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The director is the chief officer of the primary district and upon him falls much of the labor and responsibility of the district board. We give below many of his principal duties :

1. To act as clerk, when present, of all meetings of the district and of the board.

2. To record the proceedings of all district meetings, and the minutes of all meetings, orders, resolutions, and other proceedings of the board, in proper record books.

3. To give the prescribed notice of the annual district meeting, and of all special meetings.

4. To draw and sign warrants upon the township treasurer for all moneys raised for district purposes or apportioned to the district by the township clerk, and orders upon the assessor for all moneys to be disbursed by the district, and to present them to the moderator, to be countersigned by that officer. Each order shall specify the object for which and the fund upon which, it is drawn.

5. To draw and sign all contracts with teachers, when directed by the district board, and present them to the other members of the board for further signature.

6. To provide, in his discretion, the necessary appendages for the school house, and keep the same in good condition and repair during the time of school. (See also Chap. X.)

7. To keep an accurate account of all expenses incurred by him as director, such account to be audited by the moderator and assessor and, on their written order, to be paid out of any money provided for the purpose.

8. To present at each annual meeting an estimate of the expenses necessary to be incurred during the ensuing year by the director, and for payment of the services of any district officer.

9. To preserve and file copies of all reports made to the school inspectors; and safely to preserve and keep all books, papers and other documents belonging to the office of director (or to the district, when not otherwise provided for) and to deliver the same to his successor in office.

10. To take a census of the district within the ten days next previous to the first Monday in September in each year. This work may be done by any person appointed by the district board.

11. At the end of the school year and previous to the second Monday in September in each year, to deliver to the township clerk, to be filed in his office, a report to the board of school inspectors of the township, showing:

(a) The whole number of children belonging to the district between the ages of five and twenty years, according to the census taken as aforesaid.

(b) The number attending school during the year under five, and also the number over twenty years of age.

(c) The number of non-resident pupils of the district tha have attended school during the year.

(a) The whole number that have attended school during

the year.

(e) The length of time the school has been taught during the year by a qualified teacher, the name of each teacher, the length of time taught by each, and the wages paid to each.

(1) The average length of time scholars, between five and twenty years of age, have attended school during the year.

(g) The amount of money received from the township treasurer and apportioned to the district by the township clerk.

(h) The amount of money raised by the district, and the purposes for which it was raised.

(i) The kind of books used in the school.

(j) Such other facts and statistics in regard to the schools and the subject of education, as the superintendent of public instruction shall direct.

12. In fractional districts to make an annual report to the clerk of the township in which the school house is situated, and also to report to the clerk of each township in which the district is in part situated, the number of children between the ages of five and twenty years living in that part of the district lying in such township (4686 to 4689).

13. To perform such other duties as may be required of the director by law or by the district board.


It is the duty of the moderator of each school district :

1. To preside, when present, at all meetings of the district and of the board.

2. To countersign all orders legally drawn by the director upon the assessor for moneys to be disbursed by the district, and all warrants of the director upon the township treasurer for moneys raised for district purposes, or apportioned to the district by the township clerk.

3. To cause an action to be prosecuted in the name of the district on the assessor's bond, in case of any breach of any condition thereof.

4. To perform such other duties as may be required of the moderator by law (4685).


It is the duty of the assessor of each school district:

1. To execute to the district and file with the director, within ten days after his election or appointment, a bond in double the amount of money to come into his hands as such assessor during his term of office, as near as the same can be ascertained, with two sufficient sureties, to be approved by the moderator and director, conditioned for the faithful application of all moneys that shall come into his hands by virtue of his office, and to perform all the duties of his said


office as required by the provisions of this act. Said bond shall be filed with the director, and

in case of any breach of the conditions thereof, the moderator shall cause a suit to be commenced thereon in the name of the district, and any moneys collected thereon shall be paid into the township treasury, subject to the order of the district officers, and shall be applied to the same purposes as the moneys lost should have been applied by the


2. To pay all orders of the director, when lawfully drawn and countersigned by the moderator, out of any moneys in his hands belonging to the fund upon which such orders may be drawn.

3. To keep a book in which all the moneys received and disbursed shall be entered, the sources from which the same have been received, and the persons to whom and the objects for which the same have been paid.

4. To present to the district board at the close of the school year a report in writing, containing a statement of all moneys received during the preceding year and of each item of disbursements made, and exhibit the voucher therefor.

5. To appear for and on behalf of the district in all suits brought by or against the same, when no other directions shall be given by the qualified voters in district meeting, except in suits in which he is interested adversely to the district; and in all such cases the moderator shall appear for such district, if no other direction be given as aforesaid.

6. At the close of his term of office to settle with the district board, and deliver to his successor in office all books, vouchers, orders, documents, and papers belonging to the office of assessor, together with all district moneys remaining on hand.

7. To perform such other duties as may be required of the assessor by law (4691).



Legal Qualifications. No contract with any person not holding a legal certificate of qualification authorizing him to teach, is valid; and all contracts with a person holding a legal certificate terminate, if the certificate expire by limitation and is not immediately renewed (4678). All persons who expect to teach must procure the necessary certificate from some duly constituted authority. There are several ways by which teachers may receive certificates. We first mention those granted by the county board.



The regular examinations of teachers in all counties of

the state are held at the county seats on the last Thursday and Friday of March, and the

third Thursday and Friday of August in each year. In nearly all of the counties are held two other regular public examinations on the third Thursdays and Fridays of June and October in each year (4811). Examiners in counties containing more than one hundred

fifty school districts, may hold one other public EXTRA EXAM- examination for each twenty-five districts in the

county. By this plan the counties of Kent and Oakland are entitled to three extra examinations; the counties of Allegan and Lenawee to two; and the counties of Berrien, Genesee, Hillsdale, Jackson, Saginaw, St. Clair, Van Buren, Washtenaw and Wayne to one. The dates for such extra examinations are fixed on the third Fridays of February, April and September (4811).


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