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To the Subscribers and friends of the "American Review." We have a word to say about this commencement of the enterprise ; and we ask a moment's kind attention from our friends.

No. I, bearing date Jan. 1845, was advertised to be issued in Sep. tember. The expectation was, that this would be about the 20th of that month. As all, however, must be aware, the hindrances to the first execution of such a work are very numerous, many of them unexpected. To show bow insurmountable was one of them, it may be stated that the noble engraving of Mr. Clay, by far the finest, we think, that has ever appeared, could not, from the illness of the artist, and the great nicety of execution requisite, be finished till the 12th of October ; and it was determined that the Review should not appear till it could satisfy to some degree, the expectations of its supporters. All future Nos. will be issued by or before 'he 1st of each month. No. II. will bear date Feb. 1545, but will be issued early in January.

Such as this first number is, we put it forth with some confidence The crisis of lhe times has forced into its pages a little more of the political element than is designed to belong to future numbers. But no first pages of a periodical can exhibit all those qualities which are ultimately to form ils character, and we have to rely upon the stamp and tone of what we have presented. In the course, hereafter, of a calm and steady progress, we intend to move over many parts of the great field of human knowledge and human observation. History, Philosophy, Politics, Art, Science, Fiction and Poetry, will all find a place in turn; we shall pass

"From grave o gay, from lively to severe,” in a manner, we trust, to interest readers of every class.

And now, for this work may we ask a support commensurate with its importance. We ask its friends every where, to do something more than give their good wishes. It is not enough that we can defray the mere mechanical expenses.

We must have the best writers in the country, and they must be paid. If every one willing to subscribe himself, would obtain one additional subscription from a friend, the full success of the enterprise would soon be effected.


On page 64-for "Sept. 7,” referring to the solar rings, read Sept. 19.

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