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A New High-class Magazine for Students and Cultivated Readers.







The growing importance of scientific knowledge to all classes of the community calls for more efficient means of diffusing it. THE POPULAR SCIENCE MONTULY has been started to prumote this object, and supply a want met by no other periodical in the United States.

It contains instructive and attractive aticles, and abstracts of articles, original, selected and illustrated, from the leading scientific men of different countries, givicg the latest interpretation of natnral phenomena, explaining the application of science to the practical arts, and to the op erations of domestic life.

It is designed to give especial prominence to those branches of science which help to a blter understanding of the nature of man; to present the claims of scientific education; and the bearings of science upon the questions of society and government. How the various subjects of current opiuion are affected by the advance of scientific inquiry will also be considered.

In its literary character, this periodical aims to be popular, without being supercial, and up peals to the intelligent reading classes of the community. It seeks to procure authentic statements from men who kuow their subjects, and who will address the non-scientific public for porposes of exposition and explanation.

It will have contributions from HERBERT SPENCER, Professor HUXLEY, Professor TYNDAL, Mr. DARWIN, acd other writers identified with speculative thought and scientific investigation

THE POPULAR SCIENCE MONTHLY is published in a large octavo, handsonely printed on clear type. Terme, Five Dollars per annum, or Fifty Cents per copy.

Opinions of the Press. "Just the publica: ion needed at the present day."- Montreal Gazette.

"It is, beyond comparison, the best attempt at journalism of the kind ever made in this country."--Hoine Journal.

"The initial number is adonirably constituted."-Evening Mail.

"In our opinion the right idea has been happily hit, in the plan of this new moutbly." Bus falo Courier.

"A journal which promises to be of eminent value to the cause of popular education in this country."--N. Y. Tribune.

IMPORTANT TO CLUBS. THE POPULAR SCIENCE Monthly will be supplied at reduced rates with any periodical published in thie country.

Any person remitting Twenty Dollars for four yearly subscriptions will receive an exim copy gratis, or five yearly subscriptions for $20. THE POPULAR SCIENCE MONTHLY and APPLETON'S JOURNAL (weekly), per anunm, $800.

Payment, in all cases, must be in advance.
Remittances should be made by postal moncy-order or check to the Publishers,


549 & 551 Broadway, New York.


Wholesale and Retail,

188 and 185 Wisconsin Street,

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