The Trial of the Queen of England in the House of Lords, 1820, Volume 1

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Page 619 - The counsel has a right upon such re-examination, to ask all questions which may be proper to draw forth an explanation of the sense and meaning of the expressions, used by the witness on cross-examination, if they be in themselves doubtful ; and also of the motive by which the witness was induced to use those expressions ; but...
Page 1 - Bergami to a high station in her royal highness's household, and received into her service many of his near relations, some of them in inferior, and others in high and confidential situations about her royal highness's person ; but bestowed upon him other great and extraordinary marks of favour and distinction...
Page 119 - Majesty for herself and her companions to appear in on this occasion were, as he was instructed, of a description so indecent as to attract the attention of the whole company, and to call forth marks of general disapprobation. Indeed, so strong was the disapprobation, that her Majesty, finding she was recognised, was under the necessity of withdrawing with her companions from the entertainment, and returning home.
Page 297 - Under the tent, coming out. Was he entirely dressed, or in what manner ? — I have always seen him entirely dressed. In what species of dress have you seen him ? — Upon deck he went in a Grecian dress of silk, which he bought at St Jean d'Acre.
Page 228 - This I do not remember. Or about making false keys ? This I do not remember. You never heard of any such thing in the family while you were there ? This I do not remember to have heard ; I do not remember it. Do you remember no quarrel taking place between lieutenant Hownam and this German baron while you were there ? I have heard that they had quarrelled together, but I do not know the cause of the quarrel.
Page 271 - Pergami sitting in any other situation ? I have. In what situation have you seen them ? Sometimes I have seen Pergami sitting on the bench near to the main-mast, and the princess sitting [on his lap or thigh, with an arm round his neck over his shoulder.
Page 194 - An act to deprive her majesty Queen Caroline Amelia Elizabeth of the title, prerogatives, rights, privileges, and exemptions of queen-consort of this realm, and to dissolve the marriage between his majesty and the said Caroline Amelia Elizabeth.
Page 572 - Well ! every day we made a party for it ; at the beginning of the new year we had a delightful masked ball ; the following .week two more dress balls, the best that have been in this town ; and a number of other evening...
Page 547 - First, Whether, in the courts below, a party, on crossexamination, would be allowed to represent, in the statement of a question, the contents of a letter, and to ask the witness whether the witness wrote a letter to any person with such contents, or contents to the like effect, without having first shown to the witness the letter, and having asked that witness whether the witness wrote that letter, and his admitting that he wrote such letter...
Page 287 - ... as the purpose of it was to bind his conscience, " every man of every religion should be bound by that form, which he thinks will bind his conscience most.

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