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A RETURN of the Names of the different Prize AGENTS, SECRETARIES, or

other Persons employed in the Distribution or Management of the Deccan
Prize Money in India ; the Amount of Total Allowance as Per-centage
or Salary paid to each; the Amount of Law Expenses; the interval between
each Payment to Captors, and the Number of Years that have elapsed since
the Caption; so far as the same can be furnished by the Court of Directors
of the East India Company.

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THE shares of the Deccan Booty distributable in India have, at the request of
the Trustees, been paid by Station and Regimental Prize Committees, in the manner
usually observed. Those Committees were composed of the Commanding Officer, the next
in seniority, the Adjutant, and the Quarter-master of the several Regiments.

The members of those Prize Committees act gratuitously.
The captures were effected in the years 1817 and 1818.
The payment of the “ Actual Captures” in India was advertised 28th March 1828.
The payment of the “Constructive Captures” was advertised in India 15th May 1829.

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STATEMENT of Sums Paid by the Company for Law and other Charges connected with

the Deccan Prize Property.
1826-27 Amount disbursed by the General Paymaster at Bombay, in the cause of

the King v. Ameerchund Beerdychund, to recover from the fund a deposit
of the Paishwa with Naroba Outia




41,938 By. Rs. 55,602

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A RETURN relative to the Deccan Booty ; in obedience to the Letter

from the Secretary of the Treasury to the Trustees of the Deccan Booty, dated 20th December 1831.

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1. Names of the Per- | Mr. Archibald Campbell

:]}The late Agents of the Trustees. sons_employed by Lieut.-Colonel Arbuthnot the Trustees in the Distribution or Ma

Lieut.-Colonel Doyle, of His
nagement of the

Majesty's Service, laté Secre-
Deccan Prize Money

tary to the Marquis of Hast These Officers, having been

ings in England?

employed under the authority Lieut.-Colonel Cadell, of the of the Marquis of Hastings, or East India Company's $er of Sir Thomas Hislop, in the vice

Prize Affairs, were afterwards
Major Craigie, of ditto appointed by the Trustees to
The late Major Wood, of His aid and assist their Agents.
Majesty's Service, Secretary
to Sir Thos. Hislop
Lieut.-Colonel Arbuthnot

The present Agents of the
Mr. John Kirkland


2. Ditto in India ?

The Trustees did not appoint any persons to act in India on their behalf. The Court of Directors superintended the Affairs in India.

No. 5

3. Amount of Allow Five rupees per cent. upon

This Allowance of 5 per ance as Per-centage the sums distributed under the cent. defrayed all expenses whator Salary paid to Warrants of the Treasury of ever connected with the apeach?

the 30th September 1826, and pointment of Agents, and the 13th February 1828, as stated surplus was shared by the below in answer to Query | Agents under-mentioned.

In the Agency upon Actual

Captures :
Mr. Archibald Campbell.
Lieut.-Colonel Arbuthnot.
Lieut.-Colonel Cadell.
Major Wood.
In the Agency upon Construc-
tive Captures :
Mr. Archibald Camphell.
Lieut.-Colonel Arbuthnot.
Lieut.-Colonel Doyle.
Lieut.-Colonel Cadell.

Major Craigie. 4. The Amount of Law 36,971 l. 38. 7d.

Of this sum the bills of Expenses ?

costs incurred under the orders of the Marquis of Hastings and Sir Thomas Hislop, before

the Trustees had been appointed, amounted to 33,229 l. 158. 5 d.; and the remainder was incurred under the authority of the Treasury, and in the prosecution of the Appeal Cause which was recently before his Majesty in Council.

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COPY of KING'S WARRANT, dated 31st July 1832, authorizing a SCHEN E


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WHEREAS by a Warrant under the Royal Sign Manual of his late Majesty George
the Fourth, Our late Brother, of happy and glorious memory, bearing date the 22d day of
March in the fourth year of his reign, He was graciously pleased to give and grant unto
Our right trusty and right entirely beloved cousin and councillor Arthur

Duke of Wellington, and Our right trusty and well-beloved councillor Charles Arbuthnot, All and every the Ordnance, Arms, Artillery and Ammunition, Stores of War, Provisions, Elephants, Cattle, Goods, Merchandize and other things, being Plunder or Booty of every description, which were captured and taken by Our Forces in conjunction with the Forces of the United Company of Merchants of England trading to the East Indies, in the War and operations against the Pindarrees and certain of the Mahratta States and Powers, in the years 1817 and 1818, and also all Money into which the said Plunder or Booty, or any part thereof, might have been converted, as also all such as might already have been secured or received into the hands of the said United Company, or any of their officers or servants, or other person or persons, as also all such as the said Trustees might afterwards recover or receive from the said United Company, or any of their officers or servants, or of any other person or persons whomsoever on account of such Booty, In Trust for the purpose of being distributed to the said Forces according to a Scheme directed by the said Warrant to be prepared and submitted by the said Trustees to the Commissioners of his said Majesty's Treasury, for the signification of his Majesty's pleasure therein : And whereas the Commissioners of his said Majesty's Treasury humbly submitted to his said Majesty, for his Majesty's gracious approval, a Minute of their Board, bearing date the 16th day of January 1826, containing directions to the said Trustees as to the principles on which they were to prepare a Scheme for the distribution of the said Booty, of which further directions his Majesty was graciously pleased to approve, and the several sums of Twenty-one lacs fifty-eight thousand one hundred and sixty-eight rupees three annas and three pice, and of Forty-one lacs thirty-nine thousand eight hundred and three rupees fourteen annas and one pice, were distributed under Schemes prepared in pursuance of the said Minute : And whereas the Commissioners of Our Treasury have represented unto Us, that they have maturely considered a Scheme prepared in conformity to the said Minute, and submitted to them by the said Trustees, for distribution of a further part of the said Booty arising from constructive captures during the said War by the Forces under the command of the late Most Noble Francis Marquis of Hastings, Knight of the Garter, Commander in Chief of all Our Forces in India, amounting in all to Twenty-seven lacs four thousand three hundred and forty-six rupees ten annas and four pice, as shown by the said Scheme hereunto annexed, bearing the signatures of the said Trustees and of three of the Commissioners of Our Treasury : And whereas We are graciously pleased to approve of the said Scheme; We do hereby authorize and direct the said Trustees to distribute the proceeds of the said Twenty-seven lacs four thousand three hundred and forty-six rupees ten annas and four pice accordingly. And We do further direct, that the Agents entrusted by the said Trustees in distributing the said Booty shall regulate their conduct in regard to all notices and notifications, and in accounting for the said Booty as to the portion to be paid to Our Forces, according to the Provisions of an Act passed in the fifty-fourth year of the reign of His Majesty Our Royal Father, of blessed memory, intituled, “ An Act for regulating the Payment of Army Prize Money, and to

provide for the Payment of Unclaimed and Forfeited Shares to Chelsea Hospital ;” and in regard to such proportion of the said Booty as shall become payable to the Forces of the said United Company, in such manner as may appear to the said Trustees to be most conformable to the rules and usage according to which Booty has on former occasions generally been distributed to the Forces of the said Company. And We are further graciously pleased to order and direct, that in case any doubt shall arise respecting any particular claim or claims under the distribution of this Booty, to be made according to the rules and directions hereinbefore mentioned, the same shall be determined by the said Trustees, and their determination shall be final and conclusive upon all persons concerned; and for so doing this shall be to all persons herein concerned a sufficient Warrant.

Given at Our Court at St. James's this 31st day of July 1832, in the third year of Our reign.


(signed) ALTHORP.



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