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The marshaling of the Forces on the Potomac.--Strength of the Federal Army.-Uncertain Estimates.- Neglect of

Officers. -Embarrassment of Officials.--The Secretary of War left to conjecture. - The Commander-in-Chief unacquainted with his Army --An undisciplined mass. - Impatience of the Nation.--"On to Richmond."-Origin of the cry.-Contempt of the Enemy.-Effect of the “On to Richmond" cry upon the Cabinet and Commander-in-Chief. -The Advance against the Enemy determined upon.-General Irvine McDowell.-His Life and Character.--The Federal Army.—How distributed.—The Strength of the Enemy.-Contradictory Computations. The position of Manassas described.—A Eulogy of Beauregard.-Remarkable Reticence.-A truculent Proclamation of Beauregard. -"Beauty and Booty.”-A reckless Movement. ----Advantages of the Enemy.-Reluctance of Scott and McDowell. Who led the Federal Troops to Bull Run ?--Press, Politicians, and Cabinet.


Such was the patriotic alacrity with | officers, perplexed by duties of which

which the North had already, in they were ignorant, had either not as1861.

"" the months of May and June, re | certained or failed to make returns of sponded to the call of the President, the number of their men. The Secretary that over 200,000 militia and volunteers of War, in common with other officials, had been enrolled, and many of them | overwhelmed by the suddenly increased engaged in active service. The enemy magnitude of his labors, was incahad been no less energetic, with the ad- pable for the moment of evolving order vantage of earlier preparation. By the out of the general confusion. He was middle of July, Washington was pro- therefore left to conjecture, in regard nounced safe, the Virginian shore of the to the armed multitude which had Potomac occupied, Maryland tranquil rushed to the rescue of the endangered lized, and the communications through government. The Commander-in-chief, it with the loyal States restored ; a con- it is believed, was unable, at that time, siderable force was marching to Harper's to compute with any degree of accuracy Ferry to operate in the valley of the even the numerical force under his comShenandoah, and McClellan had com mand, and with much less certainty its pleted his triumphant campaign in West-efficacy as a military power. While ern Virginia.

none could witness without patriotic The force in and about Washington | pride the spirit and the excellence of was variously conjectured to amount to | material of the immense throng of citifrom 40,000 to 60,000 men, but it was zens mustered to defend with their lives difficult to form a precise estimate. So the national existence, no careful observprecipitately had the troops, inspirited er could behold the undisciplined mass by the eager patriotism of the country, | without anxious inquietude. poured in, and so hastily had they been The country, however, indignant at enrolled, that many of the inexperienced those who, after having destroyed the


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