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Code of Civil Procedure

and the

Probate Code

of the
Territory of Guam


Volume I
Sections 1 to 1871

Prepared Under the Direction

of the


1475 North Broadway
Walnut Creek, California



These volumes contain the Code of Civil Procedure and the Probate Code of Guam as enacted through December 31, 1968. They are a compilation of the 1953 Edition, the 1964 cumulative pocket supplement, and all applicable statutes of the Eighth and Ninth Guam Legislatures, enacted from January 1, 1965, through December 31, 1968. Statutes of the Tenth Guam Legislature, which commenced on January 1, 1969, are not included within this 1970 revision, but enactments occurring after the effective date of those volumes will be made available in later pocket supplements.

The substantive law, as enacted by the Guam Legislature, and approved by the Governor, has remained unchanged in these present volumes. However, clerical and similar non-substantive changes have been made. It was necessary, also, to renumber some sections for the sake of clarity and convenience, and in those instances reference has been made in the appropriate footnote to the official section number given in the enacting statute.

The Civil Procedure and Probate Code revisions as contained in these two volumes are the fourth in a series of compilations affecting the entire statutory law of Guam. The Penal Code, the Government Code (in three volumes) and the Civil Code revisions have been completed. It is intended that a series of pocket supplements will be added by December 31, 1970, bringing the laws of Guam up to date through the end of the 1970 (Final) session of the Tenth Guam Legislature. A new Commercial Code will likewise be prepared sometime in early 1971.

The legislative history of the Civil Procedure and Probate Codes of Guam will be found in the foreword to the 1953 volume of those Codes. Reference can also be made to that 1953 edition for tables showing the disposition of all laws of Guam prior to the effective date of the Codes. In the interest of maintaining historical continuity therefore, the Foreword as contained in the 1953 edition of the Civil Procedure and Probate Codes is reprinted herewith:

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