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[ No. XXIV. ] 27 Henry VIII. c. 7.–For the Abuses in the Forests of Wales 20

[ No. XXV. ] 27 Henry VIII. c. 24.-An Act for recontinuing liberties in the



[ No. XXVI. ] 27 Henry VIII. c. 26.—Concerning the Laws to be used in


....... 25

[ No. XXVII. ] 33 Henry VIII. c. 13.-Lordships in Wales removed from the

county of Denbigh to the county of Flint, &c. When and where the shire court

of Chester shall be kept. There shall be two coroners chosen for the county of

Chester. When the sessions for the county of Chester shall be holden. Certain

lordships and parishes in IVales annexed to the county of Flint. Certain towns

in the county of Flint in Wales assigned to be within the hundreds of Molesdale

and Rutland


[ No. XXVIII. ] 34 and 35 Henry VIII. c. 26. -An Act for certain Ordinances

in the King's Dominion and Principality of Wales


[ No. XXIX. ] 1 Edward VI. c. 10.—The Bill for Exigents and Proclamations in

Wales, and in the County Palatine of Chester

[ No. XXX. ] 5 & 6 Edward VI. c. 26.-An Act for Writs of Proclamation upon

Exigend, to be current in the County Palatine of Lancaster ....


[ No. XXXI. ] 5 Elizabeth, c. 25.-An Act to fill up Juries lacking in Wales de


[ No. XXXII. ] 18 Elizabeth, c. 8.–An Act for the appointing of Justices in the

Shires of Wales

... 61

[ No. XXXIII. ] 18 Elizabeth, c. 13.- An Act concerning Officers found within

the Counties Palatine......


[ No. XXXIV. ] 27 Elizabeth, c. 9.-An Act for Reformation of Errors in Fines

and Recoveries in the twelve Shires of Wales, and Counties Palatine, and for

Exemplification of Fines and Recoveries generally .....


[ No. XXXV. ] 31 Elizabeth, c. 9.-An Act for Writs upon Proclamation and

Exigents to be current within the County Palatine of Durham


[ No. XXXVI. ] 16 and 17 Charles II. c. 9.–An Act to impower the Chancellor

of the Duchy to grant commissions for taking Affidavits within the Duchy Li-



[ No. XXXVII. ] 19 Charles II. c. 5.-An Act extending a former Act concerning

Replevins and Avowries, to the Principality of Wales, and the County Pala.

tines ..


[ No. XXXVIII. ] 1 William and Mary, sess. 1. c. 27.-An Act for taking away

the Court holden before the President and Council of the Marches of Wales. ib.

[ No. XXXIX. ] 11 and 12 William III. c. 9.–An Act for preventing of frivolous

and vexations Suits in the Principality of IVales, and the Counties Palatine 67

[ No. XL. ] 4 Anne, c. 16.–An Act for the Amendment of the Law, and the

better Advancement of Justice.....


[ No. XLI. ] 8 George I. c. 25.–An Act for supplying some defects in the Statute

of the Twenty-third of King Henry the Eighth, intituled, “ An Act for obliga.

tions to be taken by two Chief Justices, the Mayor of the Staple, and the Re-

corder of London, and for setting down the time of signing Judgments in the

Principality of Wales and Counties Palatine ...

... ib.

[ No. XLII. ] 6 George II. c. 14.-An Act for the more effectual preventing fri-

volous and vexatious Arrests, and for the more easy Recovery of Debts and

Damages, in the Courts of Great Sessions in the Principality of Wales, and in

the Court of Assize in the County Palatine of Chester, and for the obviating a

Doubt which has arisen upon an Act made in the Fourth Year of his present

Majesty's Reign, intituled, “ An Act that all Proceedings in Courts of Justice,

within that part of Great Britain, called England, and in the Court of Exche-

quer in Scotland, shall be in the English language," so far as the same Act

doth or may relate to the Courts of Justice hoiden within the said Principalily,

and for explaining and amending the said Act

[ No. XLIII. ] 6 George II. c. 37.-An Act for making perpetual the several Acts

therein mentioned, for the better Regulation of Juries; and for empowering

the Justices of Session or Assizes for the Counties Palatine of Chester, Lancas.

ter, and Durham, to appoint a Special Jury in manner therein mentioned ; and

for continuing the Act for regulating the Manufacture of Cloth in the West

Riding of the County of York (except a Clause therein contained); and for con-

tinuing an Act for the more effectual punishing wicked and evil disposed per.

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sons going armed in Disgnise, and for other purposes therein mentioned; and

to prevent the cutting or breaking down the Bank of any River or any Sea

Bank; and to prevent the malicious cutting of Hop-binds; and for continuing

an Act made in the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Years of the Reigo of King

Charles the Second, for preventing Theft and Rapine upon the Northern

Borders of England; and for reviving and continuing certain Clauses in two

other Acts made for the same purpose


[ XLIV. ] 17 George II. c. 7.-An Act for taking and swearing affidavits to be

made use of in any of the Courts of the County Palantine of Lancaster ib.

[ No. XLV. ] 20 George II. c. 42.-An Act to enforce the Execution of an Act of

this Session of Parliament, for granting to his Majesty several Rates and Duties

upon Honses, Windows, or Lights

... 72

[ No. XLVI. ] 22 George II. c. 46.--An Act to continue several Laws **

and for the more frequent Return of Writs in the Counties Palatine

of Chester and Lancaster; and for other purposes ....


[ No. XLVI. a. ] 4 George III. c. 21.-An Act for taking and swearing Affi.

davits to be made use of in any of the Courts of the County Palatine of

Durham ..

... 73

[ No. XLVII. ] 13 Gcorge III. c. 51.–An Act to discourage the Practice of com.

mencing frivolons and vexations suits in bis Majesty's Courts at Westminster,

in Causes of Action arising within the dominion of Wales; and for further re.

gulating the Proceedings in the Courts of Great Sessions in Wules ........ 74

[ No. XLVIII. ] 27 George III. c. 43.-An Act for taking and swearing affidavits

to be made use of in the Court of Session of the County Palatine of Chester ;

and for taking of Special Bail in Actions and Suits depending in the same

... 81

[ No. XLIX. ] 33 George III. c. 68.--An Act for remedying Inconveniences at-

tending certain Proceedings in the Courts of Great Sessions in Wales, and for

thie County Palatine of Chester, in the Court of Common Pleas for the County

Palatine of Lancaster, in the Court of Pleas for the County Palatine of Durham,

and in the County Courts in Wales.-[17th June 1793.] :


[ No. XLIX. a. ] 31 George III. c. 46.-An Act for taking of Special Bail in Ac-

tions and Suits depending in the Court of Common Pleas of the County Palatine

of Lancuster :[91h May 1794.) ....

[ No. L ] 34 George III. c. 58.–An Act to prevent the Removal of Snits from

the Interior Courts in the County Palatine of Lancaster, into the Court of Com-

mon Pleas of the said County Palatine.-[23d May 1791.) ....

( No. LI. ] 39 & 40 George III. c. 105.- An Act for the better regulating the

Practice, and for preventing Delays in the Proceedings of the Court of Common

Pleas at Lancaster.- [28th July 1800.]..........

..... 87

[ No. Lil. ] 5 George IV. c. 106.-An Act to enlarge and extend the Power of

the Judges of the several Courts of Great Sessions in Wales; and to amend the

Laws relating to the same.- - [21th June 1824.].....

... 88 a

[ No. LIII.) 6 George IV. c. 97.-An Act for the better Preservation of the

Peace and Good Order in the Universities of England.[ July 1825.] 88 k

[ No. LIV. ] 7 Geo. IV. c. 17.–An Act for Remedying Inconveniences in the

Administration of Justice, arising from the present vacancy of the See of Dur-

hum, and for Preventing the like in future.-[11th April 1826.] ....

... iba

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Courts under Forty Shillings. Attornies may be made where an Appeal lieth

not. The Defendant being essoigned shall bring in his Warrant ...

[ No. IV. ] 13 Edward I. st. 1. (Westminster second) c. 36.- A Distress taken

upon a Suit commenced by others. ...


[ No. V. ] 13 Edward I. st. 1. (Westminster second) c. 37.-No Distress shall

be taken but by Bailiffs known and sworn ...


[ No.VI. ] 18 Edward II. - The Statute for. View of Frank pledge


[ No. VII. ] 15 Richard II. c. 12.-No Man shall be compelled to answer for his

Freehold before the Council of any Lord


[ No. VIII. ] 16 Richard II. c. 2. The Forfeiture of him that compelleth any

Person to answer for his Freehold.....


[ No. IX. ] 4 Henry IV. c. 19.—No Officer of a Lord of a Franchise shall be At-

torney in the same


[ No. IX. a. ] 2 Henry V. st. 1. c. 2.-A Corpus cum causa, or Certiorari to re-

move him which is in execution at another man's suit ...


[ No. X. ] 17 Edward IV. c. 2.- For Courts of Pipowders


[ No. XI. ) i Richard III. c. 6.—The Statute of 17 Edward IV. c. 2. rehearsed

and made perpetual, viz. That in every Court of Pipowders the Plaintiff or his

Attorney shall be sworn, &c.


[ No. XII. ) 11 Henry VII. c. 15.-Entering of Plaiots in County Courts, Exam-

ining of Sheriffs, Execution of Precepts, Viewing of Estreats, and gathering of

them ....


[ No. XIII. ] 23 Henry VIII. c. 5.—The Bill of Sewers with a new Proviso,


[ No. XIV. ] 2 & 3 Edward VI. c. 25.-A Bill for keeping of County Courts 101

[ No. XIV. a. ] 43 Elizabeth, c. 5.-An Act to prevent Perjury and Subornation

of Perjury, and unnecessary Expenses in Suits of Law

:...., 102

[ No. XV. ] i James I. c. 5.—An Act to prevent the Over-charge of the People

by Stewards of Court Leets and Court Barons


[ No. XVI. ] 1 James I. c. 14.-A Remedy for a Freeman of London to recover a

Debt not exceeding Forty Shillings owing to him by another inhabiting within

the said City or the Liberties : A Penalty if the Debtor do not appear before

the Commissioners upon Warning; or if the Creditor or Debtor do not perform

their order; or if the Creditor, being a Freeman of London, do sue any other

Freeman out of the same City for a Debt under Forty Shillings. Repealed by

3 Jac. 1. c. 15


[ No. XVII. ] 21 James 1.c. 23.-An Act for avoiding of vexatious Delays, caused
by removing Actions and Suits out of Interior Courts....


[ No. XVIII. ) 16 Charles I. c. 15.-An Act against divers incroachments and

Oppressions in the Stannary Courts ...


[ No. XIX. ] 7 Anne, c. 9.–An Act for giving the Commissioners of Sewers for

the City of London the same Powers as the Commissioners of Sewers for Coun-

ties have : and to oblige Collectors for the Sewers to account


[ No. XIX. a. ] 7 Anne, c. 10.--An Act for rendering more effectual the laws

concerning Commissions of Sewers....

[ No. XX. ] 27 George II. c. 16.–An Act for making perpetual several Laws

and that all Acts made for erecting Courts of Conscience

shall be deemed public Acts; and for other Purposes


[ No. XXI. ] 29 George II. c. 19.-An Act to empower Judges of Courts of Re-

cord in Cities and Towns Corporate, Liberties and Franchises, to set Fines on

Persons who shall be summoned to serve upon Juries in such Courts, and sball

neglect to attend

[ No. XXII.) 19 George III. c. 70.–An Act for extending the Provisions of an

Act made in the 'Twelfth Year of the Reign of King George the First, intituled

An Act to prevent frivolous and vexations Arrests :" and for other Par.


[ No. XXIII. ] 26 George III. c. 38.–An Act for regulating the Time of the Im.

prisonment of Debtors imprisoned by process from Courts instituted for the

Recovery of small Debts ; for abolishing the Claim of Fees of Gaolers, and

others, in the cases of such Imprisonment; and for ascertaining the Qualifica:

tions of the Commissioners

[ No. XXIV. ] 58 George III. c, 30.–An Act for preventing frivolous and vexa-

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tious Actions of Assault and Battery, and for slanderous Words, in Courts.-

(23d May 1818.]

... 115

[ No XXV.) 60 George III. and i George IV. c. 14.-An Act to remedy

certain Inconveniences in local and exclusive jurisdictions.—(28th February



[ No. XXVI. ) 6 George IV. c. 23.–An Act for the better Regulation of the

Sheriff and Stewart and Burgh Courts of Scotland.—[20th May 1825.]... 117

[ No. XXVII. ] 6 George IV. c. 24.–An Act for the more easy Recovery of Small

Debts in the Sheriff Courts in Scotland.-[20th May 1825.]

117 C

[ No. XXVIII. ] 7 George IV. c. 36.-An Act to regulate the Service of the

Process of the Several Courts for the Recovery of Small Debts by Civil Bill in

Ireland.- [5th May 1826.]

[ No. XXIX. ] 7 George IV. c. 41.–An Act to amend the Laws for the Recovery

of Small Debts, and the Proceedings for that purpose, in the Manor Courts in

Ireland.—[26th May 1826.] ...

117 i

[ No. XXX. ] 7 George IV. c. 61.- An Act for the more effectual Administration

of Justice in Cities, Towns Corporate, and other Local Jurisdictions in Ireland.

-(26th May 1820.) ...

... 1171

[ No. XXXI. ] 7 & 8 George IV. c. 59.-An Act for further amending the Laws

for the Recovery of Small Debts, and the Proceedings for that Purpose in the

Manor Courts in Ireland.-[2d July 1827.] ......

117 m

[ No. XXXII. ] 9 George IV. c. 59.–An Act for the better Regulation of Divi-
sions in England and Wales.- [15th July 1828.] ...

117 0

[ No. XXXIII. ] 10 George IV. c. 46.—An Act for more effectually executing

an Act of the last Session of Parliament, for the better Regulation of Divisions

in the several Counties of England and Wales.—[19th June 1829.]...... 1171

[ No. XXXIV. ] An Act for the more effectual Recovering of Small Debts, and

for Dininishing the Expenses of Litigation in cases of Small Amount, in the

Sheriff Courts in Scotland.-(19th June 1829.] ...

117 s

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[ No. II. ] 20 Henry III. c. 3.—Enquiry and Punishment of Redisseisin ... 133

[ No. III. ] 51 Henry III. st. 2.-Concerning general Days in Bank in Real

Actions ..


[ No. IV. ] 51 Henry III. st. 3.–Concerning general Days in a Writ of Dower ib.

[ No. V. ] 52 Henry III. c. 7.- Process in Communi Custodia, Ward by reason of



[ No. VI. ] 52 Henry III. c. 8.-The Punishment of those which commit Redis.



[ No. VII. ) 52 Henry III. c. 12.-Days given in Dower, Assize of Darraine Pre-
sentment, and Quare Impedit.


[ No. VIII.) 52 Henry III. c. 26.-What Day shall be given to liim that is

vouched to Warranty


[ No. IX. ] 52 Henry III. c. 29.-In what Case a Writ of Entrie sur disseisin in

the Post doth lie


[ No. X. ] 3 Edward I. (Westminster 1.) c. 24.-The Remedy if an Officer of the

King do disseise any


[ No. XI. ] 3 Edward I. c. 40.- Voucher to Warranty, and Counterpleading of



[ No. XII. ] 3 Edward I. c. 41.—The Champion's Oath in a Writ of Right ib.

[ No. XIII. ] 3 Edward I. c. 42.-Certain Actions wherein after Appearance the

Tenant shall not be essoigned


[ No. XIV. ] 3 Edward I. c. 13.—There shall be no Fourcher by Essoign.... ib.

[ No. XV. ] 3 Edward I. c. 44.—In what Case Essoign ultra mare shall not be



[ No. XVI. ] 3 Edward I. c. 17.-In what Case the Non-age of the Heir of the

Disseisor or Disseisee shall not prejudice


[ No. XVII.) 3 Edward I. c. 48.—The Remedy where a Guardian maketh a

Feoffment of his Ward's Land. Suit by Prochein Amy

[ No. XVIIJ. ] 3 Edward I. c. 49.-The Tenant's Plea in a Writ of Dower.. ib.

[ No. XIX. ] 3 Edward I. c.51.- Assizes and Darrain Presentments at what Time



[ No. XX. ] 6 Edward I. (Gloucester) c. 1.-Several Actions wherein Damages

shall be recovered .....


[ No. XXI. ] 6 Edward I. c. 2.-In what Case Non-age of the Plaintiff shall not

stay an Enquest..


[ No. XXII. ] 6 Edward I. c. 4.-In what Case a Cessavit is maintainable against

a Tenant in Fee-farm ..


[ No. XXIII. ). 6 Edward I. c. 5.-Several Tenants against whom an Action of

Waste is maintainable ..


[ No. XXIV. ] 6 Edward I. c. 6.—Where divers Heirs shall have one Assize of


[ No. XXV. ] 6 Edward I. c. 7.-A Writ of Entry in casu proviso, upon a Wo.
man's Alienation of Dower


[ No. XXVI. } 6 Edward I. c. 10.—The Husband and Wife being impleaded, shall

not fourch by Essoign

[ No. XXVII. ] 6 Edward I. c. 11.--A feigned Recovery against him in the Re.

version, to make the Termor lose his Term


[ No. XXVIII. ] 6 Edward I. c. 12.- One impleaded in London voucheth Foreign


[ No. XXIX. ] 6 Edward I. c. 13.—No Waste shall be made hanging a Suit for
the Land


[ No. XXX. ] 9 Edward I.-A Correction of the Twelfth Chapter of the Statute

of Gloucester, touching calling Foreigners to Warranty in London ......... ib.

[ No. XXXI. ] 13 Edward I. (Westminster 2) c. 1.-In Gifts in Tail the Donor's

Will shall be observed. The Form of a Formcdon

No. XXXII. ] 13 Edward I. c. 3.-A Cui in vita for the Wife. Where a Wise,

or he in Reversion, shall be received

No. XXXIII. ] 13 Edward I. st. 1. c. 4.- Where the Wife shall be endowable

of Lands recovered against her Husband. Where the Heir may avoid a Dower
recovered. A Remedy for particular Tenants losing by Default ........ 137

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