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CHAP. VIII. among your felves, o ye of little faith, because ye have brought

because ye have no no bread ?

bread ? 9 Do ye not yer under

perceive ye not yet stand,

peither understand ? have
ye your heart yet hardened ?

18 Having eyes, . fee ye

nor? and having ears, hear ye neither remember the five noc? and do ye not remember? loaves of the five thousand, 19 When I brake the five and how many baskets ye took loaves among five thousand, up?

how many baskets full of

fragments took ye up?

los They say unto him, Twelve. 10 Neither the seven loaves 20 And when the seven of the four thousand, and how among four thousand, how many baskets ye took up? many baskets full of frag

ments took ye up?
And they said, Seven.

21 And he said unto them,
11 How is it that ye do not How is ic chat ye do not un-
understand, that I fpake it derstand?
not to you concerning bread,
that ye should beware of the
leven of the Pharisees, and
of the Sadduces ?

12 Then understood they how that he bad them not beware of the leven of bread,

negligence in not providing your felves with Bread, is the occasion of my giving you this caution about the Leven of the Pharisees and Sadduces? Are you still as unacquainted with my way of speaking, as when I first made choice of you? Have you taken no manner of notice of my Miracles and my Doctrine ; or are you wholly without memory, that you thus forget what you have heard and seen? When I fed five thousand men with five Loaves, how many Baskets did you fill with the Fragments that remained? They answer'd, twelve : And when four thoufand were satisfied with feven Loaves, how many Baskets did you then fill? They answer'd, feven. Then, continued Félus, ought you not from hence to have inferd, that it was very unlikely I should be sollicitous about your scarcity of Bread, who thus twice before your eyes, have miraculously increas'd its Substance; and that this was not in my thoughts when I caution'd you against the Leven of the Pharisees and Sadduces ? The Apostles at last understood that the Leven he mention'd was not to be understood of that which we use in making Bread, but of certain Tenets

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but of the doctrine of the Pharisees, and of che Sadduces.

22 And he cometh to Beth
saida, and they bring a blind
man unto him, and befoughts
him to couch him.

23 And he took the blind
man by the hand, and led him
out of the town; and when
de had spit on his eyes, and
put his hands upon him, he
asked him if he saw ought.
24 And he looked


and Said, I see men as trees, walking.

25 After that, he put his hands again upon his eyes, and made him look up : and. he was restored, and law every man clearly.

26 And he sent him away to his house, saying, Neither go into the town, nor tell it. to any in the town.

peculiar to the Pharisees and Sadduces, which like ill Leven gave a pernicious Fer: ment to the Life and Conversation.

Jesus afterwards went with his Disciples to Bethfaida, where there was a blind man presented to him to be cur’d. He resolv'd to gratify their Request, but would not perform the Miracle in the Town it felf, either because he thought the Inbabitants unworthy because of their incredulity, or to avoid the Concourse of People, which began now to be more fr«quent, and in greater Companies, left the ill designing among them might raise fome Tumult againt the Ronians, under pretence of ferting him up as King of the Jems, which he avoided by often removing from one place to another; for which purpose the Lake of Gennefareth was very commodious, the Multitude not having Boats enough, nor always in readiness to transport tbemselves as often as be failed from one lide to the other. For these reasons he led the blind man by the hand out of the Town, and having rub'd his Eyes with Spittle, ask'd him whether he faw any thing? The man turning himielf round, told him he saw a little, but it was confuledly, that he could ciltinguish Men from Trees only by their motion. Whereupon folus touchi'd lis Eyes again, and perfidly restor’d him to his right, insoniuch that he saw all things plainly and ditlindly. After which he dilmift him, charging him not to return to Belisaiding hor to acquaint any of the Inbabitants with it, for the reasons beforemention d.







13 When

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am ?


Jesus 27 And Jesus went came into the coasts out, and his disciples, of Cefarea Philippi, into the towns of

Cesarea Philippi :
and by the way

18 And it came to
pals as he was alone
praying, his disciples

were with him : he asked his disci

he asked his

and he asked ples, saying, whom disciples, saying unto them, saying, whom do men say, that I, chem, whom do men say the people that I the Son of man, am? say that I am ?

14 And they said, 28 And they an 19 They answerSome say that thou art sivered, John the ing, said, John the John the Eaptist, some Baptist: but some say, Eaptist : but some Elias,

Say Elias ; and others Jeremias,

or one of the and others, One and others say, that old prophets. of the prophets.

one of the old pro

phers is risen again. 15 He saich unto 29 And he faith

20 He said unto
thenı, But whom say unto them, But whom them, but whom say
ye that I am ? say ye that I am ? ye that I am ?
16 And Simon Peter
And Peter an-

answered and said, fwerech and faith unto answering, said,
Thou art the Christ, him, Thou are the

- The Christ
the Son of the

of God. living God.

17 And Jesus an. fwered and said to him, Blefied art thuu.


After this Miracle Jesus went a while from the Lake of Gennefircth into the Cou:7-try about Cefarea, a City founded by Philip the Son of Herod the Great, not far from the Surce of Jordan. While they were on their journy, Jesus being retir'd with his Apostles into a solitary place that he might be unmolested in his Devotio:igi ask'd them whom the World took him for, since he did not differ from others in his outward appearance? They told him, some thought he was John the Baptist rais'd from the Dead; others thought he was Elias come down from Heaven ; and fome took him for feremiah restor'd to life, or some other of the antient Prophets. Then said Jesus; But who do you take me for? Peter, not staying for the answer of the other Apostles, replied: Thou art the Messi.uh, the Son of the true and living God. Upon which Jesus congratulating his knowledg of this Truth, told



Simon Bar-jona : for
flesh and blood hath
not revealed it unto
thee, but my Father
which is in heaven.

18 And I lay also unto thee, that thou art Peter, and upon this rock will I build my church : and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

19 And I will give - unto thee the keys of

the kingdom of heaven : and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth, Thall be bound in heaven ; and whatsoever chou shalt loose on earth, shall be loosed in heaven.

20 Then charged 30 And he charged 21 And he straitly he his disciples that them that they should charged them, and comthey should tell no tell no man of him. manded them to tell man

no man thar ching, that he was Jesus che Christ.

him, he had great reason to account himself highly favour'd, since it was impossible . any could reveal this important Truth to him but his heavenly Father, who attested

it by the Miracles he gave him power to perform.. 'Twas not, said he, without reason that I gave thee the sirname of Peter (which signifies Stone or Rock) since thou wilt in thy preaching and constant adherence to this Truth be like a Rock, firm and unshaken, on which I will build my Church ; nor shall any Terror of Death make thee disown the Cause for which they perfecute thee. Great shall thy Authority be in the Kingdom of Heaven ; insomuch that whose Sins foever thou wilt have punilh'd here on Earth, thall be forthwith punish'd, and whose Sins foever thou wilt have pardon'd on Earth, lhall immediatly be forgiven.

Felles having approv'd this Judgment of Peter concerning him, and rewarded him with these fingular Blessings, charg'd all his Apostles not to divulge bis being the Miffith, lest 'luch a Truth once spread abroad Mould tempt many of the Feros, not only the bad, but the well meaning also, who still expected the Mefiah Mould eltablith an earthly

Government among them, to raise fome Tumult on his account, and fo defame his Doctrin as favouring rebellious Principles among those that were Hot fufficiently acquainted with him.


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21 From that time 31 And he began 22 Saying. The forth began Jesus to reach them, that Son of man must suffer to shew unto his dis- the Son of man must many things, and be ciples, how that he suffer many things, rejected of the elders, must go unto Jeru- and be rejected of the and chief priests, and salem, and suffer ma- elders, and of the fcribes, and be ílain, ny things of the ele chief priests and and be raised the ders, and chief priests, fcribes, and be killed, third day, and scribes, and be and after chree days killed, and be raised rise again. again the third day.

32 And he fpake

that saying openly. 22 Then Peter cook And Peter cook him, and began to re- him, and began corebuke him,

buke him. saying, Be it far from thee, Lord: this shall not be unto thee.

23 But he turned, 33 But when he had and said unto Peter, turned about, and Get thee behind me, looked on his disciSatan, thou are an ples, he rebuked Pea offence to me : forter, saying, Ger chee thou favourest nor the behind me,

Satan : things that be of God, for thou favourest not but those that be of the chings that be of men.

God, but we things.

that be of men. 24 Then said Je 34 And when he

23 And he said fus unto his disci- had called the people to them all, If aples, If any man unto him with his dis. ny man will come

From this time Jesus began openly to declare to them that he must shortly go to Jerusalem, and there suffer all manner of Indignities, and a cruel Death, by the malice of the Sanhedrim, the Priests, and Teachers of the Law, but that after his being three days dead, he should rise again. And this he plainly foretold them without using any figurative Expressions. Peter hereupon embracing him with some earnestness, cried out ; God forbid, that any such thing should ever befal you.

Jesus turning about, replied with indignation ; Away from me thou who under a pretext of Love and Friendship, thus opposest thy self to my Determinations, and puttest an obstacle in my way to hinder me from executing my Commislion from God : Your thoughts favour only of worldly Conveniences, and not in the least of the Joys of Heaven. Then addressing himself to the Multitude, he spoke to

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