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Our safety is not in constitutions and forms of govern-
ment, but in the establishment of right systems of educa-
tion."-John D. Pierce, 1838.





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The increasing demand throughout the state for a compilation of the school laws in convenient form for the use of teachers, classes, and institutes makes necessary the publication of this (the fourth edition.

By a law of 1899 the printing of all the laws of the state touching educational affairs was given to the secretary of state, who, no doubt, will provide, as occasion deinands, the “General School Laws” to school officers. An official edition of nearly 23,000 pamphlets is required to provide each school officer of the state with a copy, and the mission of this little book, as heretofore, is to provide to teachers and students a book for class-room use.

The decisions of the supreme court of the state, attorneys general and superintendents of public instruction have been compared and quoted wherever it seemed advisable to give further light on obscure or disputed points.

By way of explanation, we desire to say that just previous to the legislative session was completed the compilation of the “ Compiled Laws of Michigan," by Lewis M. Miller, who brought all of the statutes vi Michigan in condensed form to date. This work, in three volumes, has been furnished to all township, county and state officers and can readily be consulted by all teachers. The numbers in this little book refer to the sections in the Compiled Laws and the amendnents made by the legislature of 1899 have been propərly noticed by marginal notes or comments.

This edition omits the uniform text-book law of 1897, which was repealed in 1899 and mentions briefly in the appendix three laws passed by the legislature of 1899. We present this edition as a correct, although somewhat abridged, treatise on the school law of Michigan.

JASON E. HAMMOND. LANSING, Mich., Jan., 1900.

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