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No. XL] July, 1815. [Vol. II.

Hints on the Establishment and Regulation of Sunday Schools.

(Continued from page 61 )


The establishment of a Library, consisting of religious and ■"oral books, to which the scholars may have access (agreeably lo rules which may be made for its regulation^) will be found

." Tke fpUotriag rules have been ohterved in some Schools.

'• TV Library bring formed for the visitors, teachers, and scholars belonging to this institution, no other persons can be admitted to the privilege thereof, except the* who are dooors of books.

t. A«t scholars having been admitted six months, or rewarded for regular

j/tradaocf, or good behaviour, and who have learnt upon obtaining a

r-cMunradation from their teacher, shall be admitted to the privileges of the ■say,

& if aav scholars, admitted to the library, snail commit any fault deserving m sari paoUhmrut, they shall be- deprived of their privilege for a limited time, or entirely, aj the Committee (or Librarian) shall judge most proper.

4- Aay persons having been scholars in this School, and honorably discharged n»"irfrom, shall be entitled to the privilege of tb« Library, so long as they shall ■aaifrna conduct suitable to the instruction* which tbey have received.

5. All persons having books out of this library, must return them in fourteen •ays, or bring them to "be re-entered. If they neglect this, they shall be liable 'o be deprived of their privilege.

t. The time of attendance for the purpose of changing and re-entering the •••ks, shall be from .to every ■

••• As it hi tor particular desire of those who have established this library, ■hat the parents and families of the children may be benefited thereby; the laamittec expect that the children who have had the privilege of being taught •» lead ia these Schools and now of having books from the library, in order •hit thrir parents and friends may be brought to a true knowledge of God as •»» chief good, will embrace every proper opportunity to read these books to *e"i aaa the Committee recommend them to read the same with serious consecration, and a Spirit of Prayer to the Father of Lights, that they may be raided into all truth.


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