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14. To admit to the district school non-resident pupils, in

its discretion, and to determine the rates of tuition of such pupils and collect the same,

which tuition shall not be greater than fifteen per cent more than the average cost per capita for the number of pupils of school age in the district (4684). 15. To have charge of any library which may have been es

tablished in the district (5142). It may also donate or sell any library book or books belonging

to the district, to the board of school inspectors of the township or townships in which the district is wholly or partly situated (4750). 16. To purchase text-books for all the pupils of the dis

trict, when authorized by the voters of the dis

trict (4775). 17. To purchase a flag and flag-staff for each school house, such flag not to be smaller than four feet two inches by eight feet (4802).

Board of Education of Graded Schools. The graded school board is composed of five members elected at the annual meeting for a term of three years. At the time of the organization into a graded district, one member is elected for a term of one year, two for terms of two years, and two for terms of three years (47-16). As in the case of officers of primary districts, these school

officers must be elected by ballot and hold office HOW ELECTED. until their successors are elected and qualified.

A majority vote is also necessary. The board elects from its own number the director, moderator, and assessor for one year.* In case of a failure of the board to

*NOTE. --Many times in districts organized by special enactment school officers are known by other titles; as president, secretary and

Unless such special acts plainly prescribe the duties of such officers, the duties belonging to he moderator, director, are performed by the president, secretary, and treasurer, in the order named respectively.



agree in the appointment of its officers, the school inspectors of the township or city are authorized to make the appointment (4747).




Besides having the same powers that are possessed by school officers of primary school districts, the officers of graded districts are authorized: 1. To classify and grade the pupils attending school in

such district, and cause them to be taught in such schools or departments as they may deem

expedient (4748). 2. To establish in such district a high school, when or

dered by a vote of the district at an annual meeting, and to determine the qualifications for

admission to such school and the fees to be paid for tuition in any branches taught therein: Provided, That when the parents or guardians of non-resident pupils pay a school tax in said district, the same shall be credited on their tuition a sum not to exceed the amount of such tuition, and they shall only be required to pay tuition for the difference between the amount of the tax and the amount charged for tuition (4748). 3. To audit and order the payment of all accounts of the

director for incidental or other expenses incurred by him in the discharge of his duties ;

but no more than fifty dollars may be expended by the director in any one year for repairs of the buildings or appurtenances of the district property, without the auority of the board of trustees. 4. To employ all qualified teachers necessary for the sev

eral schools, to determine the amount of their WITH TEACH- compensation, and to require the director and

moderator to make contracts with the same on behalf of the district, in accordance with the provisions of law concerning contracts with teachers.





5. To employ such officers and servants as may be neces

sary, for the management of the schools and school property, and to prescribe their duties

and fix their compensation. 6. To publish, previous to the third Monday of September, in one or more newspapers of the district, a full and itemized financial statement of the receipts and expenditures of the district during the year just preceding (4800).

Board of Education of Township Districts. The board of education of a township district consists of

two trustees, with the clerk and school inspectHOW ELECTED. ors of the township. Said trustees are elected

by ballot at the annual township meeting of the township, upon the same ticket and canvassed in the same manner as the vote for township officers. Within five days after the annual election the township clerk is required to give written notice of their election to the persons elected trustees, and within five days thereafter said trustees so elected shall take and subscribe the oath of office prescribed by the constitution of this state, before any officer authorized to administer oaths, and file the same with the township clerk (4823). The term of office of the trustees of said district com

on the second Monday following the annual township election at which they are

elected, and continues for two years and until their successors are elected and qualified.





The members of the board of education meet on the third

Monday of April of each year, at the office of the township clerk, and organize. The school

inspector of the township whose term of office will soonest expire, is president of the board and cntitled to



vote in all cases. In the absence of the president at any meeting, a majority of the members present may choose one of their own number president pro tem (4826). The township clerk of said township is ex officio clerk of

said board of education and entitled to vote. In case of the absence of said clerk, the board may

choose some suitable person to perform his duties. The board on said third Monday of April in each year

elects from its own number a treasurer, who holds his office for one year and until his suc

cessor is elected and qualified. The board may at any time fill a vacancy in the office of treasurer: Provided, That the person appointed to fill the vacancy in the office of treasurer shall hold the office for the unexpired portion of the term only. The treasurer of said board within five days after his appointment must file with the clerk of the board the constitutional oath of office. He must also, before entering upon the duties of his office, give a bond to said district in such sum and with such sureties as said board shall determine and approve, conditioned for the faithful performance of his duties, and must honestly account for all moneys coming into his hands belonging to said district. He has the keeping of all school and library moneys, and cannot pay out the same without the authority of the board upon warrants or orders drawn upon him, signed by the clerk and countersigned by the president.


The regular meetings of the board are held on the third

Monday of April, August and December in each year. No notice of such meeting is required.

Any two members is sufficient to adjourn any meeting from time to time until a quorum is present.



Special meetings of the board may be called at any time

on the request of the president, or any two members thereof, in writing, delivered to the clerk,

and the clerk upon receiving such requ shall at once notify each member, if within the district, of the time of holding such meeting, which shall be at least three days subsequent to the time of receiving such request by the clerk. All meetings of the board shall be held at the township

clerk's office, unless otherwise ordered by a WHERE HELD. resolution of the board; and all records and

papers of the district shall be kept in the custody of said clerk and shall be open to the inspection of any taxpayer of said district.


All the duties required of school inspectors, in townships organized under the primary school law, are performed by the township board of education. The township board of inspectors, therefore, has no separate existence in such townships. The following are the principal duties of township school officers :

1. To designate and purchase school house sites. 2. To erect build and furnish the same. 3. To employ legally qualified teachers. 4. To provide books for district library. 5. To make by-laws relative to the taking of the school


6. To make all necessary reports and transmit the same to the proper

officers. 7. To make needful regulations and by-laws relative to school visitation, length of school terms, and purchase of books for indigent children (4830).

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