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great medical trades' union, for it is not the least likely that the editor would ever have the chance to experience the German Chancellor's patronage to be followed by his ingratitude. It is, we may suggest, hardly likely that the illustrious prince could feel much gratitude to a parcel of doctors who never seem to do him a bit of good; though no doubt they all accept his fees with effusion. But what envenoms the dart discharged by the editor is the knowledge that the patient is not constant to the doctors of the union, but that he will occasionally call in those black sheep and knobsticks the homoeopaths. That he should have remained constant to homoeopathy for several years is an offence that deserves condign punishment. Probably the explanation of this surprising misconduct is that he got more benefit from homoeopathic treatment than from the old routine practice. Perhaps his homoeopathic doctors have not to complain of the ingratitude of their patient so much as his allopathic doctors seem to do. With such contempt for their profession as the allpowerful Chancellor seems to have, we conclude there is not much chance of many of our German colleagues being ennobled at the present time; and we fear our English colleagues at the British Medical Association, in Liverpool, did not display that capacity for calm deliberation and discussion that would qualify them for those seats in our House of Lords, which their president seemed to think would be mutually advantageous to doctors and lords.

Melbourne Homoeopathic Hospital.

We have received a copy of the Argus, of Melbourne, containing an account of the Annual Meeting of the Governorsof the Homoeopathic Hospital. Prom the report read by the Secretary we learn that during the past year 1426 patients were treated. Of these, 137 were treated in the hospital, the others were out-patients. We learn with regret that one of the staff of the hospital, Dr. Bobert Bay, lost his life by an accident. Dr. Maffey was elected to the vacant post. A fund is being accumulated for the erection of a new hospital, which is to be commenced shortly. Dr. Maffey gives a course of lectures on nursing to women, which are well attended. We wish all success to our antipodean friends.



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