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Monday, May 16, 1763. The following Letters, &c. we can assure the

public are genuine. The originals of the greater part are in the poffeffion of the earls of EGREMONT and HALIFAX*. They are presented to the public, because they bear an immediate relation to the NORTH BRITON




R. Secker presents his compli

ments to Mr. Wilkes, he has been three times at his house to wait on him from lord Talbot. Mr. Secker would be obliged to Mr. Wilkes to let him know by a note directed to him at

* These two lords were then Secretaries of State, and, besides many other illegal acts, gave orders for the seizure of all Mr. Wilkes's papers, on a suspicion, not confirmed by cath, of his having written a pretended libel.


Mr. Holford's, St. James's Palace, where and whát time Mr. Secker could speak to him this afternoon. If he does not hear from Mr. Wilkes, will wait on him by nine o'clock to-morrow morning at his house.

Sept. 19.

half an hour past two o'clock. Directed to John Wilkes, esq;


R. Wilkes's compliments to Mr.

Secker, was not acquainted till this minute by his note that Mr. Secker had once called in Great George-Street, shall be at home from seven till eight this evening, and as Mr. Wilkes shall be alone, he supposes at this meeting Mr. Secker will bring no company.

Great George-Street.
Friday afterncon, five, Sept. 10.

Directed to Mr. Secker, at Mr. Holford's,

St. James's Palace.

[7] R. Secker's compliments to Mr.

Wilkes, he will wait on him alone this evening between seven and eight. St. James's.

Directed to John Wilkes, esq.


S I have received no answer to AS

a letter I wrote to you on the 25th of August, and find by sending to your house in town, that I can have no immediate opportunity of seeing you, I am forced again by letter to ask if

you avow or disclaim being author of the paper entitled the North Briton, of the 21st of August.

TALBOT Bolton Street. Sept. 10, 1762.

Directed to Col. Wilkes.

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Great George-Street, Friday, Sept. 10. MY LORD, I beg your lordship to do me the juf

tice to believe that I have never yet received the letter to me at Winchester, which Mr. Secker tells me was sent there a fortnight ago. I have just now the honour of your lordship’s by that gentleman. Your lordship asks, if I avow or disclaim being author of the paper entitled the North Briton of the 21st of August. My answer is, that I must first insist on knowing your lordship's right to catechise me about an anony- . mous paper. If your lordship is not satisfied with this, I shall ever be ready to give your lordship any other fatisfaction beco.ning me as a gentleman.


am, my lord, Your lordship’s most obedient,

humble servant,

JOHN WILKES. Directed to Earl Talbot.

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