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the professions to see what their brothers are doing in the way of improvement. Seeing is believing" to some extent; anyhow, most men want to see wordly things before they will believe. 3. (a) Yes—for their own good. The exhibitor goes to the expense of providing an exhibit because he believes his goods will prove useful to the visitors to the exhibition.. (6) Only by having the best exhibitors and latest improvements at the exhibi. tion can interest in the exhibition be maintained; it has already been incited.




SPRING CO., STAUNTON, VA. 1. This is our first attendance and we are very favorably impressed. 2. (a) By bringing before the medical profession the most approved preparations and surgical appliances, and this attaches value to the (6) exhibits from a commercial standpoint. 3. (a) They should by all means, and it is evident that many of them do not. (6) By allowing exhibitors 5-minute talks during an hour appointed by the Medical Association to receive them.

EXHIBITORS at the Forty-sixth Annual Session of the American Medical Association held at Baltimore, May 7-10, were asked to give their views on the following questions. Replies have been published in all numbers of the JOURNAL since the Association meeting and will continue to appear for the next two or three issues.


Surgical Instruments, etc. 1. Compares very favorably with others. 2. (a) By the interchange of ideas. (6) Perhaps more from a commercial than any other standpoint.


1.-What are your impressions of this Exhibit, either as compared with previous ones, or as considered independently of all others ?

2.-(a) How do such exhibitions tend to promote the science of Medicine and Surgery? (b) Is their value to be estimated chiefly from a commercial standpoint ?

3.-(a) Should not all delegates and visitors of medical organizations manifest a personal interest in such displays ? (b) If so, how best can such interest be incited and maintained ?



Surgical Splints. 1. It was an excellent one from a business standpoint. Ours is a new article (Dr. Tracy's Splint Material) and has not been previously exhibited. The exhibition enabled the leading physicians and surgeons of the country to see, gathered at one place, the exhibits of those from all parts of the country who have contributed to the advancement of medicine and surgery. 2. (a) It is well for members of


Manufacturing Pharmacists. 1. We consider the exhibit to have been very satisfactory, both as regards the variety and quality of the exhibits, thanks to the indefatigable labors of Dr. Winchester. 2. By representing to the members of the medical profession the latest improvements in medicinal preparations and appliances at a time when they are free to a certain extent from the cares of practice and when from their attendance at the various meetings and discussions of papers there is a greater stimulation to investigate the newer remedies than is possible at any other time. 3. It would be to the benefit of the exhibitors if all the physicians would visit the exhibit and it would certainly be of mutual advantage, as an exchange of knowledge is always profitable and many suggestions and much information is always obtained at such meetings.


CO., St. Louis, Mo. 1. It is a good one and compares favorably with any of the previous ones. Has been well attended and I think all are well pleased. 2. (a) By allowing the different manufacturers to exhibit their products, to discuss their value and exchange different views and allowing the surgeon or physician to see the newer instruments and medicines and have them ex plained. 3. (a) Yes, and by giving the exhibitors some of their time they will learn and see many things they would not become acquainted with which are of benefit to them.


Manufacturing Chemists. 1. An excellent exhibit in every way and very largely attended. 2. (a) They afford convenient opportunity for the personal observation of the latest improvements in pharmacy and surgical appliances. 3. (a) They most assuredly should in order to derive full benefit from their attendance at the ineeting. (6) By scrutinizing carefully the character of those who make application for space.



L. B. SMITH, AGENT. 1. I think the exhibit is a grand success. Many thanks to the management. 2. (a) I think it is a very good way for bringing new things to the knowledge of the public.


Manufacturing Chemists. 1. One of the best exhibits out of the many previous ones attended. 2. (a) They tend to bring to the notice of the medical profession many important improvements that would otherwise be a very long time in getting to their notice. (b) Not entirely, or the manufacturers would be few who would exhibit. 3. (a) Most certainly, if they are at all interested in the advancement of their profession. (6) By visiting the exhibit, interviewing the representatives sent by the various houses and testing the preparations exhibited in their practice.


Printers and Engravers. 1. We consider it by far the best and most select class of exhibits ever before shown to the medical profession. 2. (b) We do not hesitate for a moment in mentioning that the benefit to the profession at large is of infinite value from a standpoint of promoting scientific and new and various necessaries. 3. (a) Delegates and visitors have shown in this meeting the keenest interest in displays and (6) the only way to further the same is by exhibiting constantly new and novel matters.


Anhydrous Woolfat. 1. After we had arranged our humble exhibit and having time to look around at our neighbors we wondered if we would not be overlooked in the shuffle and to our agreeable surprise we found that this was the best and most satisfactory way in which to callattention to our product. Remember, this was our first exhibit. 2. (a) We consider exhibits in connection with conventions the best means possible to call attention of the medical profession to new products, instruments, chairs, etc., affording them better facilities to examine more in to details than the annoying interview at their offices, in fact, bringing the exhibitor and physician more in touch. (6) The question from a commercial standpoint should not be considered, provided we have succeeded in interesting the profession. 3. We are not in a position to answer the above as we have so little experience at exhibits.


Publishers. 1. Independently of former exhibitions, the recent one impressed us as excellent at many of the stauds. Quite a number of exhibitors attracted considerable attention ; others but little. Those who seemed to enjoy special favor, by supplying a long-felt want, were those who dispensed their wares freely, without money and without price, especially the representatives of the various brands of malt extracts and other cooling beverages—the weather was warm and the windows of the building about 10 feet too high. 2. (a) Largely by bringing to the notice of the profession what is new in medical books, surgical instruments and appliances and drugs. (6) The value of such exhibitions do not seem to us to be commercially great. 3. Yes, for the exhibits are for the benefit of the delegates and visitors almost wholly.



* *

OAKLAND CHEMICAL CO., New York. contained many novel features. One in par— The product of this company has a definite ticular being the illumination of a six-inch formula, known to chemists since 1817 and re Geissler tube demonstrating the polar effect cently introduced into medicine. Hydrogen of the pure induced or Faradic current, was a Dioxide is a staple product and is U. S. P. It marvel of beauty and the numberless combiwill keep three or four months uncorked. No nations of the currents for stimulation and pressure on cork is required. This is distinctly sedation were clearly and fully explained by characteristic of the Dioxide. Its properties their representative. We learn that this form are germicidal, antiseptic and antizymotic. of coil is recommended by the leading electroOakland Hydrogen Dioxide is recognized by therapeutists, among whom may be mentioned competent investigators as the one perfect so A. H. Goelet, A. D. Rockwell, and others. lution which can be used in all ways with All machines are warranted as represented. perfect safety. It is indicated in a vast niumber of conditions, external and internal, and

DAVID NICHOLSON, St. Louis, invaluable in the sick-room.

One of the oldest Malt Extracts in the coun

try is Liquid Bread, of which Mr. David HYNSON & WESTCOTT, Baltimore.

Nicholson of St. Louis is sole proprietor. At One of the unique and well appointed exhib this stand many physicians tested the samples its was that made by this well known Balti furnished and everyone noted and spoke of more house. Their display embraced a gen its pleasing and palatable flavor. Doubtless eral line of surgical instruments, office furni

many physicians whose attention was called ture, supporters, etc., a special feature being to the merits of the article will hereafter prean automatic air-pump which forces air into scribe it in their practice. Liquid Bread is the receiver by water pressure. Their exhibit made from a private formula by the Anheuseroccupied space number 60 and was so con Busch Brewing Association, and is owned by structed as to reproduce, as far as possible, a Mr. Nicholson. The exhibit was in charge physician's office. Visitors to the Cyclorama of Mr. Charles Teall, who is the eastern repreBuilding manifested considerable interest in sentative. this exhibit. The enterprising character of this firm has enabled them to build up a lu H. K. MULFORD COMPANY, Philadel. crative business in this and adjacent territory. phia, Pa.-Even a subject of interest must be

well presented to get attention. The number AMYL-KIJO CHEMICAL CO., Baltimore. of visitors to the exhibit of this company – This new disinfectant is eliciting much demonstrated that both good presentation favorable attention. It is being introduced by and subjects of interest were there. The exa Baltimore concern and its virtues appear to hibit was in charge of Dr. A. H. Bickers. be well established. It is very valuable as a That the pharmaceutical preparations of this general disinfectant for apartments, cellars, firm are of a superior order of excellence is closets, and such like. For the sick-room in proved by the Columbian Exposition having contagious diseases it is very valuable. It granted them seven highest awards, two of may be applied locally to burns, cuts, punc which were medals. The greatest scientific tured wounds, and for such purposes may be interest, however, centered in the Diphtheria mixed with equal parts of vaseline and ap Antitoxic Serum, the beneficial effects being plied on a bandage. It is also efficient as illustrated by immunized guinea pigs. a deodorizer and physicians may employ it with advantage after using iodoform or any

THE CHAS. WILLMS SURGICAL IN. other ill-smelling drug.

STRUMENT CO., Baltimore.- The above

manufacturers, importers and dealers in fine JEROME KIDDER MFG. CO., New York. surgical instruments, orthopedic apparatus, - This exhibit presented a collection of etc., were established in 1869. The firm has superior high grade electrical apparatus and gained a well earned reputation for reliable

* *

* *

* *

absolutely harmless to living tissue and can be taken internally with benefit in certain troubles affecting the stomach.


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ARMOUR & CO., Chicago, M.The products of this company's laboratory are numerous and invaluable. They had on exhibition their extracts of beef, both liquid and solid, for making bouillon and beef-tea. These extracts are used by all good cooks for making soups, gravies and all delicate flavorings in the kitchen. The company having unsurpassed facilities produce only articles of the best quality. Their slaughter house and laboratory adjoining enables them to produce their goods much fresher and cheaper than other manufacturers. Armour's digestive ferments and wine of beef-pepton have a world-wide reputation.


Mellin's Food was the principal article exhibited by these manufacturers of worldwide renown. The firm was represented by Dr. Jones and Mr. Delano, who courteously explained to visiting physicians the merits of this celebrated Food for the modification of fresh cow's milk. Mellin's Food took the special diploma at the California Mid-Winter Fair. This Food is a soluble dry extract of barley malt and wheat, prepared after the formula of the eminent chemist, Baron Justus von Liebig, for the modification of fresh cow's milk. It is the best subsiitute for mother's milk.

* *

* *

TARRANT & CO., New York.-Few articles are better or more favorably known than the goods handled by this house. Tarrant's Hoff's Malt Extract is a standard nutritive tonic and the pioneer malt extract introduced into the United States. The medical testimony on the virtues of this preparation is very elaborate. It is an incomparable food and remedial agent in all gastric and enteric fevers. It is pleasant to the taste and easily assimilated, thus making it a delightful beverage, a valuable nutrient and a standard tonic. Tarrant's Effervescent Seltzer Aperient is known to every practitioner throughout the world.

E. A. YARNALL CO., Philadelphia, Pa.The Philadelphia Surgical Instrument Houses were well represented, among whom were the E. A. Yarnall Co., presenting a complete line of instruments, which greatly appeal to the physician's requirements. A number of newly devised tools for the use of the surgeon were shown. Mr. Yarnall was personally in attendance at the exhibit and took the addresses of many doctors who made a request for their most complete catalogue.

This house pronounced the exhibition a success and expressed much satisfaction with regard to its management. Those who did not register for the catalogue should forward address at once and receive a copy.


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MCKESSON & ROBBINS, New York.Pyrozone was the specialty exhibited by this firm.

This article is rapidly gaining favor with surgeons in hospitals. Very great improvements have lately been made in the manner of putting up solutions of Pyrozone, so that decomposition of the peroxide of hydrogen is now avoided. In private families where there is invalidism with its unpleasant odors and dangerous excretions, Pyrozone, 3 per cent. solution, should be liberally used as a deodorant and general germicide. It is

RENOL CHEMICAL CO., St. Louis, Mo. – This company has devised in a concentrated form a combination called Renol, Sodii Lithia Comp., which is intended to displace the administration of mineral waters. When taken in large quantities of water, Renol acts as a powerful renal tonic and stimulant. Its constituents are sodium lithiate, diuretin, digitalin, alkalies and demul. cents. This remedy seems to have met a long felt want and is rapidly growing in favor. In cases of obstinate rheumatism and gout, it exercises marked benefit, while its solvent action in uric acid conditions proves this remedy invaluable. Interesting articles have appeared in various medical journals relative to this new diuretic-alterative.

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By William Sydney Thayer, M. D., Associate in Medicine in the Johns Hopkins University : Resident Physician to the Johns Hopkins Hospital.

SINCE the discovery of the malarial It has been shown that in all these parasite in 1880, by Laveran, all obsery forms, the parasite, at its earliest ers who have been placed in a position stage, penetrates the red blood corpusto pursue satisfactory studies of the ma cle, within which it develops accumularial fevers have been able to confirm lating pigment at the expense of the his observations, and the dependence of hemoglobin of the corpuscle and finally, the malarial fevers upon infection with having destroyed its host and reached a specific inicro-organism may be con its complete development, the parasite sidered a proven fact.

undergoes sporulation, breaking up by Certain observers, however, particu- segmentation into a number of fresh larly those in Italy, have greatly ex young forms – gymnospores — which, tended the original discoveries, separat each attacking a new corpuscle, begin ing the malarial parasite into several again their cycle of development. distinct types or varieties, each type of The parasites of the regularly interparasite being associated with a distinct mittent, tertian and quartan fevers postype of fever. Some observers have de sess the very remarkable characteristic nied the possibility of such further di of being associated in the blood in large visions of the parasites, but most clini groups, all the members of which are cians, with a satisfactory material at practically at the same stage of developtheir service, have recognized the exist ment. Thus the millions of parasites ence of different types. The studies of the which may constitute such a group pass Italian observers have shown that, while through their cycle simultaneously, all there is a considerable similarity be the parasites reaching their full developtween the different forms, three distinct ment, and undergoing segmentation varieties of the parasite may yet be dis- practically at the same time, that is, tinguished:

within a period of several hours; and 1. The parasite of tertian fever. what is most interesting, the segmenta2. The parasite of quartan fever. tion of a group of parasites is always im

3. The parasite of the more irregular mediately followed by the febrile paroxfever, occurring chiefly in the summer ysm. There are many facts which tend and fall, the so-called “estivo-autumnal to show that the paroxysm depends upon fever.”

some toxic substance set free in the blood

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