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gether with an exact Relation of the

particular Ceremonies perform'd at the Creation and Coronation of this present Pope Clement IX. with a Catalogue of all the Cardinals, by P.A.Gent. 1667, 58 A true Relation of the Ceremonies performed within and without the Conclave, for the Creation of Clement XI. eleēted on the 20th of june 1667, with an Account of the Joys of Rome 65 A true Relation of the Ceremonies performed at the solemn Coronation of his Holiness Pope Clement IX. dedicated to the Illustrious and Reverend Father Francis Giacinto Libelli, Master of the Sacred Apostolical Palace 68 A true and exact Relation of the late prodigious Earthquake, Eruption, &c. of §. Ætna, or Monte Gibello, as it came in a Letter written to his Majesty from Naples, by the Right, Hon. the Earl of Winchelsea, his Majesty’s late Ambassador at Constantinople, who in his Return from thence visiting Catania, in the Island of Sicily, was an Eye-witness of that dreadful Spectacle ; together with a more particular Narrative of the same, as it is collected out of several Relations sent from Catania, 1669. 2 A List of the most confiderable Towns and Places ruin’d and destroyed by the dreadful Earthquake and Eruptions 79 The Lord ğ. Speech, upon the Lord Treasurer's taking his Oath in the Exchequer, the 26th of june, *::: 8o The honourable Algernon Sidney's Letter against Bribery and arbitrary Government, written to his Friend in Answer to theirs, perswading his returning to England 81 Clarendon's

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The contents of the Throb Volume.

The Impeachment of the D. and Dutchess of Lauderdale, with their Brother my Lord Hatton, presented to his Majesty by the City of Edinburgh Page 195 Some farther Matters of Fačt relating to the Administration of Affairs in Scotland under the Duke of Lauderdale, humbly offered to his Majesty’s Confideration in Obedience to his royal Commands, that the Duke of Lauderdale was concerned in the Design of bringing in of Popery. and arbitrary Government 2CO Two Speeches made in the House of Peers; the one, Novemb. 20, 1675, for hearing Dr. Shirley's Case ; É: other in Novemb. 1678, on the State of England, Scotland, and Ireland, by the Earl of isio 168o. 2O4. Delenda Carthago : Or the true Interest of England in relation to France and Holland, by the Earl of Shaftesbury, 1672. 2 I Remarks on the Life and Death of the famed Mr. Blood; of his Plot in Ireland to surprise Dublin Castle, several Transačtions in his Head Quarter of the City, Rescue of Capt. Mason at Doncaster, Attempt on the Person of the Duke of Ormond, seizing on the Crown and Sceptre in the Tower, coming into Favour with his Prince, Concern about his Grace the Duke of Buckingbam, Sickness, Death, and twice Interment, 1680. 2 19 The Nation's Address to the Committee of Grievances in Parliament, for the take--, ing of the Corporation Oath, in Behalf of all Cities, Towns Corporate, Aldermen, Bailiffs, Burgesses, as also of Sheriffs, Lords Lieutenants, and Deputy Lieutenants of Counties, Ministers, and all others concerned for the repealing those Aćts which impose the Oath, I68o. 236 England's Concern in the Case of his royal Highness james Duke of 1%rk and Albany. An extraordinary Pamphlet, and worthy to be read by all Subječts, whether of royal or republican Opinions, 1680. 24. I The Speech of Sir George Pudsey, Knt. at the Time of his being sworn £c: of the City of Oxford, in the Council Chamber of the said City, on Tuesday the Eighth Day of january 1683-4, where they agreed to the Sealing the Instrument sent by his Majesty 258

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