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occurred to us, has been the receipt of the following letter from our highly esteemed contributor "Ion," accompanying an article appearing in the December number, entitled "Give an account of thy Stewardship."

"September 28th, 1863. "Dear Sir.—Through the kindness of a friend, who lent her hand and pen to aid my inability, I am permitted to send a last contribution to the Magazine, which I have long loved, as affording room to speak for Jesus. I cannot without pain close even so small a door of usefulness, but linger with my hand still upon its hinge, that I may look and speak a loving 'farewell' to my brothers and sisters, who yet remain in the field of Sunday school labour. There is no need of my feeble testimony to the faithfulness of a prayer-hearing God; but so sweet is it to tell of, that I must beg your indulgence yet one last time. Dear Mr. Editor, my dying couch (or what seems, to all human judgment, likely to be so) has, within the space of one fortnight, been cheered by the avowal of four individuals, who had been the subjects of anxious waiting and supplication for several years, that they have been led to see and believe in Jesus crucified. Shall I own that in one case I had not faith enough to expect that this side of eternity would make known to me the 'answer of peace V Thus are my days of silent waiting made vocal with thanksgiving—1 He is faithful that promised!' If you think this incident might encourage some one who has already waited years for a soul's now birth, you are welcome to communicate it, not naming me. And now, dear Sir, will you accept my Christian regards and thanks for the uniform kindness with which you have received my little papers, and believe me,

"Yours in Jesus."

"Finished Sept. 30."

Wo have one other cause for regret, and which it is in the power of our readers to remove. The benefit to be derived from the Magazine is much limited by the mode adopted for its circulation amongst teachers. Tt is necessary, in order to preserve an interest in it, that each teacher should have an opportunity of reading it during the current month; and, in order to this, we earnestly urge that one copy should bo taken in for every four teachers: so that one week during the month may be allowed to each.

It will be perceived that several pictorial illustrations have been inserted: and we expect that during the ensuing year, the number of such embellishments will be increased.

We ask the prayers of our readers, that the Holy Spirit may so guide the minds of the Editor and contributors, that the Magazine may be rendered still more useful in promoting, in various ways, the great work of Christian education throughout the world.

December, 1363.


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Adaptation of tho Bible 70")

Authority of the Pentateuch 63

Bible Thoughts 1 341, 407,, 719

Christ's Testimony to Moses 355

Considerations on the Pentateuch ... 726

Demas 162

Destruction of Sennacherib's Army 743

Does it tell about Jesus? 42

Expository Notes on Scripture Lessons 24, 91, 164, 226,286, 346, 410,

487, 550, 615, 667, 729 Historic Character of the Books of

Moses 147

Internal Evidences of Christianity... 454

Jewish National History 266

Joseph in Egypt 418

Mode of Interpreting Scripture ... 674

Mosaic Record of tho Creation 40

Nazareth 577, 646

Stick to the Text 737

Study of Scripture 30

Teaching Scripture 100

Vindication of Bishop Colenso ... 641


Bennett, Rev. Jas , D.D 64

Boaz, Rev. Thomas, LL.D., 65, 154, 193

Child-Preacher 99

D'Aubigne", Dr. Merle 285

Eardley, Sir Culling Eardley, Bart... 446 Gaussen, Professor, of Geneva ... 637

Hebbron, Mrs. Elizabeth 520

Hidden Gem 82

Jackson, General " Stonewall" ... 511

Little Mollis 34

Loving Sister 84

Luther at Worms 663

Lyndhurst, Lord 704

"Men who have risen." 216

Paine, Thomas, Death of 519

Prince Consort 123

Rise and Progress of Talent 485

Sieveking, Amelia Wilhelmina ... 449


Anniversary Services 182,311, 432, 565

Catechisms and Scripture 183

Luddenden Foot School 508

Mimpriss's SyBtcm 433, 631, 698

Separate Services 116, 185

Suuday School Addresses 57

Sunday Schools for Italy fi08

Sunday School Treats 57, 250

The Unpreached Gospel 629

To the Officers and Teachers of Sunday Schools 364

General Education. Page

Bible in Indian Schools 739

British Orphan Asylum 566

British and Foreign School Society.. 435 Chronometrical Chart of the History

of England

Education at Birmingham

Education in Iceland ...
Education in Russia ...

Geography Point

How to Learn

Influence of Education

Mr. D'Israeli on Education

Malagasy Scholars

Philosophy of Questioning Children .
Progress of Native Education in


Pure Literature Society 445, 633

Ragged School Union 437

Schools in Egypt 368

School Fees 60

Sir John Pakington on Education ... 117 The Good Fight 354


Alto-relievo Plan of Europe 758

American Commercial Honour ... 760

Amusements 86

Basis of Political Prosperity 556

Bishop Colenso 572

Books 219

Bridal Presents of the Prince

29 S ... 638 ... 153 236, 280 ... 278 ... 35 ... 465 ... 121 ... 273 342

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Princess of Wales...

Californian Life Illustrated

Christian Workers

Christian Morality

Day of Rest

Destruction of Pompeii

Distress in the Cotton Manufacturing

Districts ... 63, 124, 188, 317, 384, 448

Does it Tell about Jesus? 42

Earnestness 482

Emancipation of American Slaves ... 189

Emperor of the French 191

Excursion Trains on the Lord's-day 126

Fixed Principles 204

Forgiveness 35

Freedom 644

Great Exhibition at Bloomsbury ... 137

Greenwich Mean Time 512

Heathen's Estimate of the Bible ... 59

Hebrew Poetry 661

Hints to Workers 540

Honesty is the best Policy 710

Influence of Love 527

Intercessory Prayer 528

Letter from a Turkish Cadi 90

Martin Van Buren's Will 128

Marriage of the Prince of Wales ... 252 Page

Make your Home Pleasant 329

Matamoros, the Spanish Exile (536

Metropolitan Railway 187

Model of Lincoln Cathedral ... ...754

New Lord Kector of Glasgow Uni-
versity 318

Parliament of Great Britain ... 192
Passover Supper in the Holy City ... 541

Patience 544

Point where Infidelity breaks down 33

Praying and Working 171

President Lincoln on Negro Eman-
cipation 61

Presents to the Queen of Portugal... 58
Privileges of the Christian ... ... 145

Revision of the Liturgy 571

Richard Hooker's Marriage 58

Rise and Progress of Talent ... 326,495

Saints 725

Scriptural Rules of Morality 683

Seek in the Right Placo 104

Sources of the Nile 567

Stonehenge and Abury 129

Subscription to the Articles and

Liturgy 571

Subscription for Erecting Now

Churches 572

Teaching the Gospel 452

Telegraph to India 754

Testimony to the Scriptures 234

The Archbishop of Dublin 690

The Daisy 15

"The Earth is full of the goodness

of the Lord" 725

The Increase of the Kevenuo 704

The Lively ilopo 622

The People's Park,'Dundce 699

The Popo 192

Thought 98

Travels in Palestine 257

Tyrant Reproved by his Slave 421

United Prayer 457

War in America, 62, 127, 191, 382,

447, 573, 639, 702, 760

Working Men's Sabbath 127

Young Men's Christian Association 274 Yankee 'Cuteness 575


Bishop of Carlisle on the Missionary

Cause » ... 634

Missionary Collectors 749


Anniversary Prayer 22

An Epistle 530, 680

Better Things 268

Cause of Unbelief 74

Children's National Anthem 313

Death of Moses 17

Going Home 453

"Give an account of thy Stewardship" 709

Hymns Sung at "Parents' Meeting. '' of Kingsland Congregational

School 367

Here and There 409

Ich Dien 353


"I am going there" 395

Jesus Crucified 275

Lines Written in the Album of an

Old Scholar 225

Little May's Lesson Book 654

Many shall Come 613

Midnight Music 16

Midnight Cry 146

Melody Sung by the Children of

Queenborough ... 313

Mothers of Salem 459

Our Work 481

Our Sunday School 720

Plea for Bagged " Little Ones" ... 480

Spring Flowers 205

The Cross 39

The Good Fight 354

There was a Great Calm 143

The Little Bird 645

The World's Joy and Glory 724

Twilight on Sabbath Eve 327

Unknown what we shall ba 81

Village Sabbath School 136

Work 173

Workmen who Receive no Present

Pay 235

"Ye know not what ye ask" 601


"Able to Save" 500

A Chat with the Boys on New Year's

Eve 308

Adviser 363

A Trap to Catch a Sunbeam 431

Allen White 249

American War ... „ 300

Answer to J. Morison's Questions on

the Shorter Catechism 501

An Old Glass for New Faces 502

A Chrono-genealogieal Chart of Bible

History 504

Ask and Receive 507

Bertie Bristol 506

Bsar ye one another's Burdens 607

Better days for Working People ... 751

Bible in the Collects 113

Bird Murder 180

Bishop Coleuso Honestly Answered.. 358 Biblical Cyclopaedia or Dictionary ... 504

Boys' Packet 248

Book of Bible Prayer* 505

Brief Observations on the Proper

Names of Scripture 605

Burden Bearing 693

Caiwc and probable results of the Civil

War in America 300

Children's Friend 303

Christian Advocate and Review ...110

Christian Mother 363

Christian Treasury 499

Common-Life Sermons 179

Chiono-Genoalogical Chart of Bible

History 504

Considerations on the Pentateuch ... 358

California Lifo Illustrated 563

Daily Bible Illustrations 246

Daily Gleam 363

Daniel in Babylon 248

Daniel 's Vision of the Four Beasts ... 305


Don't say so 249

Doty of laying by for Religious and |

Charitable uses 507 j

Dnty of giving away a stated proportion of our Income 507

Early Piety and Early Suffering ... 693 | Easy Questions and Answers from the

Pentateuch 697!

Education & the duties of Civil Life 306 Familiar Colloquies between a Father

and his Children

Fir Tree of the Jura

For Ever

Gathered Blossom

Girls' Packet

Glance at the Universe

Gleanings among the Sheaves

Grandmamma's Conversations on the


Hailing a Wherry

Hints on Classical Tuition

Hints on Scripture Heading and


History of Modern Europe

Holy Women of Old

How to Nurse the Sick

How Young Men may become Great


Illustrated Pocket Critical and Explanatory Commentary


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Infants'Packet ...


Jesus Calls Thee

Juvenile Crime

Kitto's Cyclopa;dia of Biblical Literature 504

Labour among the Navvies 181

Life of our Lord upon the Earth ... 750

Life Triumphant 751

Life Unfolding 179

Little Crowns, & How to Win Them 430

London Quarterly .Review 54

Lucy Page 248 i

Madagascar, its Mission and its

Martyrs 304 i

Mary Markland, the Cottager's

Daughter 308,

Manual fur Sunday School Teachers 505 Memoir of the Life and Labours of the Rev. W. Griffiths ... .

Mick Tracy

Missions in Western Polynesia


Model Preacher

Moses or the Zulu

Mrs. Ruffle

My Ministerial Experiences .
Nature's Normal School ... .

Near the Cross

Notes on the Gospels

Old Margie's Flower Stall
On doing what one does with one's

might 507

Our own Fireside 752

Oar Village Girls 431

Pastoral Recollections and Sketches 110 Patience Hart's First Experience in Service 49

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Pearls of Thought Strung in Rhyme 181 Picture from the World's History ... 502

Power of the Tongue 690

Practical Consequences of Teaching

any Future Restoration of the Race 697 Prayers for the Sick and Sorrowful.. 688

Prayers for Children 693

Primary School 178

Princess of Wales 363

Rachel Noble's Experience 174

Reason and Revelation 694

Religious Training for the People ... 114 Report of Exhibition Bible Stand ... 689

Rose Bryant 695

Sarah's Present 310

Saturday Afternoons 109

Science Elucidative of Scripture ... 247 Select Sermons of Ralph Erskine ... 502 Seven Years' Street Preaching in SanFrancisco 563

Simultaneous Method of Teaching to

Read 112

Songs in the Night 562

Stop and Think ... 248

Story of Little Alfred 506

Sunday Evenings 692

Sunny Scenes 249

Tales of the Scottish Peasantry ... 310

Temperance Congress of 1862 115

Ten Minutes with Undo Oliver on

the Bicentenary 502

The British Controversialist ... 109, 694

The Cottage Fireside 309

The Good Shepherd and His Little

Lambs 47

Tho Gospel Narrative Vindicated ... 358

The Holy Land 693

Tho Irish Daisy 696

The Mourning Mother Comforted ... 562 The Negro Race not under a Curse .. 506 The Old Lieutenant and his Son .. 623

The Power of Consistency 628

Tho Pentateuchal Narrative Vindicated 244

The Separating Flood 307

The Sabbath School 505

The Two Apprentices 308

The Unpreached Gospel an Embedded Truth 503

The Wandering Sheep 248

Tho Way Home 45

Thoughts of Sunshine in Sorrow ... 49

Thy Kingdom Come 248

Three in Heaven 693

True Happiness 507

Vindication of Bishop Colenso 358

Was ho a Hero? 247

Watchwords for the Church Militant 180

What hath God wrought? 306

Whose Child are You? 248

Workers and their Work ... .- ...248

Words to the Wise 507

Worth Her Weight in Gold 689

Sunday Schools. Adult Classes, how to Teach and sustain them 535

Adaptation 545, 603

Albion Schools, Bethnal Green ... 366 Page

An Earnest Teacher 343

Annual Sermon of Sunday School

Union 372

Autumnal Meeting and Conference

at Manchester 759

Barbican Chapel Schools 368

Bible Class Agencies 276

Bible Class Instruction 458

Bunyan Meeting, Bedford 758

Cause and Means of Success 650

Child of our Sunday School 18

Christian Churches and Sunday

Schools 385, 460

Church of England Sunday School

Institute 378

Church Congress at Manchester ... 755

Class Promotion 744

Conference of Sunday School Union 374

Craven Hill Chapel School 18b

Difficulties of the Young Teacher ... 684 Difficulties of the Advanced Teacher 715

Diligence 270

Dowuham Market Schools 447

Dissenting Sunday Schools ... 570, 678

Encouragement 72, 587

Erskine Church School 61

Evil tendencies of the Sunday School 402 Friends' First Day School Association 314, 588, 675, 754

General Baptist Chapel Bible Class,

Woodgate, Loughborough 437

Guildhall Street School, Canterbury 312

Honest Sunday Scholar 202

Jubilee of the Sunday School Teachers' Magazine 1

List of Scripture Lessons 33

Massachusetts State Sunday School

Convention 637

Mission School Frait 135

Mothers' Tea 446

Newcastle on-Tyne 61

New Work for the Police 284


Notes of a Sunday School Tour ... 321

"Nooks and Corners" 396

Our Senior Scholars 656, 711

Pavement Chapel Schools 381

Public Meeting of Sunday School

Union 376

Selections from Addresses at the
Annual Meeting of Sunday School

Union 428

Select Classes ... .- 330

Sunday School Visitor's Heport ... 105

Sunday School Results 206

Sunday School Address ... 217, 293. 721 Sunday SchoolUuionCottonDistriers'

Relief Fund 25C

Sunday School Contributions to the

Church 269

Sunday School Recollections 343

Sunday Scholars of Manchester and

Salford, and the Royal Marriage... 312 Sunday School Union Anniversary... 369 Sunday School Teacher's Wedding... 434 Sunday School Teachers' Excursion 513 St. Matthew's Schools, Gosport ... 575 Swanagc Congregational S.S. Jubilee 700

Teachers' Work 75

The New Year 43

The Night Cometh 144

The London Secretaries' and Superintendents' Association 701

The "Word" at Class, and the

"Way " at Home 215

Tongue End. Lincolnshire 313

Twig Folly School 192

Universal Question Book 89

Union Chapel School, Huntingdon... 447 Union of Social Classes in the Separate Service 607

Useful Monuments 596

York Road Chapel Young Women's Bible Class 251

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