The Weed Flora of Iowa

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Iowa Geological Survey, 1913 - Botany - 912 pages

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Page 802 - ... official duties, payable in like manner as the salaries of other county officers. Section 1-c. The Board shall furnish such weed commissioner an office at the county seat, and all stationery, blanks and supplies necessary in the performance of his official duties. That Section Two (2) of said chapter be amended by changing the period at the end of said section to a comma, and adding immediately thereafter the following: And shoo-fly (Hibiscus Trionum), and wild carrot (Daucus Carota). That all...
Page 809 - ... sold, offered or exposed for sale within this State, shall have affixed thereto, in a conspicuous place on the outside thereof, a legible and...
Page 773 - VEGETABLE MATERIA MEDICA of the United States ; or Medical Botany : containing a Botanical, General, and Medical History of Medicinal Plants, indigenous to the United States ; illustrated by coloured Engravings, made after original Drawings from Nature, done by the Author.
Page 812 - This shall not, however, exempt the seller from the restrictions of section ten (10) of this act. Third. Seed that is held in storage for the purpose of being recleaned, and which has not been offered, exposed or held in possession of or for sale for the purpose of seeding. Fourth. Seed marked "not absolutely clean," and held or sold for export outside the state only.
Page 809 - ... or material sampled, the name of the party from whose stock the sample was drawn, and the time and place of...
Page 799 - This act being deemed of immediate importance shall take effect and be in force from and after its publication in the Register and Leader and the Des Moines Capital, newspapers published in Des Moines, Iowa.
Page 704 - Why weeds are so pertinacious and aggressive is too large and loose a question; for any herb whatever when successfully aggressive becomes a weed ; and the reasons of predominance may be almost as diverse as the weeds themselves. But we may inquire whether weeds have any common characteristic which may give them advantage, and why the greater part of the weeds of the United States, and probably of similar temperate countries, should be foreigners. As to the second question, this is strikingly the...
Page 14 - ... second and third glumes, the latter having sometimes a hyaline palea in its axil; floral glume elliptical, subacute, smooth and shining, a little shorter than the larger outer glumes ; anthers saffron yellow.
Page 18 - It is not generally recognized, but it is probably true, that more money is spent in the extermination of foxtails than of any other class of weeds we have in the state of Iowa, yet they are all easily destroyed. One of the best and most effective methods of destroying the foxtail is by plowing the small grain field as soon as the grain is removed. If this is not done a large amount of seed is produced. After this plowing in the fall the field should be disked and harrowed in the spring and then...
Page 811 - Italian rye grass (Lolium italicum) is labeled or sold under name of orchard grass (Dactylis glomcrata) seed. Second. When Canadian blue grass (Poa compressa) seed, red top (Agrostis alba) seed, or any other seed not blue grass seed, is sold under the name of Kentucky blue grass or blue grass (Poa pratensis) seed. Third. When yellow trefoil (Medicago lupulina...

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