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on recoipt of 16 cts. to pay postago. A 50 et. package will be sent free for trial to any physician, with fall particulara,

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STROPHANTHUS, (McK, & R.) We take pleasure in offering the medical profession our granules of this new heart tonic, of a strength of to and I grain each of the seed. This is equal to one drop and five drops, respectively, of the one in 20 tincture proposed by Dr. Fraser. As compared with digitalis, Dr. Fraser found that strophanthus exerts a much more powerful action on the heart, and a less powerful action on the blood-vessels. Strophanthus has been used with good results in cases in which the prominent symptoms were cough, dyspnea, palpitation, and cedema of the feet and legs. The drug is well worth a trial in cardiac diseases. Our monograph on Strophanthus sent free to any physician's address.


(NITRATE OF STRYCHNINE, 1-60 grain.) The Russian physicians report great success in the treatment of the alcoholic habit by means of nitrate of strychnine, in doses of a grain. The drug is said not only to relieve the immediate after-effects of alcoholic excess, but in many cases to destroy the craving for stimulants. Jarochewski found, by experiments made on dogs, that strychnine not only destroys the narcotic action of alcohol, but enables the system to support large quantities of alcohol without exhibiting characteristic lesions. Send for our monograph on Dipsomania.


(2% grains.) Thymol has been prescribed by numerous observers as a tænifuge; lately, Dr. Frederick P. Henry, in an article in the Medical News, of Philadelphia, described his experience with the drug. Following the suggestion of Martini, he prescribed thymol in a number of cases of intestinal diseases, catarrhe, acute and chronic, and typhoid fever, and he says: “The result has convinced me that it is a valuable adjuvant in our treatment of such affections." In ten cases of typhoid, all of which recovered, the course of the disease appeared to be most favorably modified by the drug. Dr. Henry always prescribes thymol in the pill, form, giving two two and a half grain pills every Bix hours. This dose he has found sufficient, but much larger doses can be administered with perfect safety.

SALOL, (McK. & R.)

(2% and 5 grains.) M, Sahli has used salol in rheumatic affections, chronic urticaria, suborbital neuralgia, and as an antipyretic, also in diabetes, catarrh of the bladder, and ozæna. More carbolic acid can be ingested by means of salol than in any other way; it contains forty per cent. of phenol. Dr. Kleefeld (Berl. Klin. Woch.) reports 35 cases of rheumatic polyarthritis treated in the hospital at Görlitz with very satisfactory results. Although a thousand doses were administered, no untoward symptoms followed. Herr. lich says that acute articular rheumatisme is very favorably affected by salol and cured


(3 and 5 grains.) Dr. Novikoff, in 13 cases of more or less severe dysentery occurring in soldiers, treated twelve with naphthalin, in five grain doses from three to six times daily. All the 12 recovered after several day's treatment. Dr. Novikoff recommends that the drug be given in capsules (capsulæ operculatæ). This form is well represented in McKes son & Robbins' ovoid capsuled pills. Dr. A. Sniatkoff regards naphthalin as a good antiseptic and antifermentative for the gastro-intestinal tract, in the absence of typhoid or tuberculous ulcerations. Dr. Koriander has found it an excellent remedy for tapeworms and ascarides. The drug should be given by the mouth. The following monographs, containing brief and recent notes will be sent to any physician's address : “Cocaine," "Oleates," “Dipsomania," "Salol," "Strophanthus,” “Naphthalin," "Gaseous Enemata," “Terebene."



Attention is called to this chemical, the peculiar merits of which justify us in bringing

It prominently before the medical profession.

"Salol" or "Salicylate of Phenol" was first produced by Prof. Von Nencki, of Berne,

and first brought to the attention of the medical profession in a communication by Dr.

Sahli to the Medico-Pharmaceutical District Society of Berne.

We have just published a Treatise on the therapeutic properties of Salol, incorporating

the notes of F. E. Georgi, M. D., Physician to the City Hospital Goerlitz (Silesia). This

Treatise will be mailed on application.

We have prepared Salol in pill form in strengths of 2% grs, and 5 grs. These pills have

been submitted to the most eminent practitioners of New York and Brooklyn, for the pur-

pose of determining their properties by practical tests; and from all, without exception, who

have had an opportunity of making a trial, we have had the assurance that its action has been

successful and speedy, and free from the objectionable effects of the Salicylic Salts. These

physicians have tested it not only upon their patients, but upon themselves, and the pre-

vailing opinion is that the best results are obtained from doses of 5 grs. every hour at first,

afterwards the same quantity every other hour.

Pil. Quiniæ, Ferri et Zinci Valerianat.

(Quiniæ Valerianat...........1 gr.
Ferri Valerianat....... .....1gr.

Zinci Valerianat.............1 gr.

Highly recommended for melancholia, and the fretfulness and worry of nervous women.

When this Pill was first introduced by us last year, the interest of the Medical Profession

throughout our country was aroused to such an extent as to create a demand which for &

time we found it difficult to supply. That demand has continued, thus indicating the

popularity and efficiency of this formula.


The family doctor only knows how wide-spread Melancholia is in our country.

The many household cares develop this disease in nervous women, who show its first

symptoms in fretfulness and worry. I have sought for a remedy for years for this

malady and have at last found it in the triple valerianates, which works like a charm:

(Zinci Valerianat........... 20 grs.)

Quinia Valerianat.. ..... 20 grs.

(Ferri Valerianat............20 grs.)

[M. ft. pil. No. 20. Sig: One, three times a day.]

The drugs must be absolutely pure. The old reliable house of W. H. Schieffelin

& Co., of New York, have added the above pills (soluble) to their list, and I have tried

them in many cases and I find them a specific for the worry of nervous women,

melancholia and incipient insanity.

Please try them and report. Your success will be sure.

S. A. DE FOE, M. D.,

Washington, N. J."

Pil. Warburg's Tincture, W. H. S. & Co.

Representing one-half drachm each. }


There is so much testimony as to the extraordinary virtues of Warburg's Tincture in

Malarial Fevers, that its powers can scarcely be questioned. At first a proprietary medi-

cine, its formula was afterwards revealed by a voluntary act of its inventor, DR. CARL WAR-

BURG, late of Vienna, but now of London, U. S. D., 1883.

Ours is prepared in accordance with the original formula except that Confection of

Theriac Ph. G. is substituted for Confection Damocratis -- an unofficinal and impracticable

preparation, some ingredients of which are nowhere obtainable.

The pill form is the most eligible for its administration, as it may be so taken without

offense to the palate.

A complete Formula List, with notes of our Soluble Pills and Granules will be mailed

on application.

W. H. Schieffelin & Co.,

170 & 172 William Street, New York.

In prescribing please specify Schieffelin's.

Morse's Hypophosphites.

(Syr: Hypophos: Comp: Morse.)

Containing the essential constituents to the proper maintenance of the animal economy-Lime, Soda, and Potash.

Incorporated with the requisite vitalizing agent of the brain and nervous system-Phosphorus.

(ontaining also the most important nutrient tonic, Hydrastis Canadensis, being properly called the vegetable digestive synergy of the materia medica, combined in the form of a syrup, possessing slight alkaline reaction.

The profession has become familiar with the wonderful benefit derived from the use of the Hypo. phosphites when chemically pure and properly combined. In wasting diseases particularly tuberculosis, the most satisfactory results have been obtained from its use, with many additional advantages arising from the Hydrastis in combination. In consumption it is much more efficient than the Hypophosphites alone, as the Hydrastis has a selective affinity for the mucous membranes, particularly the digestive tract.

It will therefore be observed that this preparation differs in many essential respects from all other preparations, being chemically pure in composition, agreeable to the taste, acceptable to the stomach, imparting tone and vigor to the system under its continued use. In cases where vitalizing constitutional treatment is required its action is particularly prompt, at once toning up the appetite, promoting digestion and assimilation, immediately bestowing its vitalizing properties to the blood, at the same time imparting its exhilarating effect on the spirits of the patient, dispelling any feelings of despondency or depression that may exist.

It is extremely useful in all tuberculous affections in whatever stage or type, and also in all the various forms of nervous affections, especially nervous exhaustion, in the malnutrition of puny children, convalescence from acute diseases, particularly pneumonia, bronchitis, diphtheria, ecarlatina, rheumatism, typhoid and malarial fevers.

M. V. B. MORSE, M. D., Marblehead, Mass. CARTER, CARTER & KILHAM, 356 Washington St., Boston, Agents.

Book on the treatment of Phthisis, free to Physicians. Also large sample bottle of Hypophosphites on payment of express charges.


Of the very many flattering testimonials to the value of




None has afforded the firm more pleasure than the following from Professor Loomis:

“19 West 34th Street, New York, "I have used Caswell & Massey's Emulsion of Cod Liver Oil with Pepsin and Quinine for the past nine years, and it has given me greater satisfaction than any other preparation of Cod Liver Oil that I have used. I can most cheerfully recommend it to my professional brethren.



CHEMISTS. 1121 Broadway & 578 Fifth Ave., New York & Newport.

Please mention THE MEDICAL BRIEF.

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