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No. I. it enacted, That the warrant of the sheriff or other officer upon any writ 7 & 8 G. IV. of execution against the inhabitants of any such liberty, franchise, city, c. 31.

town or place, and every order of justices for payment to the party damnified therein, or to the peace officer or inhabitants thereof, by virtue of this Act, shall be directed to the treasurer of the county riding or division in which such liberty, franchise, city, town, or place shall be situate, who is hereby required to pay the saine; and the Justices of the Peace of such county riding or division, at their next General or Quarter Sessions of the Peace, or any adjournment thereof, shall direct such sum or sums of money as shall have been so paid or ordered to be paid by the treasurer to be raised on such liberty, franchise, city, town or place, over and above the general rate to be paid by the same in common with the rest of the county riding or division, under the Acts relating to county rates, and such sum or sumis shall be raised in the manner directed by those Acts,

and shall be forthwith paid over to the treasurer. Mode of Re- XV. And as to the mode of payment and reimbursement under this imbursement Act in counties of cities and towns, and in such liberties, franchises, in Counties of cities, towns, and places as do not contribute to the payment of the geneCities, and in ral county rate, be it enacted, That all sums of money payable either by Liberties,

virtue of any warrant of the sheriff or other officer, or of any order or Cities, and Towas not

orders arising out of any action or summary claim against the inhabicontributing

bitants of any county of a city or town, or of any such liberty, franchise, to any County city, town, or place, shall be paid out of the rate (if any) in the nature Rate. of a county rate, or out of any fund applicable to similar purposes,

where there is such a rate or fund therein, by the treasurer or other officer having the collection or disbursement of such rate or fund; and where there is no such rate or fund in such county, liberty, franchise, city, town, or place, the saine shall be paid out of the rate or fund for the relief of the poor of the particular parish, township, district, or precinct therein, where the offence was committed, by the overseers or other officers having the collection or disbursement of such last-mentioned rate or fund; and in every such case the warrant and orders shall be directed and delivered to such treasurer overseers or other officers respectively, instead of the treasurer of the county riding or division, as

the case may require. This Act not XVI. Provided always, and be it enacted, That nothing herein conto extend to tained shall extend to Scotland or Ireland. Scotland or Ireland.

FORM of NOTICE to the High Constable of a Hundred or other

like District, or to the Peace Officer of a County of a City or Town,
or of a Liberty, Franchise, City, Town,

or Place. To the High Constable (or to

One of the High Constables) of, &c. (or to

a Peace Officer of, &c.] I HEREBY give you notice, That I intend to claim compensation from

the inhabitants of (here specify the hundred or other like district, or county of a city, 8c., or liberty, franchise, 8c, as the case may be), on account of the damage which I have sustained by means of (here state the offence, the time and place where it was committed, and the nature and amount of the damage]; and I hereby require you, within seven days after your receipt of this notice, 10 exhibit the samne to some iwo Justices of the Peace of the county [riding or division] of

residing in or acting for the said hundred, &c. (or if in a liberty, franchise, &c. where the justices of the county riding or division have no jurisdiction, then say, to some two Justices of the Peace of, numing the liberty, franchise, &c.] [or if in a county of a city, 8c. then say, to sonie two Justices of the Peace of, numing the county of the city, &c.], in order that they may appoint a time and place for holding a Special Petty Session to hear and determine iny.

claim for compensation by virtue of an Act passed in the seventh and eighth years of the reign of King George the fourth, intituled An Act for consolidating and amending the Luws in England relative to Remedies against the Hundred; and you are required to give me notice of the day

day of

hour and place appointed for holding such Petty Session within three No. I. days after the justices shall have appointed the same. Given under my 7 & 8 G. IV. hand this

in the year of our Lord

c. 31. (Signed)

A. B. FORM of NOTICE to be placed on the Church or Chapel Door or

other conspicuous Part of the Parish 'Township or Place (as the case I HEREBY give notice, That I shall apply for compensation to the Justices of the Peace at a Special Petty Sessions to be holden at

day of

next, at the hour of

in the forenoon, on account of the damage which I have sustained by means of (here state the offence, the time and place where it was committed, and the nature and amount of the damage, in the same manner as in the preceding form). Given under my hand this day of

in the year of our Lord (Signed)

A. B.

may be).

on the



King's Debts. [ No. I. ] 9 Henry III. (Magna Charta) c. 8.-How

Sureties shall be charged to the King.

[Inserted ante, Part III. Class II.)

[ No. II. ] 51 Henry III. st. 4.- What Distress shall be taken for the King's Debts, and how it shall be used.

[Inserted Part II. Class XII. No. 1.)

[ No. III.] Stalutum De Scaccario, 51 Henry III. stat.

5.- When the King's Fermors, Sheriffs, and Bailiffs, shall make their Accompts and Payments. Who shall be Escheators iu several Shires.

51 Henry III. other officers, as well the justices of Chester, and other bailiffs of • these counties, as other that be receivers of issues, of wards of es- When the · cheats, of their bailiwicks, shall be answerable in the Exchequer, and King's bailiffs • there shall make account to the treasurer and barons * of ihe same and officers place. And that all sheriffs, fermors, bailiffs of franchises, and other, shall account. • who ought to conie to the profer in the Exchequer, the Monday after the [ * The words • feast of St. Michael, and the Monday after the Utas of Easter, to pay in italics not • their ferms, rents, and issties belonging to the King, and tshall bring at in the original.] * the foresaid terms, the foresaid ferms, rents, and issues due, wholly into [ † For “shall * the Exchequer, as before is mentioned. And if they make default, bring at the • their bodies shall remain without departing from thence, until they aforesaidterms, • have paid or made agreement; and he that will not come at the terms &c.” read

“shall come at aforesaid, shall be amerced after the custom of the Exchequer ; and • the sheriffs and bailiffs at the same terms shall bring and pay such

the aforesaid

terms and shall • money as they have received of the summons of the Exchequer, and there bring in

other the King's debts, and shall be prepared and ready to make full full the afore* accompt of the things aforesaid.

said ferms, rents and issues, and pay them into the Exchequer.''] • Il. -And that all bailiffs of franchises, which ought to levy the King's Bailiffs of fran• debts, and be answerable to the sheriffs thereof, shall come and ac- chises accompt. * compt sufficiently, according to the extreats of the summons of the * Exchequer; and such as do not, their bodies shall remain in ward of • the sheriffs ; and for default in them, the sheriffs shall cause the debts • to be levied by their own bailiffs, where they have power, as they have • used to do in time passed. And if the bailiffs do not come in at the

day that the sherift shall give them knowledge, the sheriff shall enter • into the same franchises, and levy the debts with his owo band.

• III. Concerning justices of Chester, and bailiffs thereof, the King The justices • willeth, that they, or one of them, shall come at the profer of St. Mi- and bailiffs of chael every year, when they ought to give account unto the King; and Chester's ac

at the profer of the utas of Easter they shall come likewise, and bring compt. in that which they owe to the King for that term ; and the justices of

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No. III. Chester, shall have day to accompt from year to year in quindena 51 Hen. III.

Paschæ ; and the bailiffs thereof the morrow of Easter utas. And that

• all sheriffs of England, except the sheriffs of Westmoreland, Lancaster, stat. 5,

Worcester, Rutland, and Cornwall, shall from henceforth keep all

• such wards, and escheats, that are not in other fees, as belong to Sheriffs shall

the King, which be within their shires; and of the issues thereof ihey keep the King's

shall be answerable in the Exchequer at the terms aforesaid ; (1) and at wards and escheats.

their lurns that they make in their shires, they shall find office of other * things, which the King's escheators have not used to find of that which belongelh unlo the King, once or twice in the year, to as little grievance • of the people as they can. And the sheriffs shall seize the escheats that • fall to remain onto the King in fee, and shall certify the King of them

• without delay. Three survey

• IV. And the Kingsball assign three able persons that shall go through. ors.

. out the realm, to survey and find the wards and escheats aforesaid, Wards and es- from year to year, when ihey shall think requisite. And the sheriffs by cheats let to • their counsel shall approve, and let to ferm, or otherwise, such wards ferm.

* and escheats, as they shall think most for the King's advantage. Sheriffs es

• V. Touching the five shires beforenamed, the King will, that the sheriff cheators in

• of Cumberland shall execute the office of escbeator in the shires of other shires. Westmoreland, and Lancaster; and the sheriff of Nottingham, in Rut

land; and the sheriff of Gloucester, in Worcester; and the sheriff of Devonshire, in Cornwall; and shall safely keep the King his wards and .escheats in the same shires, and shall be answerable in the Exchequer • for the issues of them, as well as for their own shires. And the three

able persons aforesaid shall survey and extend such wards and escbeats, • as well there as in other places, and those shall be approved by their

counsel. And when the sheriffs do accompt for their counties, they • shall accompt for such wards and escheats.” And in like manner shall the justices of Chester do, and their bailiffs also, every one for his bailiwick. And the said three able persons shall keep the King's demeans, * and shall approve them as they shall think best for the King's advan• lage, and shall be answerable in the Exchequer for the issues : And

they shall have power to let forth small manors and demeans to folk of • the same places, or to other, according to their discretion, and shall • let them to ferm from year to year, as they shall think most to the

King's profit : And the fermers shall be chargeable for their ferms unto • the principal approvers, and they unto the Exchequer, the Morrow

• next after the Ascension, from year to year. Collectors of • VI. And the principal collectors of the custom of woolls, at the two the custom of

• terms before mentioned, shall pay all such money as they have rewoolls.

• ceived of the said custom, and shall make accompt from year to year • clearly of all parcels received in any of the ports, or other places of • the realm, so that they shall answer for every ship where it was charged, • and how much wooll it carried, and for every other charge in the ship,

• whereof custom is due, and for the whole receipt. The accompt • VII. And the warden of the King's wardrobe shall make accompt of the keeper yearly in the Exchequer in the Feast of St. Margaret; and the treasurer of the King's and barons of the Exchequer shall be charged by oath, that they shall wardrobe. 'not attend to hear the pleas or matters of other men, while they have The King's

' to do with the King's business, if it be not a matter that concerneth debt shall first

• the King's own debt. And when a sheriff or bailiff hath begun his acbe heard.

compt, none other shall be received to accompt, until he that was first . appointed hath clearly accompted, and his money received. And that the constable, marshal, chamberlain, and other that are of fee in the

Exchequer, from henceforth shall present unto the King such as they • have put in their places to do their offices, which must be of good • fame, and sufficient, for whose Acts themselves will answer,


(1) The meaning of this sentence seems to be escheators used to do, and which belong to the as follows :—And at their turns which they escheat, once, &c, N. B. What follows in the make in their shires, they shall be answerable next sentence but one clears up this passage.-for their office, and for other things which the Note 10 Runnington's Edition of the Statutes.

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