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ckass and order. Natural order of Personatae. Campanulaceae, Jussieu, Essential character: calyx five-cleft, sitting on the germ ; corolla incurved and recurved ; capsule inferior, two-celled. There are twelve species. GETHYLLIS, in botany, a genus of the Hexandria Monogynia class and order. Natural order of Spathaceae. Narcissi, Jussieu. Essential character: calyx none; corolla six-parted; berry club-shaped; radicle, one-celled. There are four specles. GEUM, in botany, English avens, or herb bennet, a genus of the Icosandria Polygynia class and order. Natural order of Senticosae. Rosaceae, Jussieu. Essential character: calyx ten-cleft; petals five; seeds with a kneed awn. There are nine species, natives of Europe and North America; seven belonging to North America. GHINIA, in botany, so named in me

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mory of Lucas Ghini, a famous physician and botanist of Bologna, a genus of the Jiandria Monogynia class and order. Natural order of Personatae. Vitices, Jussieu. Essential character: calyx fivetoothed, teeth acuminate; corolla twolipped ; stamina four, with two barren anthers at the end of the shorter filaments; F. a drupe containing four or

ve celled nuts, with a seed in each cell. There are two species.

GIANT's causeway, a vast collection of a black kind of marle, called basaltes, in the county of Antrim in Ireland. See BAs ALTEs, and STAFFA.

GIBBOUS, in astronomy, a term used in reference to the enlightened parts of the moon, whilst she is moving from the first quarter to the full, and from the full to the last quarter: for all that time the dark part appears horned, or falcated; and the light one hunched out, convex or gibbous,

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