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endeavour which has been made to embody in the statement itself the results of some careful inquiry into the facts and circumstances. Thus, although there may be somewhat less in this Volume of the forms of illustration and discussion, there is not less—there is even more-of the reality of this incorporated with the description and statement of the incidents. The Daily Papers of the present Volume will not, it is apprehended, be the less liked on this account; while there still remains enough of illustration and investigation to satisfy those, to whom that mode of giving the results of inquiry may be attractive.

In the present Volume, much care has been bestowed upon the character and history of David. This was felt to be required from us at a time, when the old and thrice-refuted aspersions and injurious insinuations of Bayle and Chubb have been so reproduced, as to appear like emanations from the critical spirit of our own day; whereas they indeed belong to a past age. It will be a great encouragement to the Author, if, while keeping free from indiscriminate laudation and advocacy, he shall be deemed to have contributed in any small degree to relieve from undeserved obloquy, the high name and great career of the man after God's own heart.'

LONDON, October 1850.


FRONTISPIECE :-Modern Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives.
VIGNETTE :—Hebron.



Egyptian Harvest Scene, . . .
Eastern Veils, ..
Threshing by Treading of Cattle,
Threshing Implements, .
Egyptians Winnowing Com,
Hindu Cosmical System of the Universe, .
Babylonian Representation of Dagon and Derceto, .
Egyptian Agricultural Cart,
Egyptian Sacred Car,
Gigantic Proportions of Sovereign, from the Egyptian Sculptures, .
Ancient Lyres, . . .
Difference of Appearance from Growth of the Beard,
Ancient Philistines, from Egyptian Sculptures,
Philistine Helmet, . . .
Hittite Helmets or Skull-caps,
Assyrian Warrior in Coat of Scale Armour,
Assyrian Spearman, . . .
Egyptian Slingers, . .
The Beden, or Mountain Goat,
Roman Bas-relief of Tribune with Medals of Honour,
Ancient Bracelets, ...
Roman Military Trophy,

. : Egyptian Princes, .

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