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Hence any sum in Federal Money may be regarded as a decimal, or mixed number, and may be managed in all respects as such. Federal Money is usually denoted by the character, $, placed before the figures; and in reading it, dollars, cents and mills are the only denominations usually mentioned.

ADDITION OF FEDERAL MONEY, 133. RULE. The same as for the Addition of Decimals (118)

QUESTIONS FOR PRACTICE. 1. If I pay 4 dollars 62 3. F holds a note against G cents for a barrel of soap, 5 for one hundred seven dollars dollars 28 cents for a barrel and six cents, one against H of flour, and 10 dollars 8 cts. | for forty-nine dollars sevenfor a barrel of pork, what do teen cts. and one against K I give for the whole?

for nine dollars ninety-nine 4.62

cents; what is the amount of 5.28

the three? Ans. $166.22, 10.08

4. A man bought 24 yards Ans. $19.98=19 dollars

of broadcloth for $15,50, 6 and 98 cents.

yds, of lutestring for $5.25,

7 yds. of cambric for $5.25, 2. A owes B $78, C $46.27, and trimmings to the amount D $101:09, and E $28.16; of $4.12; what was the a what is the amount of the four mount of the purchase? debts? Ans, $253,52.

Ans. $30.72. MULTIPLICATION OF FEDERAL MONEY. 134. Rule.-The same as for the Multiplication of Decimals.(122)

QUESTIONS FOR PRACTICE. 1. What will 34 yards of 3. If a man purchase 4 cloth cost, at 37 cts. per yard?. handkerchiefs at 62 cts. each, 0.37

8 yards ribbon at 17 cts. per 34

yard, and 5 yards of lace at

44 cents per yard; what is 148

the whole amount? 111

Ans. $6.04.

4. What will 47 pounds of $12.58 Ans.

coffee cost, at 22 cents per 2. What will 156 yards of pound? Ans. 10.34. cloth cost, at $1.67 per yard? 5. What cost 59 dozea of Ans. $260.52.

eggs, at 59 cents per dozen?

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6. At 10 cents a pound, I. If a person spend 64 what will 18 pounds of butter cents a day, how much will cost? what will 27 lbs. cost? that be a year? 7. What is the cost of 126

Ans. $22.811. bushels of rye, at 62} cents a 10. What cost 63 yards of bushel? Ans. $78.75. calico, at a quarter of a dollar

8. What cost 87 bushels of a yard? Ans. $15.75. oats at 33 cts. per bushel? at 11. What cost 1758 pounds. 41 cents ? at 37 cents? at 25% of tea at $1.15 per pound? cents ?

Ans. $2021.70.

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SUBTRACTION OF FEDERAL MONEY. 135. Rule.--The same as for the Subtraction of Decimals.(124)

QUESTIONS FOR PRACTICE. 1. A man bought a pair ofl. 5. A person having $200, oxen for $76, and sold them lost 2 dimes of it; how much again for $81.75; how much had he left? did he gain? Ans. $5.75.

6. A person bought 24 yds. 2. Take 1 mill from $100, of cloth at $1.50 per yard, what remains ?

and paid $26.55, how much 3. I bought 54 yds. of cloth remains unpaid? Ans. $9.45. at $55 a yard, and paid six 5 7. I bought 6 yards of cloth dollar bills; who must receive at 76 cents a yard, and gave change, and how much? a 5 dollar bill; how much

4. A man bought 100 lbs. change must I receive? of wool at 33 cents a pound, 8. How much must be and sold the whole for $31.494 added to 83 cents to make it how much did he lose?

$5? DIVISION OF FEDERAL MONEY. 136. RULE.-The same as for the Division of Decimals. (128)

QUESTIONS FOR PRACTICE. 1. If 24 lb. of tea cost $7.92 | a bushel, what did each man what is that a pound?

pay, and what was each's Ans. $0.33. share of the salt?

Ans. $7.515, and his share 2. lf 125 bushels of wheat

4 bush. cost $100.25, what is it a

4. If $1268 be divided a busbel?

qually among 15 men, what 3. Six men, in company, will each receive? buy 27 bush. of salt, at 81,67

Ans. $84, Y.

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5. A man dies leaving an | $78, how much is that am estate of $35000; the demands acre? against the estate are $1254.

7. Divide $7 between 9. 65; the remainder, after de

men,whatiseach man's share! ducting a legacy of $3075, is divided equally among his 6

Ans. $0.7777. sons; what is each son's share?

8. $z=how much? Ans. $5111.725,

Ans. $0.006. 6. If 125 acres of land cost

9. $81+923-5=how much?

Ans. 4512

MISCELLANEOUS QUESTIONS. 1. From 2 take 0.16289. 10. What is the quotient of

Ans. 1.83711. 2 millionths divided by 1 mil. 2. At 12% cents a pound, lion ? what will 87 lb. of butter cost?

Ans. 0.000000000002. Ans. $10.87}. 11. What is the difference 3. If a person spend $100 a between 4 cts. and 7 mills. year, how much is that a day? and $10?

Ans. $9.953. Ans. $0.273. 12. How many bushels of 4. How much sugar at 124 rye at 62 cts. a bushel, must cents a pound can be bought be given for 8 yards of cloth for $15.50? Ans. 124 lb. worth $3.50 a yard?

5. A owes B $15.58, and is to pay him in rye at 67 cents 13. ANSON Bower a bushel, how much rye will Bought of Russell Down, be required to pay the debt? 8% yds. of Calico, at $0.17 1.1145 Ans. 23.25 bu. 54 yds. of Baize, at $0.28

1.47 6. If buttons be 9 cents a

13 lb. of Raisins, at $0.14 1.82 dozen, what are they a piece? Ans. $0.0075.


Received payment, 7. The President of the U

RUSSELL Down.. nited States receives $25000 a year; how much is that a 14. PETER DYER day?

Ans. $68.493. Bought of John Druggist; 8. A man buys a chest of 113 lb. Logwood, at $0.06. tea weighing 40 lb. for $35;

127 lb. Copperas,"


16 oz. Indigo, 0.17.. at what price per pound must he sell it to gain $10 on the

$15.145 whole?

Ans. $1.125. 9. If 6s. make one dollar, butter for $23.26, what do 1

15. If I sell 169.8 lb. of bow many dollars in 458.8


Ans $0.136.

per pound?

136, 137.



REVIEW. 1. How has the foot usually been 16. What is the role for the muldivided?

tiplication of decimals? What the 2. What are the inconveniences rule for pointing? of these divisions?

17. What effect has multiplica3. What would be a more conve- tion by a decimal? Explain by exnient division?

ample and diagram. 4. Hlow might these divisions be 18. What is the rule for the submanaged?

traction of decimals? For the divi5. What name is given to num- sion of decimals? bers, which express parts in this 19. What is the rule for pointing mauer?(114)

in each? 6. How are decimals distinguish- 20. What is to be done if there ed from integers? What are inte- are not so many figures in the quogers?

tient as the number of decimals re7. How would you write 12 feet quired? and 3 tenths?

21. When the decimal places in 8. Have figures in decimals a lo- the divisor exceed those in the dical value? Upon what does it de- vidend, what is to be done? pend?.

22. When there is a remainder 9. What is the law by which they after division, how do you proceed? diminislı?(115)

23. What does a vulgar fraction 10. In what does the enunciation denote?[129] Explain by example. of decimals differ from that of whole 24. How then can you change a kumbers?

vulgar fraction to a decimal? 11. Do ciphers on the right hand 25. What is Federal Money? of decimals alter their value? What 26. What is the Table? (p.38.] does each additional cipher indi- 27. Which is the unit money? cate?(116)

28. How may the lower denomi12. What effect have ciphers on nations te regarded? Explain by the left hand of decimals? Why? cxample; and also the different

13. What are numbers made up methods of reading the same.. of integers and decimals called?(114 29. How then may Federal Mo

14. From what is the word deci- ney be regarded? mal derived? A. From decimus, 30. How is it denoted? (Latin) which signifies tenth.

31. What is the rule for the Ad15. What is the rule for tire addi- dition of Federal Money?--for Mule tion of decimals? Where must the tiplication!—for Subtraction ?-for decimal point be placed?

Division of Federal Money?

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137. Numbers are called Compound or Complex, when they contain units of different kinds, as pounds, shillings, pence and farthings; ears, days, hours, minutes and seg.: onds, &c,






Money.* 1. FEDERAL MONEY. Denoted by $. 10 mills, m. make 1 cent, ct. inills 10 cents 1 dinnes dolls. eagle. 10 cents 1 dime, d.


10! 1 10 dimnes 1 dollar, dol. 1000 100

1 10 dollars

1 eagle,
E. | 10000 1000 100 10

1 II. ENGLISH MONEY. 1 farthings, qrs. make I


qrs. 4 penee 1 shill. pound. 12

1 shilling, s. pence,

48 12 1 20 shillings make 1 pouni), l. or £. 9601

240 20 1

III. TIME. ED seconis, 8. make 1 minute, m.

m. 11 hrs. ds.jw.yr. 60 minutes

1 hour, hr. 3600 co 1 24 hours

d. 86400 1440 24 1 7 days

1 week,

604800 10089 168 7 1 365 d.or 365.25 d. or

365 ds. 6 hrs. 1 year, yr.|| 31557600525960 8766 265% 52! i

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1 day,

* The above denominations of Federal Money are authorized by the laws of the United States, but in the transaction of business we seldoin. Sear any

of them mentioned but dollars and cents. A coin is a piece of money stamped, and having a legal value. The coins of the United States are three of gold; the eagle, half-eagle, and quarter-eagle; five of silver, the dollar, half-dollar, quarter-dollar, dime, and half-dime; and two of copper, the cent and half-cent. Of the small foreign eoins current in the United States, the most common are the NewEngland four pence half penny, or New-York sixpence, worth 64 cents and the New-England ninepence, or New-York shilling, worth 122 cents. The value of the several denominations of English money is different in different pláves. A dollar is reckoned at 45. 6d. in England, 58. in Cana ada, 68. in New-Englaurd, Virginia and Kentucky, 88. in New-York, Ohio and Norih-Carolina, 7s, 6d. in Pennsylvania, New-Jersey, Delaware and Maryland, and 48. 8d. in South-Carolina and Georgia.

+ The year is commonly divided into 12 months, as in the following table, called Calendar months: No.Days. No. D.

No, D.

No. Daya January 1 31 | April 4 30 July 7 31 October 10 31 February 2 28 May

5 31 August

8 31 November 11 30 March 3 31 | June 6 30 September 9 30 December 12 31

Another day is added to February every fourth year, making 29 days in that month, and 366 in the year. Such years are called Bissextile, ar Leap year. To know whether any year is a common or leap year, divide int by 4; if nothing remaid, it is leap year; but if !, 2 or 3 remain, it in Lät, 2d or 3il after leap year. The number of days in the several montho may be called to mind by the following verse:

Thirty days hath September,
April, June and November,

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