of India. The portraiture of the Indians. . Acarete's voyage on the river Plate, and thence to Peru and Chile. Journey by land to China. The second book of Confucius the Chinese phi. losopher. The history of Ethiopia, and of some countries about it. Travels to the province of Zaide in Egypt. The history of Mexico in figures explained. Tasman's voyage to Terra Australis. Instructions for the navigation from Holland to Batavia. Two embassies to the emperor of Cathay A chronological synopsis of the Chinese monarchy. Barros's Asia, or conquest of India. An account of the christians of St. John. A voyage to Tercera. The elements of the Tartar language. A fragment concerning the isles of Solomon; another of the history of some eastern princes,

Theyenot has also composed one volume in 8°, in which is an embassy from the czar of Moscovy to China by land. The discovery of some countries in North America, and of the great river Mississippi. A discourse of Navigation. The natural histories of the ephemera, or fly that lives but a day, and the cancellus.

Les six voyages de Jean Baptiste Tavernier en Turquie, en Perse, et aux Indes. These travels are printed in several sorts of volumes in French, according to the several editions, and have been translated into English, He is a faithful writer, and deserves full credit in what he delivers upon bis own sight and knowledge; but in some relations taken from others, he was imposed upon, being a person of integrity, and not suspecting others would give a false information. His accounts are very particular and curious, and the extent he travelled very great, having taken several ways in his six journeys. But above all, he gives the best description of the diamonds, mines and rivers where they are found, and manner of finding them; having been upon the spot, as being a great dealer in those precious stones. · Recueil de plusieurs relations et traites singuliers et curieux de Jean Baptiste Tavernier, dirise en cinque parties, 4o. This is an addition to his voyages, in which he treats of the Dutch practices to exclude all christians from Japan, negotiations of French deputies in Persia and India, remarks on the trade of India, an account of the kingdom of Tunquin, and the history of the proceedings of the Dutch in Asia.

Relation nouvelle de la Caroline, par un gentilhomme François, arrivé depuis deux mois de ce nouveau pais, ou il parle de la route qu'il faut tenir pour y aller le plus surement, et de l'etat ou il a trouve cette nouvelle contrée. A la Haye, 1688. 12°. This is a modern account of Florida, its estate in the year 1684, and the best way to it. The book has a good reputation; and as Florida is one of those American countries we have not the best account of, this is a considerable light into it.

Relation du voyage de Monsieur l'Eresque de Beryte par la Turquie, la Perse, les Indes jusques au Royaume de Siam, et autres lieux, escrit par Monsieur de Bourges, Prestre, 84. An account of the bishop of Berytus's journey by land through Turkey, Persia, and India, into China, by a priest that went with

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