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61 And said, This saying,
fellow faid, I am able 58 We heard him
to destroy the temple say, I will destroy this
of God, and to build temple that is made
it in three days. with hands, and within

three days I will build
another made without .

59 But neither so
did their witness agree

66 And as soon as it was day, the elders of the people, and the chief priests and the scribes came together, and led him

into their council, 62 And the high 60 And the high priest arose, and said priest stood up in the unto him, Answereft mids, and asked Jesus, thou nothing? what saying, Answereff thou is it which there wit- nothing ? what is it ness against thee? which these witness

against thee?
63 Bur Jesus held 61 But he held his
his peace.

peace, and answered

67. Saying, Art
thou the Christ ? tell
us. And he said unto.

two falle Witnesses, who alledg’d they had heard Jefus fay he would destroy this Temple made with hands, and build another in three days time without any human help. But neither was this accusation strong enough to condemn him to death; which made the chief Priest and Jews, assembled in the house of Caiaphas, at á loss how to destroy him.

The next day the whole Sanhedrim being assembled in the usual Place, Jesus was brought before them by those who had bin in the house of Caiaphas, and the Witnesses were again examin'd ; to whose accusations Jesus making no reply, the High Priest arose, and ask'd him the reason of his Silence. But Jesus returning no answer, many other Members of the Sanbedrim ask'd him whether he were the Merch or not, and commanded him to give an Answer to their question. Then



Јон м.




chem, If I tell you,
you will not believe.

68 And if I also
ask you, you will not
answer me, nor let me

go. And the high priett Again the high priest answered and taid unto asked him, and said him,

unco hiin, I adjure thee by the living God, that thou tell us, whether thou be

Are thou 70 Then said they the Christ, the Son of the Christ, the Son of all, Art thou then the God. the blessed ?

Son of God? 64 Jesus saith unto 62 And Jesus said, And he said to them, him, *hou hast said : I am:

Ye say that I am. neverthelets I say unto 1

69 Hercafter shall you, Hereafter

che Son of man fic on
the right hand of the

power of God.

and ye shall see the Son of man see the Son of man fitting on the right sitting on the right hand of power, and hand of power, and coming in the clouds coming in the clouds of heaven.

of heaven. 65 Then the high 63 Then the high priest rent his clothes, priest rent his clothes, saying,

and faith,

Thall ye

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faid Jesus, if I should here profess my self the Mefiah, you would not believe me; and if I should propose any Questions to you, you would not dismiss me, tho you would be unable to reply to what I could propound: for which reason I think it not necessary to make any Defence, or plead for my self before this Affembly.

But the High Priest, that he might get an Answer from him, began to adjure him by the true God, to tell them whether he were the Meffah, the Son of God; and the others also urg'd him to the fame purpose. Jesus then perceiving himself bound by fo religious a Ty, made this publick Profession: I am indeed him you mention, The Meffizh; and hereafter you shall see me feated at the right hand of that inaccessible Light by which God manifests his Presence in Heaven, and descending in the Clouds from Heaven, so as you shall no longer doubt whether I am the Mesrah or not. Upon hearing of which words the High Priest rent his Garment, exclaiming a




He hath spoken blaf.
pheny ;

71 And they said, what further need What need we any What need we any have we of witnesses ? further witnesses ? further wicness? for

behold, now 64 Ye have heard we ourselves have ye have heard his blaf- the blafphemy: heard of his own phucmy.

mouch. 66 What think ye?

wliat think ye? They answered and And they all condemnsaid, He is guilty of ed him to be guilty of deach.

death. 67 Then did they 65 And some began 63 And the men spit in his face, and to spit on him, and to that held Jesus, mockbuffeted him, and o- cover his face, and to ed him, and smote him. thers (mote him with buffet him, and 64 And when they the palms of their

had blindfolded him, hands,

they stroke him on the 68 Saying, Prophe- to say unto him, Pro- face, and asked him, syunto us, thou phely: and the servants saying, Prophesy who Christ, who is he that did Itrike him with the is it that smore thee? (mote thee? palms of their hands.

65 And many other things blasphemously (pake they against him.

gainst Jesus as a Blasphemer. Then turning himself to the Sansedrim; What need, laid he, of any further witness? You your felves have heard his Blasphemy, what think you ? they replied, they thought he deserv'd to die. At that time the Guard set over hin began to spit on him, and to buffet him; and having blindfolded him, they struck him with the Palms of their hands, bidding him guess who it was that struck him, sice, being the Meffith, as he said, he must needs be a Prophet also. After this manner did thefe miserable Wretches revile him; but the Sairbedrim without any more to do condemn’d him as wortby of Death.

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morning 6

ND straightway

in the mornwas come, all the chiet ing the chief priests priests and elders of held a consultation che people, took coun- with the elders and fel against Jesus fcribes, and the whole to put him to death. council,

2. And when they had bound him, they and bound ND

28 Then led they livered him to Pontius away, and delivered them arose, and led unto the hall of judg. Pilace the governour. him to Pilate.

him to Pilate.

ment :

and it was early, and they chemselves went nor into the judgment-hall, left they should be defiled; but that they might eat the parlover.

29 Pilate then went out unto them, and said, what accusation bring you against chis. man?

hinde him away, and

de Jesus, and carried hina * AND the whole

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The Jews carry Jesus before Pilat, and demand Sentence against him. Pilat receives their accusation, examins bim upon it, and acquits him; but at laft

, for fear of a Sedition, be condemns bim, tho against his Will, and sets Barabbas frce. Tbe Despair of Judas.

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ESUS having bin thus condemned by them, the whole Sanhedrim-arose, and

went diredly to the Judgment-Fall to impeach him before Pontius Pilat the Ra man Governour : thither they led Jesus. However they themselves went not in, that they might not be defi'd by going into the house of a Heathen Man, and thereby be excluded from eating of the Victims that were that day to be facrificed, and which were wout (as the other Sacrifices offer'd up during the eight Days that Featt lasts) to be call'd, The Passover.

Pilat being inform’d that the Jews waited without with a Man bound, whom they design'd to deliver into his hands as worthy of Death, indulging their SuperMtition in this particular, came out and askid them what crime they accusid hin of.





30 They anfwered and said unto him, If he were nor a malefactor, we would not have delivered him up unto chce.

31 Then laid Pilate unto them, Take ye him, and judg him according to your law. The Jews therefore said unto him, It is not lawful for us to put any man to death:

32 That the saying of Jesus might be fulfilled, which he fpake, fignifying what dcach

he thould die.
2 And they began
to accuse him, saying,
We found this fellone
perverting the nation,
and forbidding to give
tribute to Cefar, faying,
that he himself is Chrift

a king.
11 And Jefus food
before the governour;
and the governour ask 2 And Pilate asked


And Pilare asked ed him, saying, Art him, Art thou the him, saying, Art thou thou the king of the king of the Jews ? the king of the Jews? They replied, (half angry that Pilat should seem to suspect them as designing to destroy an innocent Perfon) that if he had not bin a Malefactor, they would not have brought him before him. Pilat then bid them take him, and judg him according to their Law. They answer'd, they had already examin'd him, and found himn worthy of Death, which the Roman Laws prohibited them to put in execution. By which means came to pass what Felius had foretold concerning the Death he lould die; the Rom.ins being wont to crucify such strangers as were condemnd to death, which was contrary to the custom of the Jews, who beside then could not execute any one, unless upon some sudden tumult.

Then they urg'd against him, that they knew lie endeavor'd to foment a Tumult, and raise an Insurrection against the Roman Government, by forbidding the Peoples paying Tribute to Cæsar, affirming that he himself was King of the Jews. Pilat then ask'd fesus, who stood before him, whether he were the King of the Vyv 2


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