The Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society of London

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The Society, 1864 - Geology
Vols. 1-108 include Proceedings of the society (separately paged, beginning with v. 30)

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Wiltshire Tracts Volume 63 part 10 / 1864 / 25 pages / reprinted from the Quaterly Journal of the geological Society pages 375-377


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Page lxiii - ... the centre outwards, the pith enclosed in a longitudinal canal, and possessed of medullary rays. The fauna is rich, varied, and beautifully preserved. Nearly all the types of life are strictly and peculiarly Mesozoic.
Page 315 - Extension of the Triangulation of the Ordnance Survey into France and Belgium with the Measurement of an Arc of Parallel in Latitude 52 N. from Valentia in Ireland to Mount Kemmel in Belgium By Colonel Sir Henry James, RE, FRS, etc., Director of the Ordnance Survey. 4to vol. London. 1863. Tyneside Naturalists
Page 97 - Annual Report of the Trustees of the Museum of Comparative Zoology. Together with the Report of the Director, 1865.
Page 396 - ... cavirostris, it is not certain that the latter is truly fossil ; nor, if it be so, have we any knowledge of its stratigraphical position. 3. Of the certainly fossil Ziphii, the stratigraphical position of Belemnoziphius longirostris is unknown ; but all the other species of that genus, and Choneziphius planirostris, are derived from the English or Antwerp Crag, and are not known to occur out of it. 4. So that at present we are justified in regarding Belemnoziphius and Choneziphius as true Crag...
Page 106 - It is very gratifying to me to be able to report the gain of two new Corps during the year.
Page lxiv - ... the interval of time shorter or longer that elapsed between the close of the lower and the commencement of the upper formation; and so it often happens that strata a few yards in thickness, or, more notably still, the absence of these strata, may serve to indicate a period of time as great as the vast accumulations of the whole Silurian series
Page 128 - I concluded the description of this remarkable Arrangement with the following hint at their origin : — " May not the plastic and irresistable agent which picked up the materials composing the Blue Clay, and then melting, left them in their present position, have been largely instrumental in excavating the basins of the great Canadian lakes."* And, in 1860, in a "Narrative of the Canadian Expeditions...
Page xxiv - To promote researches concerning the mineral structure of the earth, and to enable the Council of the Geological Society to reward those individuals of any country by whom such researches may hereafter be made,' — ( such individual not being a Member of the Council.
Page 537 - Paternoster Row. BRITISH ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF SCIENCE. The next ANNUAL MEETING of the Association will be held under the Presidency of Sir C.
Page 225 - ... has been ground down and washed away by running water. How vast then must be the spaces which this abstraction of matter has left vacant ! how far exceeding in dimensions all the valleys, however numerous, and the hollows, however vast, which we can prove to have been cleared out by aqueous erosion ! The evidences of the work of denudation are defective, because it is the nature of every destroying cause to obliterate the signs of its own agency...

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