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R. Mar.
34)11299.6875(332 11.6875 plaie money. Ans.

R. R. Marr. $
10:9 As 1 : 332 11.6575 :: 10
102 34 34



34 1339

34)1129.9.6875433.23437 federal value.




Noie-A more concise way of reducing vellon to plate money, is to reduce the vellon to maravedies, and divide by 64; the quotient will be the reals plate.

R. M.
Thus, 625 20


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11.0375 Hence 552 reals i 1.6975 inara vedlics, is befors.

3. A. of Lisboa, draws on B. c Ivew York, for 1947 millreas, 400 reas—How much federal money will discharge this bill; exchange at $1.24 per millrca? Ans. S2414.776. 4. What is the value of 47 crusados in federal money?

Ans. $23.50. 5. Reduce 19 moicores to dollars.

Ans. S114. 6. A merchant in Rotterdam remiís 1327, 5 shillings, 10 groots, Flemish, to be paid in Baltimore-how much federal money will discharge this bill, excharge at par?

Ans. 6785.505. 17. A. of New York, receives from B. of Amsterdam, an invoice of goods, amounting to 15120 florins, 12 stivers, 6 pennings—How much federal money must be remitted to discharge the bill, at 40 cents per florin ?

Ans, SC043.241 cis, To reduce current money to bank,

RULE. As 100 with the agio added, Is to 100, So is the giren sum in current money, To the bank money required.

Examples. 8. What will 988 guilders, current money, amount to in bank money, the agio being at 4 per cent. ? Ans. 950. To reduce bank money to current money.

RULE. As 100 Is to 100 with the agio added ; So is the bank money given, To the current money required.

Examples. 9. What is the amount, in current money, of 1900 guilders, bank money, the agio being at 31 per cent. ? Ans. 19661.

10. B. in Boston, drevs on H. of Hamburg, for 1254 marks banco, 3 shills. 17 deniers; and receives at the rate of one dollar for every three marks-What is the value in federal money?

Ans. S418.07% nearly. 11. In 465 rubles of Russia, how much federal money?

Ans. $348.75. 12. In 196 pezzos, 5 soldi, 6 denari, (Genoa,) how much federal money?

Ans. S196.277. 13. Bought a bill of exchange on Venice, amounting to $1212.07—What is the amount in Venetian ducats of exchange, at S.9305 per ducat? Ans. 1302 ducats, 12 sols. +

14. In 674 tales of China, how many dollars, federal money?

Ans. $997.52. 15. What sum, in federal money, will pay a bill of 500 chequins at Tunis:

Ans. $375, 16. What sum, sterling, will pay a bill in Constantinople, of 3400 piastres ?

Ans, 199£. 19s. 5d. 17. Sold goods in Jamaica, for 604 pounds, 6 shillings and 8 pence-What is the amount in federal money?

Ans. 1813 dolls. 18. A merchant of Vera Cruz exported goods to Philadelphia, which, when disposed of, amounted to $943.20—What is the value thereof in Spanish West India currency?

Ans. 343 pesos, 1 rial, 20 mara,

CUSTOM-HOUSE ALLOWANCES. Allowances are made in the weight of goods, at the customhouses of the United States, for tare and draft or scalage.Tare is the weight of the box, barrel, hag, hogshead, cask, &c.

which contains the goods; and is either the real or actual tare, or computed at so much per cent. at so much

per box, &c. Draft or scalage is an allowance of per cent., computed on the whole gross weight of the goods, (tea and sugar excepted.) There is a deduction to be made on sugar, for draft or scalage of 2 pounds on every barrel, 4 pounds on every Havana box, 4 pounds on every tierce, and 7 pounds on every hogshead. No draft is allowed on tea.

Gross weight is the whole weight of the goods, together with that which contains them.

Neat weight is the weight of the goods alone, after all allowances have been deducted.

CASE I. To find the neat weight of the goods, when the real or actual tare is allowed, with allowance for draft or scalage.

RULE. When the scalage is į per cent. divide the whole gross weight by 200, the quotient will be the scalage.

When the scalage is rated per hogshead, box, &c., multiply the scalage of one by the number of hogsheads, boxes, &c.: the product will be the scalage of the whole.

Add the scalage and tare together, and subtract their sum from the whole gross weight--the remainder will be the neat.

Examples. 1. What is the neat weight and value of 5 casks of raisins, weighing as follows :-No. 1, gross 79 lbs tare 7 lbs.; No. 2, gross 81 lbs. tare 10 lbs.; No. 3, gross 95 lbs. tare 12 lbs. ; No. 4. gross 67 lbs. tare 6 lbs.; No.5, gross 93 lbs. tare 12 lbs-scalage à per cent. and price 13 cents per pound? lbs. lbs.

lbs. 7

415 81

10 95

12 67


366 Neat ans. 93 12





2,00) 4,15 Gross.

47 Tare.
2 Scalage.

1098 366

2 lbs. scalage.


$47.58 Value.

2. What is the neat weight and value of 6 boxes of Havana sugar, weighing 200 pounds each; tare, in the whole, 200 pounds; scalage, 4 pounds per box-at 11 cents per pound?

Ans. neat 976 lbs. ; value $107.3€. 3. Sold 4 casks of indigo, weighing, gross, 15 C. 1 gr. 15 lbs. ; tare, 40 pounds per cask; scalage, . per cent.-What is the neat weight and value at $2.25 per pound?

Ans. neat 13 C. 2 qr. 22.3 lbs.; Value, $3087.671.

CASE II. When the tare is at so much per cent. with allowance for draft or scalage.

RULE. Find the scalage as before, which deduct from the gross weight; multiply the remainder by the tare per cent.; divide the product by 100: this quotient will be the whole tare.

Deduct the tare from what remained after the scalage was deducted, and the remainder will be the neat.

Examples 1. What is the neat weight of 7 bags of coffee, weighing 840 pounds gross, allowance 3 per cent. for tare, and per cent for scalage? and what is the value of the neat weight, at 17 cents per pound? lbs. lbs.

lbs. 2,00 840



25 Tare.
4 Scalage.

811 Neat.


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$137.87 Ans. 2. What is the neat weight of 9 boxes of Havana sugar, each weighing 400 pounds, allowance 2 per cent. for tare, scalage 4 pounds per box? and what is the value of the neat weight, at $9.40 per 100 lbs.?

Ans, neat 3475 lbs.; value; 8326.65.

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