The Hahnemann Materia Medica, Part 2

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H. Baillière, 1871 - Homeopathy

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Page 3 - ... day, &c. When handing their papers to him, after they had been crossexamined, they had to affirm that it was the truth and nothing but the truth to the best of their knowledge, by offering their hands to him — the customary pledge at the universities of Germany instead of an oath. This was the way in which our master built up his Materia Medica.
Page 13 - I wished to be in constant motion, and it certainly afforded me an infinite deal of satisfaction to be able to walk up and down. The intellectual operations at times were very vivid. Thoughts came and went, and ludicrous and fantastic spectacles were always uppermost in my mind. I was conscious that my language and gesticulations were extravagant, yet I had neither power nor will to do otherwise than I did ; and, notwithstanding my bodily malaise, my mind was in a state of delightful exhilaration.
Page 14 - In the evening he was seized with such violent delirium that it required three men to confine him. His face was livid; his eyes injected and protruding, — the pupils strongly dilated ; the carotid arteries pulsating most violently; a full, hard, and frequent pulse, and loss of power to swallow. He...
Page 3 - ... great importance — supervened during the proving, then no symptom has been recorded after such an event, in order to prevent spurious symptoms being noted as genuine. " When such circumstances were of slight importance, and could hardly be supposed to interfere with the action of the medicine, the symptoms have been placed in brackets, for the purpose of informing the reader that they could not be considered decisively genuine.
Page 44 - The face, upper extremities, and trunk of the body exhibited a diffuse scarlet efflorescence, studded with innumerable papillae, very closely resembling the rash of scarlatina...
Page 19 - One hour after he had lost the power of articulation, and presented the general appearance of a person seized with slight paralysis. He was quite unable to stand or walk, and his limbs were in a state of tremor and agitation. He became cold, and nearly approaching a state of insensibility ; the eyes had a wild, vacant appearance ; the respiration was laborious and occasionally stertorous. After three hours more the temperature of the body had increased, face swollen, and insensibility more complete....
Page 42 - An infinitesimal quantity of Atropia — a mere atom — as soon as it enters the blood, originates an action which is closely allied to, if it be not identical with, that which accompanies meningitis, enteric or typhus fevers.
Page 12 - The delirium was of a busy, restless, vivid character, but generally rather pleasing than otherwise. The patients appeared to think that they were pursuing their ordinary occupations. One boy appeared eager in flying a kite; another pulled tables and chairs about, thinking he was working in a coal-pit; while the woman, EW, appeared to be remarkably busy with her ordinary household duties.
Page 30 - While the mouth continues in the dry condition above described, the salivary glands appear quiescent, and the morbid state of the tongue and palate renders it difficult, if not impossible, to excite a flow of saliva by gustatory impressions; but they readily pour out abundance of secretion when an appropriate stimulus reaches them. In a patient who was suffering from severe neuralgia of the face, associated with profuse salivation, the secretion was in no degree diminished when, as occasionally happens,...
Page 30 - The secretions of the glands of the mouth, and the saliva, were entirely suspended. A draught of water, instead of giving relief, seemed only to increase the unctuous, clammy state of the mucous membrane. About the bag of the pharynx this sensation was most distressing.

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