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tongue clean. Stomach little sensitive to pressure. A fortnight's use of Neurin °°4, five drops four times a day, removed the affection permanently. The diet was not altered. No relapse for more than three years.

Mrs. B—, set. 50, of robust constitution, complained of gastralgia which was aggravated by movement and hunger, came on less frequently after eating. After a meal there occurs violent eructation with but slight relief. The diet was already suitable for her malady, but was of no benefit. Neurin °°4, four drops, four times a day, cured her very rapidly. No relapse hitherto after nine months.

Hedwig Dehne, set. 15, otherwise healthy, had suffered since her seventh year occasionally from more or less violent pains in stomach, accompanied by increased flow of saliva. In the last months the pains, which are often violent, occurred every day; amelioration after eructation, also by rest and warmth. Neurin °°4, five drops four times a day. Diet unaltered. After this she had during three weeks only a slight attack, the salivary secretion became normal. The medicine was continued for fourteen days longer, whereupon the cardialgia ceased for three months, but then again occurred in a slight degree. Another course of Neurin for fourteen days, as above, removed the affection till now, two years since.

Miss W—, set. 22, with normal functions, suffered for four years from occasional attacks of pain in the stomach, lasting about a fortnight, which were caused by a chill, especially cold feet, were not affected by the kind of food taken, came on with great intensity after every meal, made her crouch together, and lasted about an hour and a half. She was treated allopathically with the usual narcotics and Magister Bismuthi, with but temporary relief; a homoeopathic treatment continued, with interruptions, for two years, had no better result. I gave Neurin °°4, five drops every three hours. On the second day the pain was inconsiderable, in eight days it was entirely gone. Since this two years have elapsed without a relapse.

The other five cures are of similar cases, all in females. The pain in these five cases was variously described as: contractive, so as to make her bend together, worse after eating, the kind of food of no importance; better after eating, aching independent of food, relieved by eructation and leaning back.

The failures are the following:

Mr. Follack, set. 30, suffered from moderate dilatation of stomach. Appetite pretty good, stool normal. For three years has sought relief from Tarious physicians, hut all in vain, from the following symptoms:—Independently of eating, violent pains in the stomach came on suddenly, which extend to the hack, relieved hy crouching together and drinking warm fluids. Neurin °°4 given for fourteen days gave no relief, neither did Hypoxanthin. The patient discontinued the treatment. That was two years since, now I would treat the affection differently, of which I will speak hereafter.

Miss Schulze, set. 23, complains of pains in the stomach, which are aggravated an hour after eating. Anorexia, with clean tongue, pressure on the fundus of the stomach causes pain. No nausea or vomiting either now or formerly. Neurin four drops four times a day, though continued for twelve days, did no good. There was probably an ulcer in this case ; nowadays I would give Kreatin in such a case.

Mrs. M—, set. 30, fat and somewhat pasty, ansemic, had been affected with a very violent spasm of the stomach some years ago, which came on after eating ice and was a solitary attack. Since then the digestion was normal. After exposure to a draught of air lately she got a pain in the stomach that gradually increased to great violence, compelled her to lie on her back, and periodically increased in intensity. Nausea, &c., were not present. Liver not painful on pressure, but the stomach was painful when pressed strongly; though the actual pain of it was not affected thereby. Neurin °°4, five drops every half hour, did nothing ; after four hours Kreatin, five drops every quarter of an hour, gave no relief, after three hours warm fomentations were of no use. The pain increased in intensity and caused syncope. I now injected 0'008 gramme of Morph. hydrochl.; in one minute the pain diminished, and now, two months afterwards, there has been no return of it. Perhaps in such cases a subcutaneous injection of the remedy is preferable to its internal employment.

Rheumatism.—Six successes, three failures, among the latter a sciatica that had persisted two years and had been treated unsuccessfully with other remedies.

Mrs. Hahn, set. 57, had suffered for four weeks from very violent pains in the whole body, especially in the arms and legs. Cerebrin °°3, five drops three times a day, had but little effect in fourteen days. Neurin °°3, five drops three times a day, caused considerable amelioration in fourteen days. Not observed further.

Mrs. Fischer, set. 63, has been tormented for a year by rheumatism all over the body, also in the galea aponeurotica, causing violent headaches. Neurin °°3. After three weeks considerable improvement was reported, and the medicine was repeated. After half a year there was a relapse, in which Neurin oo50 did no good; I then gave the third dilution, but could not learn what effect it had.

Mr. Zimke, set. 27, complained for eight days of wandering pains in the head, nape, chest, neck, &c. Neurin °°3, three drops every two hours, caused considerable amelioration in three days. I have no information as to the subsequent progress of the malady.

Mr. Fornowsky, set. 33, came to me for wandering pains in the head that had lasted three months. He had also sleeplessness, palpitation of the heart, without objective signs, and diminished hearing of right ear. There was marked immobility of the handle of the malleus, ascertained by Sigle's method. Allopathic treatment useless. Neurin co3, five drops three times a day, produced great improvement, even in the hearing. The handle of the malleus appeared to be more mobile. After six weeks, restitutio in integrum, all but a slight remnant, was reported. Further information wanting.

Emelia Grunwald, ast. 25, suffered from wandering pains in head and arms, also anorexia, as a consequence of vexation. Neurin five drops, four times a day. After eight days the appetite improved, otherwise as before. After four weeks more the rheumatism was gone.

Mr. Forberg, set. 57, sought my advice for a pain in his abdomen that came on in paroxysms especially after cold feet. He had suffered from the same affection some years previously. In addition he suffers from chronic rheumatism. The abdomen all over painful to the touch. Digestion normal. Neurin °°4> soon cured the abdominal pain, the rheumatism was much benefited on continuing the remedy for three months. I have no information as to a complete cure.

Besides the above mentioned sciatica, I find short notes of two failures, in one of these calc. phos. °°5 did good, the other left off treatment.

Epilepsia.—Two failures.

Leucin, CgH^NO^


A. Physiologically.

In the parotid, submaxillary gland, pancreas and pancreatic secretion (very copiously), thyroid, thymus, lymphatic glands, lungs, liver (very slightly), spleen, brain of the ox, supra-renal capsule, kidney. According to Bichet the hydrochloric acid of the stomach is combined with leucin. Not present in normal blood and muscle. Leucin is derived from albuminous matter and albuminoids, e.g. mucin, chondrin, gluten, sericin, spongin. Leucin taken into the organism, is excreted as urea. It is pretty generally found in the lower animals. In plants it is found as a constant component part of the sprouts of tares.

B. Pathologically.

In the liver it is increased in typhus, variola and "other diseases." In the bile of typhus patients. In leukaemic blood. In the blood of the hepatic and portal vessels in liver diseases. In morbidly altered human saliva. In the urine, in softening of the liver, yellow atrophy, variola, in acute phosphorus poisoning, in the evacuations of the bowels in cholerine. In pus, in dropsical effusions. In degenerated cardiac muscle. In putrid decomposition (gangrene, &c.). In the dirt of the skin (decomposed epidermis), in thickened toe nails, in the scales of ichthyosis, in atheromatous tumours; it is found along with tyrosin, and by its decomposition it contributes to the bad odour of dirty skins.

Leucin forms brilliant, white, very thin and light crystalline scales, which are very slowly moistened by water. It dissolves in twenty-seven parts of cold water, more readily in hot water, in 1040 parts of cold, and 800 parts of boiling alcohol.


For its therapeutic employment I made the first trituration, and from this dilutions, of which I have hitherto given the 3rd and 4th.

The frequency of its occurrence in the organism seemed to me to promise a large sphere of action. I believe that leucin has a therapeutic influence in many affections, but its success in all the diseases for which it is apparently suitable is not very remarkable, e.g. gastric catarrh, chronic bronchial catarrh, intestinal catarrh. It was useless in three cases of tuberculosis, and in two cases of chronic pneumonia.

It is my most reliable remedy in Catarrh, vesica. For the last three years I have employed in both acute and chronic catarrh of the bladder Leucin °°4 in doses of five drops from every two hours to three times a day. Of at least twenty cases which I have observed during this period, I cannot remember a single failure, though among these there were several which had derived but little benefit from other treatment. I have not had an opportunity of testing it in the most severe forms of this disease.

Mr. Dehne, set. 50, had two years before he consulted me catarrh of the bladder, which was said to be cured after fourteen days of homoeopathic treatment. But the urine still remained turbid, and he passed water too frequently. Five weeks ago there was an acute exacerbation, which during the last eight days, in spite of allopathic taeatment with Opium, Copaiba, Emulsion of almonds, warm cataplasms, &c, increased to a great intensity. There was constant call to urinate, and whilst urinating he complained of violent burning pains all along the urethra. The urine had a thick slimy sediment. Prostate not examined. I gave the patient five grammes of Leucin °°4 with orders to take three drops every two hours. After six hours he said he felt great relief; after eight days he reported that the call to urinate and the character of the urine were as they had been before this last attack, there remained only some burning in the urethra while passing water. The treatment was continued three months, until the urine became quite clear. Since that time nine months have elapsed without a return of the malady.

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