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[ No. XXXIV. ] 13 Edward I. c. 5.—Remedies to Redress Usurpations of Advow.

sons of Churches, &c.

... 138

[ No. XXXV. ) 13 Edward I. c. 6.—The Penalty if a Tenant impleaded vouchetlı,

and the Vouchee denieth his Warranty


[ No. XXXVI. ] 13 Edward I. c. 7.--Admeasurement of Dower for the Guardian

and the Heir, and the Process therein........


[ No. XXXVII. ] 13 Edward I. c. 9.--In what case the Writ of Mesne is to be

pursued ...


[ No. XXXVIII. ] 13 Edward I. c. 14.—The Process in an Action of Waste. A

Writ to enquire of Wastc ......


[ No. XXXIX. ] 13 Edward I. c. 17.-In what Case Essoign De malo lecti doth

lie, and where not ...


|No. XL. ). 13 Edward I. c. 20.—The Tenant's Answer in a Writ of Cosinage,

Aiel, and Besaiel .....


[ No. XLI. ] 13 Edward I. c. 21.-A Cessavit by the chief Lord against his Free.

hold Tenant..


[ No. XLII. ] 13 Edward I. c. 22.-Waste maintainable by one Tenant in com.

mon against another


[ No. XLIII. ] 13 Edward I. c. 24.- A Writ of Nuisance of a House, &c., levied

and aliened to another. A Quod permittat and Juris utrum for a Parson of a

Churchi. In like Cases like Writs be grantable ........


[ No. XLIV. ] 13 Edward I. c. 25.-Of what Things an Assise shall lie. Certificate

of Assise. Attachment in an assise ......


[ No. XLV. ] 13 Edward I. c. 26.—Who may bring a Writ of Redisseisin, and the

Punishment of the Offender therein

[ No. XLVI. ] 13 Edward I. c. 27.-Essoign after Inquest, but none after Day

given Prece Partium ....


[ No. XLVII. ] 13 Edward I. c. 28.-In certain Actions, after Appearance there

shall be no Essoign


[ No. XLVIII. ] 13 Edward I. c. 32.-Mortmain by Recovery of Land by De-


[ No. XLIX. ] 13 Edward I. c. 35.-In what case do lie a Writ of Ravishment of

Ward, Communi Custodia, Ejectione, &c.


[ No. L. ) 13 Edward I. c. 40.- A Womau's suit shall not be deferred by the Mi-

nority of the Heir

.. ib.

[ No. LI. ] 13 Edward I. c. 48.-In what Cases the View of Land is grantable,

and what not....

.. ib.

[ No. LII. ] 20 Edward I. st. 1.-In a Plea of Land the Tenant voucheth, and
the Demandant counterpleadeth ..

.. ib.

[ No. LIII. ] 20 Edward I. st. 2.–Tenant for Life committeth Waste, he in the

Reversion brought an Action of Waste, and dieth before Judgment, his Heir

brought an Action for the same Waste


[ No. LIV.) 20 Edward I. st. 3.-Where a Stranger coming in by a collateral

Title, not Party to the Suit, shall be received

... 144

[ No. LV. ] 28 Edward I. st. 3. c. 15.-Io Summons and Attachments in Plea of

Land the Writ shall contain Fifteen Days


[ No. LVI. ] 34 Edward I. st. 1.-Joint tenancy pleaded in Abatement of a Writ,

&c. ....


[ No. LVII. ] 12 Edward II. st. 1. c. 1.–Tenants in Assise of Novel disseisin

may make atturnies ...


[ No. LVIII. ] 12 Edward II. st. 2.-Several Cases whereiu Essoigos do not


[ No. LIX. ] 2 Edward III. c. 17.-A Writ of Deceit shall be maintainable in

Case of Garnishment in Plea of Land ......


[ No. LX. ] 9 Edward III. st. 1. c. 2.--No Man shall lose Land because of



[ No. LXI. ] 14 Edward III. st. 1. c. 17.A Juris utrum maintainable for a

Parson or Vicar


[ No. LXII. ) 14 Edward III. st. 1. c. 18.-If the Tenant will vouch to War.
ranty a dead Man, the Demandaut may aver that lie is dead



... 147


... ib.

[ No. LXIII. ] 25 Edward III. st. 3. c. 7.—The Ordinary may counterplead the

King's Title for a Benefice fallen by Lapse

... 145

[ No. LXIV. ] 25 Edward III. st. 5. c. 16.—The Exception of Nontenure of

Parcel shall not abate the whole Writ


[ No. LXV. ) i Richard II. c. 9.- A Feoffinent of Lands or Gift of Goods for

Maintenance shall be void. An Assise is maintainable against the Pernor of

the Profits of Lands

..... ib.

[ No. LXVI. ] 7 Richard II. c. 10.—Where an Assize shall be taken of Rents,

issuing forth of Lands, in divers Counties ...


[ No. LXVII. ) 13 Richard II. st. 1. c. 17.-Where he in the Reversion may be

received in a Suit commenced against the particular Tenant


[ No. LXVIII. ] 15 Richard II. c. 12.- No Man shall be compelled to answer

for his Freelold before the Council of any Lord......

... ib.

[ No. LXIX. ] 10 Richard II. c. 2.- The Forfeiture of him that compelleth any

Person to answer for his Freehold

[ No. LXX. ] + Henry IV. c. 7.— The Disseisee shall have an Assise against the

Disseisor taking the Profits ....

[ No. LXXI. ] 4 Henry IV. c. 8.— In what Cases a special Assise is maintainable

against a Disseisor with Force..

[ No. LXXII. ] 4 Henry IV. c. 22.–The Remedy where by the King's Presenta-

tion any Incumbent is put forth


[ No. LXXIII. ) 2 Heury VI. c. 16.—Persons in the Reversion may sue for their

Right to Estates, notwithstanding any Detaults committed by the former Pos-


[ No. LXXIV. ) 11 Henry VI. c. 2.—The Penalty where a Sheriff is named a

Disseisor in an Assise....


[ No. LXXIV. a. ] 11 Henry VI. c. 3.-An Assise, &c. maintainable against the

Pernor of the Profits


[ No. LXXV. ] 11 Henry VI. c. 5.-The Remedy where a Tenant granteth over

his Estate, taketh the Profits, and committeth Waste .....


[ No. LXXVI. ] 1 Henry VII.c. 1.-A Formedon maintainable against the Pernor

of the Profits of Lands enfeoffed to Use. The Tenant in the same Action shall

have Aid Prayer, Voncher, and other Advantages. The Tenant shall have liis

Age and other Advantages. Recoveries against the Pernors of the Profits,

and their Feoffees

[ No. LXXVII. ] 21 Henry VIII. c. 3.—Plaintiffs in Assise may abridge their



[ No. LXXVIII. ) 21 Henry VIII. c. 15.-Fermors shall enjoy their Leases

against Recoveries by feigned Titles, &c.


[ No. LXXIX. ] 32 Henry VIII. c. 32.-Joint Tenants for Terın of Life or



[ No. LXXX. ] 31 Elizabeth, c. 3.–An Act for the avoiding of privy and secret

Outlawries of the Queen's Subjects






(F.) C. 21.–Who may take Replevins of Distresses

... 151

[ No. III. ] 3 Edward I. (Westminster first) c. 16.—None shall distrain ont of his

Fee, nor drive the Distress out of the County

... 152

[ No. IV.) 3 Edward I. c. 17.-The Remedy if the Distress be impounded in a

Castle, or Fortress ..

[ No. V. ] 6 Edward I. (Gloucester) c. 5.--Several Tenants against whom an Ac-

tion of Waste is maintainable

... 153

[ No. VI. ) 13 Edward I. (Westminster second) c.2.--A Recordare to remove a

Plaint. Pledges to prosecute a Snit. Second Deliverance


( No. VII. ] 25 Edward III. st. 5. c. 17.- Process of Exigent shall be awarded in

Debt. Detinue, and Replevin .


[ No. VIII. ] 7 Henry VIII. c. 4.-An Act concerning Avowries for Rents and



[ No. IX. ) 21 Henry VIII. c. 19.-Avowries shall be made by the Lord upon the

Land, without naming liis Tenant


[ No. X. ] 32 Henry VIII. c. 28.—Lessees to enjoy the Farm against the Tenants

in Tail ,


[ No. XI. ) 32 Henry VIII. c. 34.–Concerning Graptees of Reversions to take

Advantage of the Conditions to be performed by the Lessees


[ No. XII. ] 32 Henry VIII. c. 37.–For Recovery of Arrearages of Rents by Ex-

ecutors of Tenants in Fee Simple


[ No. XIII. ] 1 & 2 Philip and Mary, c. 12.-An Act for the impounding of Dis-



[ No. XIV. ) i Elizabeth, c. 19.–An Act giving Authority to the Queen's Ma-

jesty, upon the Avoidance of any Archbishopric or Bishopric, to take into her

hands certain of the Temporal Possessious thereof, recompensing the same with

Parsonages impropriate and Tenths

........ 159

[ No. XV. ] 13 Elizabeth, c. 20.-An Act touching Leases of Benefices, and other

Ecclesiastical Livings with Cure

... ib.

[ No. XVI. ) 18 Elizabeth, c. 6.–An Act for Maiutenance of the Colleges in the

Universities, and of Winchester and Eaton ....

(No. XVII. ) 17 Charles II. c. 7.–An Act for a more speedy and effectual Pro-
ceeding upon Distresses and Avowiies for Rents


[ No. XVIII. ) 19 Charles II. c. 5.-An Act extending a former Act concerning

Replevins and Avowries, 10 the Principality of Wales, and the Counties Pala-

tine ...

.... 160

[ No. XIX. ) 19 Charles II. c. 16.–An Act for Redress of Inconveniences by

Want of Proof of the Deceases of Persons beyond the Seas or absenting them-

selves, upon whose Lives Estales do depend ...

... 161

( No. XX. ] 2 William and Mary, sess. 1. c.5.-An Act for enabling the Sale of

Goods distrained for Rent, in case the Rent be not paid in a reasonable



[ No. XXI. ] 8 Anne, c. 14.-An Act for the better security of Rents, and to pre-

veut Frands committed by Tenants ..

... 163

( No. XXII. ] 4 George II. c. 28.–An Act for the more effectual preventing

Frauds committed by Tenants, and for the more easy Recovery of Rents, and

Renewal of Leases .


[ No. XXIII. ) 11 George II. c. 19.- An Act for the more effectual securing the

Payment of Rents, and preventing Frauds by Tenants


[ No. XXIV. ] 57 George III. c. 52.-An Act to alter an Act passed in the

Eleventh Year of the Reign of King George the Second, for the more effectual

securing the Payment of Rents, and preventing Frauds by Tenants.-[27th June

1817.) ...

... 182

[ No. XXV. ] 57 George III. c. 93.–An Act to regulate the Costs of Distresses

levied for Payment of Small Rents.— [10th July 1817.]

... 183

[ No. XXVI. ] 6 George IV. c. 43.-An Act to amend and render more effectnal

an Act made in the Tenth Year of the Reign of King Charles the First, for im-

pounding of Distresses in Ireland.-(10th June 1825.)

... 185

[ No. XXVII. ] 7 George IV. c. 42.-An Act to amend the Laws in force in Ire-

land for preventing the vexatious impounding of Cattle for trespass or damage

feasant.--[26th May 1826.) ....

185 c

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Actions against Justices of Peace and other Officers.

[ No. I. ] 7 James I. c. 5.-An Act for Ease in pleading troublesome and conten.

tious Suits prosecuted against Justices of the Peace, Mayors, Constables, and

certain other his Majesty's Officers, for the lawful Execution of their Office 186

[ No. II. ] 21 James I. c. 12.-An Act to enlarge and make perpetual The Act

made for Ease in pleading against troublesome and contentions Suits prosecuted

against Justices of the Peace, Mayor Constables, and certain other his Ma-

jesty's Officers, for the lawful Execution of their Office, made in the Seventh

Year of his Majesty's most happy Reign


[ No. III. ] 24 George II. C. 41.-An Act for the rendering Justices of the Peace

more safe in the Execution of their Office; and for indemnilying Constables

and others acting in obedience to their Warrants ....


[ No. IV. ] 23 George III. c. 70.-An Act for the more effectual preventing the

illegal Importation of Foreign Spirits, and for putting a stop to the private Dis.

tillation of British-made Spirituons Liquors ;

and for preventing

vexatious Actions against Officers of Excise acting in pursuance of the Antho-

rily given by Excise Statutes

... 191

[ No. V. ] 24 George III. sess. 2. c. 47.–An Act for the more effectual Prevention

of Smuggling in this Kingdom

..... 193

[ No. VI. ] 42 George III. c. 85.—An Act for the trying and punishing in Great

Brilain Persons liolding public Employments, for Offences committed abroad;

and for extending the Provisions of an Act, passed in the Twenty-first Year of

the Reign of King James, made for the Ease of Justices and others in pleading

in Suits bronght against them, to all Persons, either in or out of this Kingdom,

authorized to commit to safe custody.—[22d June 1802.) .......... ib,

[ No. VII. ] 43 George III. c. 141.–An Act to render Justices of the Peace more

safe in the Execution of their Duty:-[11th August 1803.)


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King's Debts.

[ No. I. ). 9 Henry III. (Magna Charta) c. 8.—How Sureties shall be charged to

the King


[ No. II. ] 51 Henry III. st. 4.-What Distress shall be taken for the King's Debts,

and how it shall be used


[ No. III. ] Statutum De Scaccario, 15 Henry III. st. 5.-When the King's

Fermors, Sheriffs, and Bailiffs, shall make their Accompts and Payments.

Who shall be Escheators in several Shires


[ No. VI. ] 3 Edward I. (Westminster) c. 19.-A Sheriff having received the

King's Debt, shall discharge the Debtor


[ No. VII. ), 10 Edward I. (the Statute of Rutland.)-Touching the Recovery of

the King's Debts


[ No. VIII. ] 28 Edward I. st. 3. c. 12.- What Distress shall be taken for the

King's Debt, and how it shall be used

( No. IX. ] 1 Richard II. c. 5.-The Punishment of the Clerk of the Exchequer

making Process for the Debt paid ......


[ No. X. ] 33 Henry VIII. c. 39.—The Erection of the Court of Surveyors of the

King's Lands, the names of the Officers there, and their Authority........ ib.

[ No. XI. ] 2 & 3 Edward VI. c. 4.-An Act for the Sheriffs of England to have

certain Allowances upon their Accompts


( No. XII. } 7 Edward VI. c. 1.–An Act for the true Answering of the King's

Majesty's Revennes ...........


[ No. XII. ] 13 Elizabeth, c. 4.-An Act to make the lands, Tenements, Goods

aud Chattels of Tellers, Receivers, &c. liable to the Payment of their Debts 246

[ No. XIV: ] 27 Elizabeth, c. 3.-An Act for the Explanation of an Act made in

the Thirteenth Year of the Queen's Majesty's Reign, intituled “. An Act to make

the Lands, Tenements, Goods and Chattels of Tellers, Receivers, &c. liable to

the Payment of their Debts


[ No. XV. ] 7 James I. c. 15.–An Act concerning some Manner of Assignment

of Debts to his Majesty

[ No. XVI. ] 22 & 23 Charles II. c. 22.-An Act for the better and more certain

Recovery of Fines and Forfeitures due to his Majesty

... 253

i No. XVII. ) 25 George III. c. 35.–An Act for the more easy and effectual Sale

of Lands, Tenements, and Hereditaments of Crown Debtor's, or of their Sure-


... 256

[ No. XVIII. ), 25 George III. c. 52.-An Act for better examining and auditing

the Public Accounts of this Kingilom

[ No. XIX. ] 39 George III. c. 83.–An Act for transferring to the Commissioners

for auditing the Public Accounis, the Duties now performed in the Offices of

the Auditors of the Land Revenue; and for directing the mode of attesting the

Accounts of the Pay naster-General of his Majesty's Forces.-(121h July

1799.] .....


[ No. XX. ] 39 & 40 George III. c. 54.–An Act for more effectually charging

Pablic Accountants with the Payment of Interest; for allowing interest to them

in certain cases; and for compelling the Payment of Balances due from them.

- [201h June 1800.)


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