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79. What is the time of taking the annual census of school children in all the districts of the State ?

How may special school meetings be called ? 81. How many days' notice must be given for all district meetings? 82. Has the district board the authority to determine the number of months of school to be taught in the district during the year?


83. Can a board of supervisors legally appoint one of its own number as member of the board of examiners ? 84. What must be included in all notices of special school meetings?

85. What is the date of the annual school meeting in township districts of the Upper Peninsula ?

88. Have the voters or the district board the authority to determine whether the school shall be taught by a male or a female teacher ?

87. Have the voters or the district board the authority to determine the maximum salary that shall be paid to teachers ?

88. Have the voters or the district board the authority to admit nonresident pupils ? 89. Who selects school house sites, the school board or the voters ? 90. What is the highest amount of money for sites or building purposes that can be raised by taxation in any one year in districts having ten children of school age ? Thirty children? Five hundred children?

91. How is the tax for repairs and apparatus limited ? 92. What is the minimum number of months required to be taught in districts having 800 children?

93. What is the minimum number of months required in all districts ? 94. What is the penalty on districts whose officers do not provide for the required number of months of school?

95. For what purposes may the surplus of the one-mill tax be appropriated ? 96. Who are legal voters at school meetings? 97. In what districts are women barred from voting ? 98. How many trustees in the district board of graded school districts?

99. How many children of school age must a district contain to be organized into a graded district ?

100. How many votes at a district meeting are required to change to a graded district ?

101. How may a person who is not a legally qualified voter in the dis. trict be prevented from voting, if he offers to do so ?

102. If a vote is not taken by ballot, how may voters be challenged ?

103. How may a disorderly person be expelled from a district meeting?

104. What penalty may be inflicted upon a person for disturbing a district meeting ?

105. What officers are elected at the first school meeting of a newly organized school district ? 106.

What is the length of the term of office of school officers ? 107. Are school officers legally elected, if chosen in any other way than by ballot ?

108. Is a plurality vote sufficient to elect a school officer? 109. How may meetings of the district board be called ? 110. What persons are eligible to hold a district office ?

111. Within what time and in what manner must district officers accept their offices?

112. State seven ways by which a district office may become vacant ?

113. Does the temporary absence of a district officer from a district create a vacancy?

114. When one of the district offices becomes vacant, how may such vacancy be filled ?

115. When two of the district offices become vacant, how filled ?

116. How are vacancies filled after an office has been vacant more than twenty days?

117. How long does a person who is elected to fill a vacancy serve ?

118. How are vacancies in the board of education of graded or township districts filled ?

119. Upon what condition may a district board borrow money?

120. When must the report of the district board to the township clerk be made ?

121. How is district taxation in districts having less than thirty children limited ?

122. Who has the authority to admit or exclude public meetings from the school house, the school board or the voters ?

123. Who determines the kind of text-books that shall be used in the district ?

124. How long do text-books once adopted continue to be the legal text-books of the district ?

125. How may indigent children be supplied with text-books?

126. For what reason may pupils be expelled or suspended from school?

127. What tuition may be charged to non-resident pupils ? 128. What is the minimum legal size of school flags? 129. How are the executive officers of a graded district chosen ?

130. How are the township district trustees chosen and how long do they serve ?

131. Who acts as president of the township school board ? As clerk ?

132. What bond is required of the treasurer of township school districts ?

133. On what dates are the regular meetings of the township school board held ?

134. Where are such meetings held ?

135. Mention some of the powers and duties of the officers of township districts ?

136. What officer appears for the district in suits brought for or against the same?

137. What officer appears for the district in suits brought against the assessor ?

138. Mention several of the specific duties of the director of a primary school district. Of moderator. Of assessor.

139. On what dates are the two required regular public examinations of teachers held ?

140. On what dates are the two optional regular examinations held ?

141. On what dates may extra public examinations be held in certain large counties?

142. What counties are entitled to three extra examinations ? Two ? One ?

143. What branches of study are required in examinations for first grade certificates? Second ? Third ? State ?

144. By whom must all county certificates be signed ?

145. Is the holder of a third grade certificate of class B legally qualified to teach in primary departments of graded schools ?

146. Is the holder of a third grade certificate of class A legally qualified to teach in ordinahy district schools of eight grades?

147. How is the number of third grade certificates of class B limited ? 148. By whom are questions for teachers' examinations prepared ? 149. Who fixes the standard of examinations for county certificates ? 150. By whom are special certificates granted ? 151. For how long are special certificates granted ? 152. What citizenship qualification is required of teachers ?

153. In your opinion, what constitutes a good moral character in a teacher ?

154. Under what conditions may a teacher's certificate be renewed ?

155. What authority have examining boards for revoking certificates ?

156. Must city teachers be legally qualified ?

157. What penalty is inflicted upon districts, if the officers employ teachers that are not holders of certificates ?

158. What colleges in this state have courses of study which have been approved by the state board of education ?

159. What are the conditions under which the board of education grant certificates to college graduates ?


160. For how long are college certificates valid ? Do they ever become life certificates ?

161. Are diplomas granted by the faculty of the university legal teachers' certificates ?

162. How many state examinations are held in each year? What branches are required ?

163. For how long are state certificates valid ?

164. Are certificates or diplomas granted in other states valid in this state?

165. What annual institute fee are teachers required to pay? Are any teachers exempt? Who collects the fee?

166. Who has the custody of the county institute fund ? 167. Who conducts institutes and who appoints institute instructors ? 168. May two or more counties unite in a teachers' institute ?

169. How much money may be drawn from the State treasury in any one year for the support of teachers' institutes ?

170. What is the largest sum that can be drawn from the State treasury for any one institute ?

171. How may a teachers' association become incorporated ? What amount of property may an association hold ?

172. By whom must a teacher's contract be signed ?

173. Mention some of the things that must be contained in a teacher's contract.

174. With whom must contracts be filed ?

175. Must teachers make up for time lost in the observance of legal holidays?

176. What are the legal holidays in this State ? • 177. When schools are closed by the district board on account of the prevalence of a contagious disease, must teachers lose the time?

178. Are contracts made previous to the annual school meeting, valid?

179. Can school boards legally make contracts two or three years in advance ?

180. Must all the officers sign teachers' contracts ?

181. What is the age of compulsory education in the primary and township districts of the State ?

182. What is the compulsory age in cities under police regulation ?

183. How many months in the year must all pupils between certain ages attend school!

184. What pupils of the compulsory age are exempt from the provisions of the law for compulsory attendance ?

185. Who appoints the truant officer and what is the lowest compensation allowed him by law ?

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