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Jesus shall reign where'er the sun

Watts 37
Jesus shall set the needy free

Brady 37
Jesus, the spring of joys divine

Mrs. Steele 182
Jesus, where'er thy people meet

Cowper 111
Join all the glorious names

Watts 190
Joy to the world ! the Lord is come

Id. 48
LET every mortal ear attend

Watts 168
Let me with light and truth be blest

Brudy 23
Let reason vainly boast her power

Kelly 135
Let worldly minds the world pursue

Newton 1:16
Life is the time to serve the Lord

Watts 172
Lift up your heads, eternal gates

Brady 249
Lift up your heads in joyful hope

Light of those whose dreary dwelling

Lo : he comes with clouds descending

Oliver 79
Lo! in the east appears a star

Long have we heard the joyful sound

Watts 119
Look down, O Lord, and on our youth

Lord, dismiss us with thy blessing .

Lord, how delightful 'tis to see

Watts 114
Lord, I am vile conceiv'd in sin

Id. 28
Lord, I have found it good for me

Id. 61
Lord, I have made thy word my choice

Id. 59
Lord, if thou thy grace impart

Lord, in the morning thou shalt hear

Watts 3
Lord, in the temples of thy grace

Mrs. Steele 115
Lord, make me faithful to thy call

Lord of heaven, and earth, and ocean

Lord of the church, we humbly pray

Lord of the sabbath, hear our vows Doddridge 121
Lord of the worlds above .

Watts 41
Lord, thou hast bid thy people pray

Lord' thou hast search'd and seen me through Watts 69
Lord, 'tis a pleasant thing to stand

Id. 47
Lord, we adore thy vast designs

Id. 158
Lord, we adore thy wondrous name Doddridge 222
Lord, we come before thee now

Hammond 113
Lord, when my thoughts delighted rove

Lord, when thou didst ascend on high

'. Watts 34
Lord, when we bend before thy throne
Love divine, all love excelling

C. Wesley 116
MAY the grace of Christ our Saviour Newton 123
May we thy precepts, Lord, fulfil

Mighty God! while angels bless thee Robinson 85
Mortals awake, with angels join

Medley 83



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My God, accept my early vows

Watt: 70
My God and is thy table spread Doddridge 128
My God, how endless is thy love

Watts 137
My God, my everlasting hope

Id. 35
My God, my King, thy various praise

Id. 160
My God, permit me not to be

Id. 211
My God, the covenant of thy love Doddridye 223
My God, the spring of all my joys

Watts 226
My God, the steps of pious men

Id. 19
My great Redeemer and my Lord

Id. 198
My helper, God! I bless his name Doddridge 139
My never-ending song shall show

Watts 42
My Saviour, my almighty friend

Id. 36
My Shepherd is the living Lord

Sternhold 11
My Shepherd will supply my need

Watts 12
My song shall bless the Lord of all

Cowper 84
My soul inspir'd with sacred love

Brady 51
My soul lies cleaving to the dust

Watts 60
My soul praise the Lord, speak good of his nameW.K. 53
My soul, repeat his praise

Watts 52
NAKED as from the earth we came

Watts 205
No more, my God, I boast no more .

Id. 179
Not all the blood of beasts

Id. 130
Not to the terrors of the Lord

Id. 187
Not unto us, but thee alone

Now begin the heavenly theme

Now be my heart inspir'd to sing

Watts 23
Now for a song of lofty praise

Id. 97
Now, gracious Lord, thine arm reveal Newton 117
Now let our cheerful eyes survey Doddridge 192
Now let us join with hearts and tongues

Nerton 184
Now to the Lord a noble song

Watts 189
O DRAW me, Saviour, after thee

Moravian 262
O for a closer walk with God

Cowper 209
O for a shout of sacred joy

Watts 25
O for a thousand tongues to sing

O for that flame of living fire .

Bathurst 209
O from the world's vile slavery

Cotterill 196
O God! mine inmost soul convert

Id. 173
God, my heart is fix'd and bent

Brady 30
O God of hosts, the mighty Lord

Id. 40
O God of Jacob, by whose hand

Doddridge 217
God, our help in ages past

Watts 44
O God, our strength, to thee the song

O joyful sound, O glorious hour !


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O King of kings, thy blessing shed

O let me, heavenly Lord, extend

Merrick 20
O Lord, another day is flown

H. K. White 253
O Lord, my best desire fulfil

Cowper 204
O Lord, our King, how excellent . Montgomery 5
O Lord, our Rock, to thee we fly

() Lord, turn not thy face from me

O my heart, by grace renew'd

Fawcett 210
O praise the Lord in that bless'd place Brady 75
O render thanks, and bless the Lord

id. 54
O render thanks to God above

Id. 54
O Spirit of the living God

Montgomery 149
o that the Lord indeed

Doddridge 217
O that the Lord would guide my ways

O thou from whom all goodness flows Havies 218
O thou, that hear'st when sinners cry

Watts 29
O thou to whom all creatures bow

Brady 4
O thou to whose all-searching sight .

O thou, who camest from above

C. Wesley 195
O thou, whom neither time nor space

O thou whose tender mercy hears

Mrs. Steele 89
O'er the gloomy hills of darkness

Williams 146
O'erwhelm'd with sorrows and with fears

Oft as the bell with solemn toll

Newton 132
On what has now been sown

Id. 122
Once more we come before our God

Hart 118
Our God how firm his promise stands

Watts 222
Our humble voices, Lord, we raise

Our Lord is risen from the dead

Watts 13
Out of the depths of long distress

Id. 64
PASCHAL Lamb, by God appointed

Peace be to this habitation

C. Wesley 254
Plung'd in a gulf of dark despair

Watts 131
Praise the Lord who reigns above

Praise the Lord ; ye heavens adore him

Praise to God, immortal praise

Praise to the Lord, who bows his ear Doddridge 152
Praise ye the Lord ; 'tis good to raise

Watts 73
Prayer is the soul's sincere desire Montgomery 214
Prayer was appointed to convey

Hart 212
REJOICE, believers, in the Lord

Newton 224
Remark, my soul, the narrow bounds Doddridge 139
Return, O Lord, and grant some rest

Watts 45
Kise, gracious God, and shine

Rise, my soul, and spread thy wings

Cennick 2



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Rock of Ages, cleft for me

Toplady 93
SAFELY through another week

Newton 254
Salvation is for ever nigh

Watts 42
Salvation ! O the joyful sound

Id. 186
Saviour divine, we know thy name

Dodridge 180
See, gracious God, before thy throne Mrs. Steele 151
See Israel's gentle Shepherd stand .Doddridge 125
Show pity, Lord, O Lord forgive

Watts 27
Shine, mighty God, on Britain shine

Id. 34
Since all the downward tracks of time Hervey 159
So let our lips and lives express

Watts 198
Sons of men, behold from far

Sovereign ruler of the skies

Ryland 223
Spirit I leave thine house of clay Montgomery 240
Spirit of mercy, truth, and love

Spirit of truth 1 on this thy day

Milman 249
Sweet is the friendly voice that speaks Jervis 177
Sweet is the memory of thy grace

Watts 72
Sweet is the work, my God, my King

Id. 46
Sweet the moments, rich in blessing Robinson 131
TEACH me the measure of my days

Watts 19
Thanks for mercies past receive

Newton 122
That awful hour will soon appear

That holy rite, that solemn vow

The day of wrath, that dreadful day

Scott 247
The God of Abraham praise

Oliver 155
The heavens declare thy glory, Lord

Watts 10
The King of saints, how fair his face

Id. 24
The Lord descended from above

Sternhold 8
The Lord my pasture shall prepare

Addison 12
The Lord of glory is my light

Watts 15
The Lord receives his highest praise Cowper 195
The Lord shall come! the earth shall quake Bp. Heber 241
The Lord, the Judge before his throne Watts 26
The man is blest who stands in awe

The saints on earth, and those above


Wesley 230
The Saviour ! O what endless charms Mrs. Steele 182
The spacious firmament on high

Addison 9
The Sun of Righteousness appears

Thee I'll extol, my God, on high

Watts 17
Thee we adore, Eternal Name

Id. 140
Then it burst, the glorious view

Grinfield 244
There is a fountain filled with blood

Cowper 181
There is a house not made with hands

Watts 234
There is a land of pure delight

Id. 235

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There is a stream, whose gentle flow

Watts 25
This God is the God we adore

Hart 225
This is the day the Lord hath blest

This is the day the Lord hath made

Watts 58
This stone to thee in faith we lay Montgomery 257
Those who with holy confidence

Thou art the Way ; to thee alone

Thou God of power and God of love

Thou great Redeemer, dying Lamb

Cennick 181
Thou hidden love of God, whose height Moravian 261
Thou, Lord, art my secure defence

Thou only Sovereign of my heart

Mrs. Steele 218
Thrice happy souls, who born from heaven Doddridge 199
Through all the changing scenes of life

Brady 18
Through endless years thou art the same

Through waves, and clouds, and storms

Luther 39
Thus far on life's perplexing path Montgomery 216
Thus saith the Lord, “ Your work is vain" Watts 21
Thus saith the mercy of the Lord

Id. 124
Thus speaks the high and lofty One

Thy presence, exerlasting God

Doddridge 245
Thy presence, gracious God, afford

Fawcett 118
Thy throne, O God, in righteousness Montgomery 256
Time by moments steals away

Newton 255
Time, like an ever-rolling stream

Watts 44
Time, what an empty vapour 'tis

Id. 141
'Tis by thy strength the mountain stands

Id. 32
'Tis religion that can give

Masters 174
To bless thy chosen race

Brady 33
To celebrate thy praise, O Lord

Id. 6
To day God bids the faithful rest

To God the Father, God the Son

To God, in whom I trust

To God, the mighty Lord

Id. 67
To God, the only wise

Watts 230
To God, with undivided trust

Bishop Mant 56
To-morrow, Lord, is thine

Doddridge 171
To our Redeemer's glorious name Mrs. Steele 188
To Sion's hill I lift mine eges

Brady 61
To thy temple I repair

Montgomery 250
UP to the hills I lift mine eyes

Watts 62
VAIN are the hopes the sons of men

Id. 180
Vast are thy works, Almighty Lord

Id. 54
WE give immortal praise

Id. 107
Welcome sweet day of rest

Id. 108


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