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Shakespeare Society, and to be had of W. Skeffington, 1841

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Page 126 - Magnificat anima mea Dominum: Et exultavit spiritus meus in Deo salutari meo.
Page x - Corpus-Christi day; which, occasioning very great confluence of people thither, from far and near, was of no small benefit thereto ; which pageants being acted with mighty state and reverence...
Page x - I have been told by some old people, who in their younger years were eyewitnesses of these pageants so acted, that the yearly confluence of people to see that shew was extraordinary great, and yielded no small advantage to this city.
Page 110 - Trowthe, have sowte the erthe withowt and withinne, And in sothe ther kan non be fownde, That is of o day byrth withowte synne, Nor to that dethe wole be bownde. Misericordia. I, Mercy, have ronne the hevynly regyon rownde, And ther is non of that charyte", That ffor man wole suffre a deddly wounde, I cannott wete how this xal be.
Page 106 - The aungel, Lord, thou made so gloryous, Whos synne hath mad hym a devyl in helle, He mevyd man to be so contraryous, Man repentyd, and he in his obstynacye doth dwelle. Hese grete males, good Lord, repelle, And take man onto thi grace, Lete thi mercy, make hym with aungelys dwelle, Of Locyfere to restore the place. Pater. Propter miseriam inopum, et gemitum pauperum nunc exurgam. ffor the wretchydnes of the nedy, And the porys lamentacion, Now xal I ryse that am Almyghty...
Page 359 - The trewthe to tell'yn it passyth oure witt, Wethyr he be resyn thorwe his owyn myght, Or ellys stolyn out of his pitt Be sum man prevely be nyght. That he is gon we saw with syght, ffor in his grave he is nowth; We cannot tellyn in what plyght, Out of his grave that he is browth. XXXVII. CHRIST APPEARING TO MARY. Maria Magdalene goth to...
Page 281 - And lete me fro this deth fle, As I dede nevyr no trespace ! The watyr and blood owth of my face, Dystyllyth for peynes that I xal take ; My flesche qwakyth in ferful case, As thow the joyntes asondre xuld schake.
Page 29 - Unwys womman, sey me why, That thou hast don this fowle foly, And I made the a gret lady, In paradys for to pleye? Eva. Lord ! whan thou wentyst from this place, A werm with an aungelys face, He hyth us to be ful of grace, The frute yf that we ete. I dyd his byddyng, alas ! alas ! Now we be bowndyn in dethis las, I suppose it was Sathanas, To peyne he gan us pete. Deus. Thou werm with thi wylys wyk, Thi fals fablis thei be ful thyk, Why hast thou put dethis pryk In Adam and his wyff? Thow thei bothyn...
Page 290 - The last 3ere we shewyd here how oure Lord for love of man Cam to the cety of Jherusalem mekely his deth to take ; And how he made his mawnde, his body 3evyng than, To his apostelys evyr with us to abydyn for mannys sake.
Page 161 - Of bewte" and of boldnes I here evermore the belle ; Of mayn and of myght I master every man; I dynge with my dowtynes the devyl down to helle, ffor bothe of hevyn and of herthe I am kynge sertayn.

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