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Brothers^ a Comedy.

Bruciad, an Epic Poem,

Bcrton*» Rhapsody,


^aptive, an Opera,

_a>e of the Middlesex E!ec»

tion, 77

Caverhill on the Gout, 168

A Chappe's Travels into Siberia, 431

Charlevoix's Hist, of Paraguay,


Chatham, Earl of, his political

Conduct, 158

CoLlignAN's Dialogues, 355
Col Man's Oxonian in Yown, a
Comedy, 305

» — Man find Wise, a Co-

medy, 394

Colonies, British, Tracts relat-

ing to, 49.32,398

Comets. See Essay. Sec Har-

ency .of a Corps of Light Troops
in the East-Indies, 396 on the late De-
cision of the H. of Com. 463

Cook's Remarks in a Passage from

the Bay of Honduras to Merida,

- 231

Cooke on the Diseases of Chil-
dren, 230
Correspondence, with the Re-
viewers, 488 396

Court of Thespis, 478

C. R.'s Poems, 476

Cursory View of Arbitr. Power,


Curtis on the Teeth, 227


- I "xalrymple's Letters to the
xJ India Director?, 79

Uaw'sos's Answer to Letters con-
. certung Constflions, &c. Part
III. 226

Delicate Distress, 232

Df.nhAm on Vapour Baths, zz
Description ot a Parliament,
£(. Vercy. SeeMEMQiiu,


Draconetti on Virtues and Re*

wards, 109


Elecy written at Arowell, 475
Enomj Iry into the Study of
the Ancient Languages, 482

Es s A. Y on the Writing and Geni us
of Sliakespeaie, 130

——— on the Origin of Colleges,

&c. 396

» on the Middlesex Elec-

tion, 397

— on Animal Reproduction,


towards an History of Co-
mets, 484

Essays on Clandestine Marriages,
&c. 3S

Explanation of the Terms of
Art used in Medicine, 311

Explanations of difficult Texts

of Scripture, 98


Fair Trial of the important

Question, 460

Fatal Obedience, a Novel, 479

Fate of Tyrants, 78

Favell's Review of Abraham's

Case, 219

Favourite, a Tragedy, 478

Female Captive, 156

Fool of Quality, Vol. IV. 318

Fox Unkennelled, 487

Free Briton's Memorial, 233

French Lady, a Novel, 480

Friendship, a Poem, 57


Garrick's Ode.on dedicating ,
a Building, &c. to Shake-
speare, 234

Vagary, 238


G Ibdon's's Hymns, 234

Goldsmith's Roman History, 18 3

Goodall's Introduction Jo the

History of Scotia nd, 310

Gordian Knot, 232

Goulakd on the Preparations of

,. I Lead, 511

27'oranger's Biographical History

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the Installation of

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the Duke of Graston, 159

Gnk.Nvit.LE. See Letter. See


G&osle Y's Observations on Italy,
328, 412


HarMan on Comets, 317

Harrod's Patriot, a Tra-
gedy. 3 '9
Healde on the Use of 01. Jj-
fhalti, in Ulcers, &c. 228

Hervey's Sermons at Biddeford,


Hill's Vegetable System, Vol.

XIV. 70

History of Eliza Mufgrove, 73

————— of Miss So.mmcrville,76

■ of Emily Montagu, 231

■ of ArabellaWaldegrave,


■ of Ancient Greece, 31t

of Magna Charta, 468

Hitt's Treatise on Fruit-trees,

New Edit. |jr

HoRke's Considerations on John

the Baptist, 223

Howard's Histor. Anecdotes, 66

Huddleston on Infant Baptism,



Ideal Beauty in Painting, 59
Jervy on the Scurvy, 229

Johnson's Midwifry, 144

Jones's Philosophy of Words, 231

Italy. SeeGROSLtY.

Jukius's Letters, 79»3'9


Kirk La N D's Reply to Maxwell,

on Fevers, 1 - 3

-K.vox, Hugh, his Discourses on

Revealed Religion, &c, 217

Knox, Capt, his Journal of the
Campaigns in North-America,


LA Dv's Miscellany, 483

I.aube Rt, Marchioness, her

Works, translated, 231

Lanchob Me. See Letters be-

tween St. Eviemoiid aud Mr.


I-ajt, £),-. in his Chariot, So

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..„„„..,... ~.. ...- -....- Pope's Letters to a Lady,

Opinions on Language, and of PowELLVRoyal Gardener,

Language on Opinions, 70 Present State of Liberty,

Middles Ex Petition Inversed, 160

Millar on the Asthma, , 12

Mirror for the Multitude, 319

Mosgrave-controversy, 397

Musgr Ave's Address, true inten-
tion of, 233

MuscRAVE'sReplytoD'Eon, 320


NEw Foundling-hospital for
Wit, Part III. 156

. Peerage of England, Scot-
land, and Ireland, 238
Northumberland. See WAl-

Nugent's History of Vandalia,

Vol. II. 178


Observation son Liberty .Pa-
triotism, &c. 1J7
_ — on Poetry and Mu-
sic, 3°« on Grenville's

Speech, 397

on the Office and

Duties of a Physician, 401

Obscurities and Defects in the
Mercantile Law, 314

Occasional Remarks on some

Strictures on the Confeffional,

Part II. 164

— Attempts at Senti-

mental Poetry, 390

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stone's Commentaries, 298

■ — on Church-authori-

ty. 36?.

— on the Difference of

Opinions among Christians, 472

PRossEr on the Derby-neck, 359

Protestant Armour, 222

/"vuestion Stated, 77

^ R

Real Characters and Genuine
Anecdotes, 23"

Reflections on the Principle of

Trade,' 47°

. on Inoculation,471

Remarks on the Controversy be-
tween Great Britain and her Co-
lonies, 49

on Scott's Sermon, 316

on the Manners of the

French, 45°

Reply to the Comments of Bull-
face Doublefee, 157

Review of the Conduct of Pascal
Paoli, 48'

Reward of Virtue, 479

Richard in Cyprus, a Tragedy,


Right of the People to petition,


Robertson's History of the Em-

peror Charles V. •

. concluded, 81


Schombero on the Writings

of Pindar and Horace, 230

Scott's Address to the Bishops


of Nature Pur7

and Clergy,
Search's Light

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Seasonable Address to the Peo-


Becker's setter to Walpole, 220

— Charges to the Clergy,


Sentiments of an English Free-
holder, 462

Sermons, Single, 80,240,320,
400, 487.

Shakespeare's Garland, 238

Jubilee, ib.

Sharp on the dangerous Ten-

dency of tolerating Slavery in

England, 30

Sbenstone's Works, Vol. III.

Siberia, Abbe Chappe's Travels

into, 431

Sketch of Happiness in Rural

Life, 7+

Small Talker, ib.

Smith's System of Physic, 195,

$ 27|. x .

v Skellinc's Views of the Coins
struck by the English in France,
ice. 310

View of Jettons, 482

Songs, in the Jubilee. 318

Spal-lanzani on Animal Repro-
ductions, 483
Spanish Lady, a Musical Enter-
tainment, 479
Speech without Doors, 79
■ on the Motion for ex-
pelling Wilkes, 397
Stebbing on the Ten Virgins, 72
Stedman's Physiological Essays,

Sterne's Sermons, Vols. V, VI.
VII. 73

——— Political Romance, 485
Stratford Jubilee, 238

Stretch's Beauties of History,


Subscriptions, Expedient for

terminating the Debates about,


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SwAYne's Memoirs of Osney Ab-

bey. 231

Swinney'.v Battle of Mitiden, 472

Sybil, a Novel, n.

T '*

Teres's Translation of Vol-
taire's Civil War of Gene-
va, 9+

Tragedy of Richard in

Cyprus. 47g

Thoughts npfln Pointing, 54.

Ti so J on Diseases incident to

sedentary Persons, 250

Tomlinson's Medical Miscella-
ny, 3Q8

Travels of a Philosopher, 258

Trinculo's Trip to the Jubilee,


Two Novels, in Letters, &c. 232

\7andalia. SeeNuoENT.
V Auch A N's Refutation of a

false Aspersion, 482

Veil Dnrent, a Poem, 72

Venn against Priestley, 22;

Vindication of the Rights of E-
lection, 462

Universities. Sccmarriot.
Voltaire's Civil WarofGene-

va' '" , 94 VEvangile Du Jour,


Vox Populi Vox Dei, 2 74.

W **

Wallis's Natural History of
Northumberland, 336
Watson's Historical Chatechism,


Webb's Observations on Poetry

and Music, 321

Word in Behalf of the House os

Commons, 463

Worth Incton on the Evidences

of Christianity, 260

Y *

Younc's Essay on the Manage-
ment of Hogs, 70

CaDemv. See WJioire.
Anecdotes Augloises, $63

Antiquitcs de la Grece, 559

Etru/ques, Sec. 566

ARNAUDand Suard, their Col-

lection of Miscellaneous Pieces,


Batteaux's Hist, of First Causes,


Bauzel's Edit'on of Girard's Sj-
nonime's Francois. 560

T> 0 c H A a T. See Micbaelis.

Bos, M. his Anti.qujties of Greece,


Burman's Poem on the infamous
Victory over Paoli, 561

DiSionnaire Hijlorique des Ftsnmes
cehBrcs, 560

Diciionnaire Tbeorique et Pratique
de Chajse it de Pecbe, 564

DiXMERit on the two Ages of

French Literature, 538

J>u HaMel on Fruit trees, 504

Dv Marsais's Logic and Prin-
ciples of Grammar, ib.

Elemens de VHiJloire D'Angleterre,

— 513
Enclish Anecdotes, 563

Ebisodes, &c. select Collection of,


Esprit de Marivaux, 543

France, new History os, by Ros-

&'• . 557

Gaillard's History of Francis the

First, eji

G t« A R h'i Synoniacs Francois, new

Edition, by Panzee, 560

Grou's Translation of Plato'? Book

of Laws into French, 541

HAMiLTON'slitruscan Antiquities,


Iistoire de I Academic Roy ale de

Sciences, tiff. Anne 1765, 503

d* Francois PremiJH 5 21

du Pat riot i/me Francois, 557

Litteraires des Femmes, 563

• — des Causes Premiers, 568

Historical dictionary of cele-

brated Ladies, 560

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