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ignore the paragraphs of the code which lady, humpbacked and bent double, is the protect animals against the most dangerous of Providence of stray dogs and cats. Then a all-I mean against man. To be good to

boy who is noted for his kindness to animals them, it suffices to see in them, as has been

is followed by a lady-teacher who rears and said, our inferior brothers; brothers by their suffering, inferior in that, by an aggravation of

tames swallows that have fallen from their their misery, they have not even (as we have)

nests. The President said that here was the means of seeking its causes, its nature, an opening for their use with carrier and its remedies.

pigeons in time of war.

Then came a

brave man who had saved an ox that had This eloquent speech was loudly ap

fallen into the Seine. This man had on plauded.

his breast a medal for having saved life in The delegate sent by the Royal Society

the recent fire at the Charity Bazaar, a P. C. A. of Brussels, said in his speech, proof, said the President, that those who that he brought with him the sincere

loved animals loved their fellows also. A applause of a friendly State, who was with

omnibus driver who loves his horses as much us in the Bullfight struggle, and said to us

as his wife was also recompensed. Before "en avant.”

the rewards were given to sol rs and Then the procession of lauréats, which firemen the audience of 5,000 persons rose included nobles and peasants, defiled and the band played the “ Marseillaise." before the presidential table. Represen- One soldier had a medal for having the tatives of the Press were honoured for best kept horse of his squadron, and articles friendly to our cause.

another for having nursed his sick horse ceedings might have become monotonous, night and day, sharing with it his bread. but for the comments which the President Then came the keepers of the Public made, from time to time, on different cases. gardens and squares who have hindered One lady, the concierge (or hall-keeper) of children from killing the birds with the circus, is so prodigal of her affection catapults, etc. When all this interesting to dumb animals that she cares for the procession had finished, the proceedings lions. A drayman picks up grease in the were ended by a musical matinée, for which street for his horses' feet. A little old several noted artists gave their services.

The pro

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Dedicated to all Friends of "The Home of Rest

"The Home
for Horses.”

TOULD God! some gift of Pentecostal powers

Could bid them speak our tongue, and say their say, ,
Then from each rolling cab and thundering dray

A wail would rise and shake your London towers,
Crying, we once ran fetlock-deep in flɔwers

Now, doomed in maze of barren bricks to stay ;

Night brings no rest to help the weary day, “Life has no joy, Death's ease alone is ours.


Spavined with curb and splint and sore of heel

Tongues hanging pained o'er bits of froth and blood, -
With dim dull eyes, heads hanging down, they come

The troop of silent sufferers ; like a flood
Man's pity pours to meet them,-hearts that feel
Have bid them welcome to the Horses' Home.

The Festival Dinner in aid of the Funds of the Ilome of Rest for Horses, Friars' Farm, Acton, W.,
was held at the Hotel Cecil, London, on Tuesday, the 29th of June.

An Ola Legend. *

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NE day, so runs the story, Jesus went

His way, on mercy's ministrations bent,
And chanced to see far off a laughing crowd

Of loiterers holding discourse lewd and loud ;
The gentle Saviour stepped aside to see
What might the cause of this commotion be,
And found a poor dog's carcase lying there,
At which a ribald rabble stopped to stare.
It lay all mangled, grimed with dirt and dust,
And each, beholding, signified disgust.
One held his nose, one kicked it as it lay,
And all had some abusive word to say :

Why should the loathsome beast defile the earth ?
“ In his whole corpse is not a copper's worth ;
“Not e'en a shoe-lace from his mangled hide ;
"The surly beast, no doubt, in fighting died.
“See his bleared eyes, torn ears, and bones all bare,
“ The putrid hound pollutes the very air !
" A shame that such an eye-sore should be left,
“ The prowling cur was doubtless hung for theft.”
Then Jesus spake, a single silvery word,
That flashed reproach on every one that heard ;
“E'en pearls of purest lustre lose their glow
“Beside those teeth, white as the driven snow !”
The crowd shrank back, and whispered, “We have seen
“ Jesus of Galilee, the Nazarene;
“For surely none of all on earth save He,
“In meanest things some hidden good could see ! ”

Rev. J. Hudson, M.A.
* Another poetical version of this beautiful Legend appeared in our pages some months ago.



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Ola Age Pensions.

" As ye would men should do into you."


AST month we gave a reproduction of an old wood-cut,

Waiting for Death,” and representing a poor, wretched, brokendown horse, unfit for further service, and turned out to starve. We subsequently received the following letter from our valued coadjutor, Mrs. Laurence Pike, of Furzebrook, Wareham, Dorset :

Mr. Pike is very anxious that I should send you the enclosed photographs of his favourite old mare, who, after being in his service for twenty years this last May, is now, at the age of 28, awaiting death in a field; not a violent death, but merely that summons which all must answer. It may be years yet before she answers the roll call, but there she is, and he thought she would make a nice companion picture to the one lent you by Miss Cobbe for the June issue."



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Oliver Wendell Holmes on the external Verities.

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LADY correspondent directs our attention ill-training make men act like demons; to me

to a letter (undated), written by Dr. they are as the insane and the idiots are. Oliver Wendell Holmes to (Mrs.) Harriet Was there ever such a prayer as that one:

Beecher Stowe, concerning his concep- . Father, forgive them, for they know not tion of the Infinite, in which there is a side what they do! reference to vivisection. The latter is in- No sinner truly knows what he does. We teresting as giving a clue to the distinguished do not come into the world with a bias to “ Autocrat's ” view of the horrid practice, and vice, except relatively to society. Any bias valuable because he was a fully qualified we bring into the world comes, mediately, it medical man. Our space will not permit of is true, but just as really, from the Creator. our giving the letter in full, but it will be

A clear intelligence, a just balance of bodily, found in Vol. II. of the “ Life and Letters mental, and moral instincts, a wise training, of Oliver Wendell Holmes," mmencing are a complete human outfit. Withhold any page 245. We quote a few extracts only :

one or more of these conditions, and it shows My creed, as I said in my book of ten itself in a man's life, in error, in excess, in years ago, is to be found in the first two words

sin, in vice. Who withheld it? of the Pater Noster (Our Father). I know “I believe much, I dare not say how much, there is a great deal to shake it in the natural of what we call sin has no moral character order of things, but my faith is strong enough whatever in the sight of the great Judge. I to stand against all the untowardness of the believe much of what we call vice is not blind elements amidst which we are placed only an object of the profoundest compassion here, and out of which our earthly tabernacles to good men and women, but that the tenderest are shaped.

of God's mercies are in store for many whom " I see no corner of the Universe which the

the so-called justice of the world condemns. Father has wholly deserted. The forces of

“ More and more I feel that God is all in all, Nature bruise and wound our bodies, but our

that the pride of man has shown itself more artery no sooner bleeds than the Divine hand

fearfully in his over-estimate of his own is placed upon it to stay the flow. A wound

capacity for sin than in any other way. Do is no sooner made than the healing process is

not mistake me for what is popularly meant set on foot. Pain reaches a certain point, and

by an antinomian. “For every idle word 'insensibility comes on-for fainting is the

yes, I am ready to adopt that too. God lets natural anodyne of curable griefs, as death is

me move my limbs—these he would trust me the remedy of those which are intolerable.

with. But he shut my heart and my breath“What if I happen to be so human that I

ing organs and all the wondrous mechanism love and pity all my race, and cannot be happy by which I live, in a casket beyond my rash if they are to be writhing in agony for ever, meddling, of which He keeps the key, So I and nobody suffered to go near them to help or know that he has entrusted me with many pity? Can I love the being who has arranged

precious interests which I can use well or ill; the universe so that they shall come to this? but I will not believe that He has ever trusted

“ But I must love my Creator, for he is as the immortal destiny of my soul out of His own kind as my father was, and as tender as my hands." mother was.

Otherwise he has made a crea. ture better than himself, according to our human definition of better, which is contrary

“ Pleadings for Dumb Plaintiffs.” to all reason, as it seems to me. How absurd to disclaim against the lawless passions of “ The Society for United Prayer Against Jupiter, or the jealous rages of Juno, as suffi- Cruelty to Animals, especially with regard to ciently disproving their Divinity, and then call the practice of Vivisection” has published a on mankind to believe in a being who has series of pretty little booklets, by Edith established an almost infinite laboratory, where Carrington. They are as follows :the vivisections and viviustions of sensitive No. 1.- Sorrows of the Seal. organisms are to set forth his glory for ever

II.-The Price of a Skin. to creatures that were once men and women

III.-The Sufferings of Poultry: men with tears in their eyes-women with

IV.-Cruelty 10 Fish. milk in their breasts!

V.- Playing at Butchery. “I grant all that can be fairly said about the

VI.- Which are the Brutes ?

VII.-The Otter and his Woes.
suffering we see here on earth. I should not
have expected to find so much. But I see

VIII.--Sportsmen or Demons.

and Be Merciful (for children). compensation in some form trying to restore the balance; I see apparent misery solacing Our readers are so familiar with the many itself in unforeseen ways; I see habit render- excellencies of Miss Carrington's works that ing tolerable what seemed too much to be they will need no encouragement from us to borne; I see sleep with its sweet oblivion, and purchase these handy lit papers. They are death with its certain release from the unfit wonderful value at id. each, 5d. the dozen, or tenement and its at least possible solution of 35. the hundred, and orders for them should be every doubt and cure for every ill. In all this sent to Miss Woodward, 158, Lancaster Road, I see nothing like Hell. I see ignorance and London, W.


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Jhe Muzzle Jorture.

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By PROF. WOODROFFE Hill. THE assertion that muzzling will stamp Walter Long, with his sporting proclivities,

out rabies has no foundation in fact, and supposed fondness for dogs, could whereas the cruelty associated with lend himself to such a glaring incon

such a preposterous absurdity is a sistency-indeed I will add cruelty, as the reality. Leaving aside for a moment the enforcement of a wire muzzle, and it would irritable sores produced by a muzzle, be well to enquire into the R.S.P.C.A.'s especially of wire, and assuming it is so quietude in the matter. constructed as to avoid such sores, there There is, as alleged, no sentiment anent must of necessity still follow great dis- muzzling, it is simply the conclusion of comfort and mental irritation to the wearer, common sense and humanity. The only and constantly irritated quadrupeds are mistake that has occurred in connection not desirable or enjoyable companions. with this wretched and uncalled-for order

Those who have carefully studied canine is that the wrong subject has been habits and functions are aware that water tortured. The individual or individuals


" Monarch,” AND Master Hill. is an absolute necessity to a dog, and its who have brought it about should wear denial a great trial if nothing worse. Dogs the cage, not the innocent devoted animals at large about our public thoroughfares who are now being punished to satisfy the usually have to drink from shallow water, childish whims and fears of men whose whether out of a drinking pan or other- years should have brought them sense, wise. To lap, the tongue when protruded if not feeling.

. had to be curled, therefore it will be obvious When the London hydrophobia scare to any common-sense individual that a was at its height during the period Sir dog with a wire muzzle on, especially the Chas. Warren was in office, when he pattern adopted or approved by the Board rigorously enforced the muzzling order, I of Agriculture, must be considerably was deputed to deliver a public lecture on checked, if not absolutely prevented in the subject at the Kensington Town Hall. drinking, as the nose portion or end of Shortly afterwards, when returning home such a muzzle touches the bottom of the from Charing Cross, I noticed a fine St. vessel or ground when the animal attempts Bernard dog on the station wearing, under to lap and thus prevents the tongue from great distress, a wire muzzle, which had performing its natural function.

occasioned severe lacerations to the head It is inconceivable how a man like Mr. and face. I forfeited my train to meet his

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