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Some correct idea may be formed of the injuries sustained in the Charaib Country only, when we state that by an estimate made for one estate there, it will require 150,000 feet of lumber alone to replace what has been destroyed. Many estates, we fear, will never resume their pristine grandeur.

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Abstract of Damages sustained by the following Estates, during the Storm of

the 11th instant.
Tourama-Every building destroyed, with the exception of the sick-house and

Orange-bill-Every building destroyed, with the exception of one negro-house ;
6 negroes killed, also a number of mules and cattle, and 2 horses.

Waterloo - Buildings all destroyed; 5 negroes killed.

Langley-park-Works completely destroyed; the dwelling-house a heap of ruins;
negro-houses, pens, &c. all down; the sick house the only building standing.

Lot 14–Works all unroofed, and half the dwelling-house.
Rabaca-- Works unroofed, nothing but the walls lett.

Mount Bentinck--Boiling-bouse, curing-house, and mill-house unroofed, and
part of the wall down ;, overseer’s-house, mule-pen, megass-house, hospital, and
horse stable down; also negro-houses.

Grand Sable_Works injured in the roofs ; 20 negro-houses destroyed.

Mount William-Best part of the works, pens, negro-houses, and bay stores blown down.

Sans Souci—The dwelling-house, a great part of the works, and many negrohouses destroyed.

Mount Grenan—Two megass-bouses and two pens destroyed; works and dwelling. house materially injured, 17 negro-houses destroyed, 25 damaged.

Park-hill-Dwelling-house and out-buildings destroyed; works unroofed, and negro-houses much injured.

New Adelphi-Mansion-house and 30 negro-houses completely destroyed; works injured.

Colonarie Vale-Dwelling-house and offices, megass-house, and pens completely destroyed; works unroofed, some stock killed, much valuable furniture destroyed.

Three Rivers—Works very much injured; boiling-house unroofed.

Dumbarton-Mill-house and out-houses down; megass-house blown down; negro-houses mostly destroyed.

Adelphi-The roofs of the two boiling-houses stripped ; overseer's house blown down; mansion-house injured ; mule and cattle-pens destroyed.

Peruvian Vale— Roof of the boiling-house injured ; mule and cattle-pens destroyed.

Richland Park-Mill-house, sick-house, megass-house, and several of the negrohouses down; part of the roof of curing-house and chimney off; all the outbuildings thrown down.

Cottons-Out-houses and negro-houses down; dwelling-house much injured.

Calder Ridge-All the works and overseer's house, mule-pen, and megass-house down; several negro-houses destroyed.

Calder-Boiling-house unroofed; overseer’s-house, mule-pen, and a megasshouse, with several negro-houses, down.

Argyle - Part of the works unroofed ; pens and coopers’-shops down; many
negro-houses unroofed.

Akers—The works and out-buildings destroyed; negro-houses much injured.
Escape-Several buildings injured.

Upper Diamond-Boiling-house, megass-house, and other erections much
injured; three negroes severely wounded, the thigh of one broken.
Lower Diamond-Megass-house and pens destroyed.

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Mount Pleasant-Megass-house, coopers'-shop, and lumber-house destroyed ; boiling, still, and mill-houses injured ; 25 negro-houses destroyed, 25 damaged.

Brighton-Out-offices, pens, and several negro-houses destroyed; 12 damaged.

Belvidere– Two megass-houses and four pens destroyed; boiling and sick-house materially damaged; 15 negro-houses destroyed, 30 damaged.

Carapan-Boiling-house and pens destroyed, still-house, dwelling-house, and out-offices ; 12 negro-houses destroyed, 20 injured.

Ratho-mill-Roofs of the curing and still-houses injured; roofs of the mule-pen blown off, boiling-house injured, megass-house and six negro-houses blown down, and others unroofed; three mules and one ox killed.

Fair-hall-School-room, mule-pen, coopers' and carpenters'-shop, &c. blown down, also 15 negro-houses.

Kingstown Park-Megass-house and pens destroyed; 10 negro-houses and dwelling-house damaged.

Ortley Hall –Roof of the works half uncovered; horse stable and sheep-pen destroyed; 12 negro-houses destroyed, the others unroofed ; mill much damaged, and 20 acres forward canes nearly destroyed.

Camden Park-The roofs of the works much injured.

Questles-Sick-house blown down, and the roofs of the other buildings much injured, also several negro-houses.

Pembroke--No return.

Cane Grove-Mill-house and boiling-house much mjured; megass-house, cattle-pen, and tradesmen's shed destroyed; bay stores much injured, and about 8,000 bricks lost; part of the chapel thrown down.

Hope-Roof of the works blown of; megass and overseer’s-houses down.
Retreat--Mill-house, megass and 12 negro houses down.

Queensbury-Boiling-house, roof off and pillars thrown down; mountain-house blown down; 4 negro-bouses destroyed and others injured ; great damage done by the river, which overflowed its banks and reached the works.

Pennistons-Nearly all the negro-houses destroyed.

Rutland Vale--Mill-house unroofed; boiling and curing houses untiled and damaged; megass-house, stable, carpenters' and coopers' shops, overseer's-house, sick-house, and 15 negro-houses destroyed.

Palmiste~ The works uncovered, and many negro-houses down.
Cowdry's—Buildings all destroyed, only one negro-house standing.

Mount Wynne-Works slightly injured in the roots; mule and cattle-pens and coopers' shop destroyed.

Peter's Hope.--One megass-house and pens destroyed; boiling, still, and curing. houses and store materially damaged; 6 negro-houses destroyed.

Keartons-Negro-houses, stables, pens, and overseer's house down; dwellinghouse and works greatly injured.

Cumberland-Works materially injured ; part of the roof of the dwelling-house carried away; manager's-house partly destroyed, sick-house and 5 negro-houses down.

Spring-All the works destroyed.
Mount Hope-All the works destroyed.
Millingtons-All the buildings destroyed, and the negro-houses, except 11.
Westwood - Both sets works down; only 10 negro-houses standing.

Belmont-All the buildings and negro-houses destroyed, with the exception of part of the manager's-house.

Bostock Park-The walls of the works and i overseer's house standing ; negrohouses all destroyed, except 2; the whole of the manager's furniture, clothes, &c. destroyed; 1 child, 3 mules, 2 cattle, killed; storehouse at Nootka Sound unroofed.

Rose-Bank--Buildings and negro-houses completely destroyed.

Petit Bordel and Sharpes-Buildings and negro-houses materially injured ; dwelling and out-houses down,


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Golden Grove— Negro-houses, megass-house, and mule-pens down; dwellinghouse injured.

Fitzhughes—Buildings all destroyed, except mill and curing-houses ; negro houses nearly all down.

Wallibou-Dwelling and negro-houses, mule and cattle-pens, totally destroyed ; sick-house thrown down; works unroofed ; one woman killed; canes destroyed.

Richmond--Buildings totally destroyed, except one room in the manager'shouse ; negro-houses down; stores on the bay, full of supplies and produce, totally destroyed; all the canes swept away.

Fancy-A wilderness; 4 negroes killed. · Not only are the forward canes for the ensuing crop, together with the negro provision grounds upon these estates, either totally destroyed or greatly injured, but every other estate, with few exceptions, has received a like injury.

All the wharfs at Rabaca, which were built at a vast expense of money and labour, are demolished, and the store-houses destroyed.

Every small settlement in the leeward quarter destroyed. The habitations of the Charaibs, at Morne Rond, all destroyed.

The Proprietor of Rabaca and No. 14 has authorized us to give the following rough sketch of the damage done to his own estates, those under his charge of which he has received returns, and other estates in the immediate neighbourhood of his residence. This sketch reached us at a late hour.

Lot 14-Mill-house unroofed, the mason-work walls remaining ; boiling-house, front and back walls, down to the seats of the coppers ; copper-hole shades blown away; curing-house unroofed, the cellar below is only remaining ; still-house, ditto, ditto; 2 megass-houses, the greater part down; hospital, with doctor's shop and nurses' room, entirely gone; walls of the kitchen remaining; dwelling-house, one half remaining; kitchen and store down ; overseers' house, one half down, the other part must be taken down ; managers' house in a similar state; stables, pens, cooper, carpenter and blacksıniths' shops, all down; all the negro-houses unroofed, most of them down; canes and provisions above ground levelled with the earth.

Rabaca—Works, negro-houses and outhouses, as nearly as possible in the same condition; manager's house and hospital standing; mills and stills on both estates. uninjured; wharf and bay store entirely gone, no part remaining.

Langley Park-Works, negro-houses and outhouses in the same state as Rabaca; dwelling-house and hospital unroofed, both may be repaired.

No lives lost on the three above estates.
Waterloo-In same condition as the above.
Orange-Hill-Same; negro-houses on both all down.

Tourama-If possible, in a worse state than the estates to the southward ; no part of the works, excepting the stone walls, standing.

The Fancy-Much in the same state.

Richmond--Also in a similar state ; nothing but the mason-work walls of the cellar standing

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The following Vessels were driven on shore, where they still remain : Barques ; Irlam and Arethusa. Brigs ; Exchange, Quebec, Decagon, Mary, Kezia, Alliance, Antionette, Horatio Nelson and Eliza. Brigantine, Samuel Hinds. Schooners ; Ark and Perseverance. Mail-boats; Barbados and Montague.

The brigantine Heroine was in the Careenage, where she remained in comparative safety, having suffered only in the rigging. The schooner James was also in the Careenage, and sustained little dainage, except the loss of masts.

The schooner Elizabeth sailed hence for Demerara on Wednesday afternoon; she fortunately weathered the storm, and returned here, when she was employed by his Excellency the Governor to proceed to that colony with despatches, in the hope of falling in with a homeward bound vessel; but failing in that they would be immediately forwarded to England by his Excellency Sir Benjaminj D'Urban, Governor-general of British Guiana.

From the St. Vincent's Gazette of August 25. SINCE our last we have collected the particulars of the damages sustained by several estates which were not then mentioned. Abstract of Damages sustained by the following Estates during the Storm of the

11th instant. Bellvue-Roof of the curing-house stripped ; 'tiles off the boiling-house ; megasshouse destroyed ; negro-houses injured.

Coumacrabou-Roofs of the boiling, still and dwelling-houses stripped; millspout blown to pieces; all the negro-bouses except two destroyed.

New Prospect-Works partly unroofed ; 10 negro-houses down, the others much injured ; horse-stable, cattle, mule and sheep pens destroyed.

Spring-Works partially injured in the roofs ; part of the dwelling-house blown in; negro-houses much injured.

Union, North--One-half the boiling-house blown down, the other half stripped ; two' megass-houses and all the pens down; overseer's house and curing-house stripped ; 4 outbouses blown down; 8 negro-houses destroyed; 75 injured; 3 cattle killed.

Union, South ---Boiling-house 'roof-blown down; curing-house and liquor-loft stripped ; mill and spouting destroyed; cooper's shop and pens- all down; 12 negro-houses down, 62 damaged, also overseer's house ; 2 bay stores swept away by the sea; i unroofed ; another injured ; i ass killed.

Coubamarou-Mule and other pens and cart-shed down.

Evesham Vale--Horse stable, hospital and two out-rooms blown down; works injured in the roofs; 16 negro-houses destroyed, the others injured.

Belmont, Mariaqua-Horse-stable and cooper's shop destroyed ; 6 negro-houses destroyed; the others slightly injured.

Harmony Hall-Still-house and rum-cellar destroyed; boiling-house much damaged and stripped ; can-room destroyed; megass-house injured ; 3 negro-houses destroyed, the others uproofed ; stone kitchen and out-offices totally destroyed.

Prospect Megass-house and works injured ; 4 negro-houses destroyed, 20 injured ; i uegro killed.

Villa ---Boiling-house stripped ; roof of liquor-loft and curing-house unshingled ; mill-roof entirely gone ; mule and other pens destroyed ; 35 negro-houses unroofed, the others injured; part of the overseer's house blown away.

Fountain-Mule and cattle-pens unroofed; megass-house unroofed, and some of the pillars down; sick-house much injured, gallery blown away.

Sion-Hill-Mule and cattle-pens and two horse-stables destroyed ; 2 megasshouses blown down; part of the boiling-house unroofed ; several negro-houses blown down, the others injured; 5 mules, 1 horse, 1 ox and 3 sheep killed.

Cane-Garden-Both megass-houses, mule, pen, horse-stable and one negrohouse blown down ; mill-house unroofed ; half the works untiled, and the other buildings materially injured ; 2 cattle killed.

Montrose~Pens and megass-house unroofed ; i negro-house destroyed ; ? cattle killed.

Liberty-Lodge—Stable, mule-pen and mill-spouting completely destroyed ; man. sion-house, boiling-house and kilclieu much injured.

Pembroke~One megass-house unroofed; boiling-house roof stripped; pens blown down; negro-houses much injured.

Mount Wynne-Works slightly injured in the roofs ; mule and cattle-pens and cooper's shop destroyed.


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Reversion—Boiling-house partly untiled; gallery of the dwelling-house, blown down; megass-houses destroyed.

Wallilabou-No return.

Grove Boiling-house unroofed ; mill-house, 2 megass-houses and 9 negrohouses down; spouting and canal carried away; 2 mules and 1 ox killed.

Lance Mahaut-Mule-round blown down; all the works unroofed'; all the negro-houses except six destroyed; gallery of the dwelling-house carried away.

Mount Alexander-Boiling and mill-house roofs stripped; all the negro-houses destroyed, except one or two.

The other estates in the island, as well as those in the Grenadines, received but trifling injuries, except in their canes and provisions grounds.

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My Lord,

St. Lucia, August 18, 1831,
I BEG leave to acquaint your Lordship that, on the morning of the 11th instant,
this island experienced a most violent hurricane, which has occasioned more damage
and loss than the hurricane of the year 1817. I am happy to add that few lives
have been lost, but the plantations to the windward and southward side of the island
have suffered severely. I inclose, for your Lordship’s information, the St. Lucia
Gazette, which gives a more full and detailed account than the limits of a letter will
admit of. The losses sustained by the colony may, as far as I can judge at pre-
sent, be estimated at from 25,000/. to 30,000 l. sterling, but the returns from the
different quarters of the island have not yet been received.

I have the honour to be, &c.
(signed) M. A. Boson, Lieut.-Col.

Administering the Government.
The Right Hon. Viscount Goderich,

&c. &c. &c.


From the St. Lucia Gazette of August 17, 1831.

It becomes our painful and distressing duty to announce that this island has just experienced one of those awful visitations to which the West India Islands are occasionally, though not frequently, subjected ; and which, when they do occur, leave awful proofs of their destructive and resistless power. On the night of Wednesday last, the sky had a very heavy lowering appearance, which was scarcely regarded, but early on Thursday morning, the wind North, it commenced to blow very fresh, which continued increasing, accompanied with some rain, until five o'clock, when its augmenting violence excited a strong sensation of alarm, the wind varying a little to the East, which was generally considered favourable ; but by seven or half-past seven o'clock, no doubt was entertained but that we were doomed to encounter all the dangers of a hurricane; which heretofore was considered as only to occur with a westerly wind. At a little after eight o'clock our harbour presented a most awful appearance, the sea running mountains high, and breaking with appalling violence on the South side; the vessels all endeavouring to secure a safe anchorage, while many of them, totally ungovernable, led to the natural conclusion that they at least, if not the hands on board, were doomed to destruction; while through the town, tiles, shingles, arms of trees, fragments of houses, and other dangerous missiles were flying rapidly about, and retained almost uninterrupted possession of the streets. In this awful situation the town was situated from about half-past eight o'clock until twelve, when the wind, which was not one continued gale, but frequent and violent gusts, became more moderate, and though after that hour there were a few violent squalls, before two o'clock it was compara

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