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the young men laid
hold on him.

52 And he left the
linen cloch, and fled
from them naked.

13 And led him a way to Annas first (tor he was father in law to Caiaphas, which was the high prieft that same year.)

14 Now Caiaphas was he which gave counsel to ehe Jews, that it was expedient that one man should

die for the people 57 And they that 53 And they led 54 Then cook they

24 (Now Anpas had had laid hold on Jesus, Jesus away to the high him, and led him, and sene him bound unto led him away to Caia- pricft:

brought him into the Caiaphas the high phas the high priest,

high priests house. priest.) where and with him were the scribes and the el- assembled all the chief ders were assembled.

priests, and the elders,

and the scribes. 58 Buc Peter fol54 And Peter fol

And Perer fol.

Is And Simon Péter lowed him afar off, lowed him afar off, lowed afar off. followed Jesus, and

so did another disciple. That disciple was known unto the high priest, and went in with Jesus into the palace of the high

priest. about his Body, was taken by the Soldiers ; but he escap'd from them naked, leaving his Garment in their hands.

The Soldiers having thus feiz'd on Fesus, led him away first to the house of Annas, who was father in law to Caiaphas the High Priest for that year. Now this Caiaphas was he who in the Sinbedrim, when they had the debate concerning Jefus, gave his C'pinion thas it was necessary that one Man Should dy for the Whole People; wh ch was truer than he imagin'd, as we have already faid. But Annas order d him to be carried before the High Prieit, where many of the San bedrim wire afsembled.

In the mean time Peter, and John the Son of Zebedee follow'd him at a distance ; who being acquainted with the High Priest and his Family, went in after Jefius in





16 But Peter stood at the door without. Then went out that other disciple which was known unto the high priest, and spake to her that kept the door, and brought in

unto the high priests even into the palace 55 And when they
palace, and went in, of the high priest: had kindled a fire in
and fat with the ser- and he sat with the the midst of the hall,

servants, and warmed and were set down co-
himself at the fire. gether, Peter sat down

among them.

to see the end.

69 Now Peter fat 66 And as Peter without in the palace: was beneath in the paand a damsel came to lace, there cometh him,

one of the maids of
the high priest.

67 And when she 56 But a certain
saw Peter Warming maid beheld him as he
himself, she looked fat by the fire, and
upon him,

earnestly looked upon

17 Then faith the damsel that kept the

door unto Peter, faying, Thou also and said, And and said, This

Art nor thou, wast with Jesus of thou also wast with man was also wich also one of this mans Galilee. Jcfus of Nazareth. him.

disciples? 70 But he denied 68 But he denied,

57 And he denied

He faich, before them all, fay- saying, I know not, him, saying, Woman, I am not. ing, I know not what neicher understand i I know him not. thou sayeft.

what thou sayeft.

to the Hall: but Peter staid without, being denied admittance by the Woman that look'd to the Door. Fohn perceiving Peter was not let in, went out and prevaild with the Porter to admit him. Peter being got in, fat himself down by the fire in the Hall with the Priests Servants, to observe the issue of the Business. While he was there, the Woman that let him in, looking sted fastly upon him, ask'd him whether he were not one of the Disciples of Jesus of Nazareth. Peter told her he was not, and that he could not imagine why the should accuse him. A little Ttt 2






And he went out into che porch ; and the cock crew.

18^ And the fer. vants and officers stood there, who had made a fire of coals, (for it was cold ) and they warmed themselves: and Peter stood with them, and warmed himself.

.25 And Simon Peter stood and warmed

himself : 71 And when he

69 And a maid faw 58 And after a little was gone out into the him again,

while another saw him, porch, another maid saw him, and said unto and began to say

and said,

they said them that were there, to them that stood bý, Thou art also of them. therefore unco him, This fellow was also This is one of them.

Art chou also one of with Jesus of Naza-.

his disciples ? rech... 72 And again he 70 And he denied

And Peter said, He denied it, denied it again.

Man, I am not.. and said, I am not. with an oath, Ido nor know the man.

73 And after a while And a little after, 59 And about the 26 One of the fercame to him they that they that stood by said space of one hour after, vants of the high priest stood by, and said to again to Peter, Surely another confidently af- (being his kinsman Peter, Surely thou also thou art one of them: firmed, saying, Of a whose car Peter cut art one of them,

truth this fellow also off) faith, Did not I was with him ; see thee in the garden

with him? for thou art a Galilean, for he is a Galilean. for thy speech and thy speech bewrayeth thec. agreeth thereto. while after he went out of the Hall into the Porch, and the Cock crew. Then returning to the Company that were feated about the Fire in the Hall, another Wo* man that had seen him going into the Porch, ask'd him whether he were not one of the Disciples of Jesus of Nazareth ;, which Peter again denied with a Oath: About an hour after another Servant of the High Priest, related to him whose Ear Peter had cut off, affirm d he had seen him together with Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane ; the rest saying it was not unlikely that he was one of his Followers, since by his Language they might perceive he was a Galilean. Peter then denied





74 Then began he 71 Bur he began to to curse and to swear, curse and to swear, Saying, I know not the saying, I know not this

60 And Peter said, 27 Peter then de. man of whom ye Man, I know not what nied again, speak.

thou sayelt. And immediately 72 And the second

And immediately and immediate the cock crew. time the cock crew. while he yer fpake, ly the cock crew.

the cock crew.

61 And the Lord 1 turned, and looked

upon Peter; 75 And Pecer res And Peter called and Perer rememmembred the words of to mind the word that bred the word of the Jesus, which said unto Jesus said unto him, Lord, how he had said him, Before che cock Before the cock crow unto him, Before the

the cock crow, crow,

thou shalt deny
thou shalt deny

thou shalt deny
me thrice.
me thrice.

me thrice. And he went out, And when he thought

62 And Perer went : and wept bitterly. thereon, he wept. out, and wepe bitterly.

19 The high priest chen asked Jesus of his. disciples, and of his doctrine.

20 Jesus answered him, I spake openly to the world ; I ever taught in the synagogue, and in the temple, whither the Jews always refort, and in secret have i

said nothing with Oaths and Imprecations that he had any Acquaintance with him; and imme diatly after the cock crow'd a second time. Fesus then, who was at that time in the Hall, turning to him, with a silent look upbraided him with the crime he had committed : with which Peter was so sensibly affected, that remembring the Admonition of Jerus wherein he had forewarn'd him that before the cock crow'd twice he should thrice deny him, he went out of the Hall, filled with Grief and Anguilh, and with a flood of Tears lamented the Fault he had committed.

Jesus afterwards being sent for into the Room where the High Priest was feated with several Members of the Sanhedrim, was by Caiaphas examind concerning bis Disciples and his Doctrine. To whom he thus replied : I have at no time taught in fecret, but have openly deliver'd my Doctrin in almost all the Synagogues of Judea, and in the Temple it self, where there is always a great refort of






John. CHA P. XXVI. . CHA P. XIV,


21 Why askest thou me ? ask them which heard me, what I have faid unto them: be. hold, they know what I said.

22 And when he had thus spoken, one of the officers which stood by, stroke Jesus wich the palm of his hand, saying, Answer. eft thou the high priest so?

23 Jesus answered him, if I have spoken evil, bear witness of che evil : but if well,

why smitest thou me? 59 Now, the chief 55 And the chief priests and elders, and priests, and all the all the council, fought council fought for false witness against witness against Jesus to Jesus to put him to put him to death, death,

60 But found none; and found none.
yea, though many 56 For many bare
false witnesses came,

false witness against

but their wicthey none.

ness agreed not toge

ther. At the last came

57 And there arose


two false witnesses,

and bare false witness against him,

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yet found



People. There is then no reason why you should examin me concerning my Doctrin, since you may be inform’d of it by those who heard me. Upon this one of the Officers that stood by, struck him for not speaking reverently, as he pretended, to the High Priest. To whom Jesus : If I have spoken amiss, Thow wherein ; if not, why doft thou strike me undeservedly?

Now the Chief Priests and whole Affembly were at a loss for witness against him : for tho many were ready to testify against him, yet their depositions were not sufficient to prove him guilty of any capital crime. At last there appear'd two


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